Best Unique Disc Golf Disc–Winner

It i now time for us to announce our selection for the Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Unique Disc! This category featured all types of discs in the nominations. There was literally the highest speed driver and some low speed putters and some great discs in between. It was fun to look at these unique discs and see the different innovations we have made to disc golf discs over the years. But there can only be one winner! And before we announce our winner, let’s review the nominees:

And the winner is:



There were so many great unique discs nominated, but ever since the Innova Nova was released in 2013, it has been in a class of it’s own as far as uniqueness goes. While all MVP/Axiom discs feature an overmold, the Nova overmold is different and unlike anything else on the market. Also the flight is unique offering an ultra-straight flight pattern with almost no fade at all. And considering how well the Nova sells and how often you see top pros throwing it, the disc’s uniqueness is working for it. If you have never tried the Innova Nova and feel like trying something different and unique, give one a try today!


  • Dustin Courtney

    I knew the Nova would win it’s a great putter but amazing off the tee and for touchy upshots. The first overmold I ever threw

  • How about all those Quest gems? Who cares if they aren’t PDGA approved, those are unique AF haha.

    The Wheel? Backbone?? Turboputt anyone???

  • I guess that’s fair. Not really a disc for me but I get that it would win. It’s roght in that middle area of actually being strange but also actually being a disc people love and use.

  • Nova takes best driving putter and most unique disc!!