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There is a side to disc golf that many players enjoy immensely and that is the joy of playing the game at night. Yet there are still a number of players who haven’t tried it. I’d been playing glow disc golf for a few years before somebody finally convinced me that it would be worth visiting the course after dark. It was a true joy!

With the sun now going down much earlier each day (you’ll really notice the difference Sunday) it’s the perfect time to get ready for “glow season.”

Glow in the Dark Discs

There are a lot of discs made in glow plastic, and I never used to think much about them until that first night game. Not only did the discs seem like an unnecessary gimmick before my eyes were opened, but I thought it would be a burdensome expense to have to buy all my favorite discs in glow plastic merely to play at night.

But that is an option, and arguably the best one if you regularly play disc golf in the dark. With glow in the dark discs, your favorite discs aren’t encumbered by additional add-ons. If you get attached to the discs you can also use these discs for day time play.

Most of the most popular discs from the top disc golf retailers have glow in the dark versions available. There are usually a good number of glow-in-the-dark plastic blends for popular discs available at any given time.

There are now even glow varieties that glow in different colors than the traditional green glow hue. Clash Discs offers a Blue Glow Berry and Doomsday Discs has a variant that glows in the dark red! We have thousands of different glow in the dark disc golf discs for sale right now.

Glow in the Dark Disc golf DiscsWhat Disc Golf Brand GLOWS THE BEST?

Different disc golf manufacturers have different glow plastic blends, and here at Infinite Discs we’ve noticed that there can be a big difference between them. Some brands like Innova and Discraft have pretty good glow products, though it depends on the plastic type.

Specialty blends, and color glow variants just don’t glow quite as well as the traditional “glow color” discs.

The Innova Champion Glow varieties are good as well as their Glow DX. With Discraft, their Glo Z Line plastic works pretty well, but their Glo ESP blends tend to be very hit-and-miss when it comes to actually glowing in the dark.

Brands like Latitude 64 and Dynamic have not been known to have good premium glow plastic, which they usually call “Moonshine,” but their softer putter plastics glow great.

With MVP and Axiom, their glow plastic is usually called “Eclipse” but, but most often it is either the rim or the flight plate that glows, but not both. The new version of Axiom Disc flight paths glows REALLY well.

Best Glowing Disc Golf Plastic

The brand that consistently glows the best is the K1 Glow plastic by Kastaplast. There’s something magical about their glow-in-the-dark plastic because all you need to do is dim the lights to see those discs light up. They glow surprisingly bright and for a long time. Whenever Kastaplast runs their glow plastic, they sell out fast, so be ready to pull the trigger when you see them in stock, because it will be hard to find anything that glows as well.

Disc Golf Accessories to Make Discs Visible in Dark

Make your discs glow, and stay glowing with a UV Flashlight

Disc Golf UV FlashlightThe first time I saw one of these things in action, I was amazed. My brother pulled this awesome LED flashlight out of his bag and literally drew light across his disc. As soon as the flashlight hit the disc, it left a trail of glowing, green light. UV flashlights are a must for glow disc golf.

It only takes seconds to charge glowing discs or stickers, and they shine brightly for several minutes. Then, after you’ve thrown your disc, the UV flashlight makes finding them in the pitch black of night even easier than it is during the day!

You simply shine the UV flashlight around the fairway, and the moment the light hits your disc, it lights up again. And it does that without the “light noise” of a traditional flashlight…it doesn’t look like you’re actually casting a beam around. I played a glow round on a course that usually presents a lot of places for discs to hide in long grass, sagebrush, and trees, and it was honestly easier to find the discs at night than during the day.

You’ll probably want to start picking up discs in glow plastic eventually. But here is another option for night play that is quick and inexpensive.

How to Make Regular Discs Glow

I since discovered that a few little night round accessories that can get you playing disc golf after dark, even without a slew of discs in glowing plastic.

One of the quick ways to jump into the glow game is to pick up Glow Tape which are designed just for disc golf discs.

Glow Tape Vinyl $4.95 Per Sheet

These are basic sticker rings that can be peeled off and stuck onto any disc to make it into a glowing disc. You can get enough sticker action out of a sheet to light up three, four, or even five discs, depending on how many sticker rings you decide to apply to each disc. They are light enough not to mess up the weight or flight tendencies of your disc. They also charge instantly with UV light and glow brightly for several minutes.

Now, if you have glowing discs, or if you have glow tape, you can charge them with traditional light, which takes a bit longer, plus lights up your fairway, or you can pick up a UV Flashlight which makes a LOT of difference in your ability to quickly charge and throw your disc.

Flat LED Disc Lights

Flat LED Disc attachment Light

These little LED lights are easily affixed to the bottom or top of your disc with packaging tape to light them up at night. The light works better on certain colors of discs, and best on plastics that are somewhat translucent. They are inexpensive and last quite a while. They are small enough that they don’t effect the flight of your disc. You’ll have to avoid water hazards because once your LED light hits the water, it will die.

Shop for Flat LED Disc Lights

I found some photos on Tumblr.com that appear to be time exposures with LED lights on discs. Leave it to awesome artists to find a beautiful way to highlight disc golf at night.

So, with a few stickers, and the right flashlight, or a some flat LED lights you can immediately hit the course at night and have a lot of fun.

Disc Golf Basket Lights

Owning a luminous disc is beneficial, yet it only partially solves the visibility issue in disc golf after dark. For an optimal nocturnal playing experience, it is equally crucial to illuminate the target.
There are numerous methods for lighting up a disc golf basket. A popular and economical approach is to attach glow sticks to each basket on the course. Although cost-effective, opting for lights made specifically for disc golf baskets can enhance the experience even further.

Check out our selection of disc golf basket lights here.

Be sure to get out there and try a round of glow-in-the-dark disc golf! You’ll be glad you did! Let us know what you recommend for night rounds in the comments. We’d love to know!


Todd is the Vice President of Infinite Discs and mastermind behind the Infinite Discs VIP Club. He writes Infinite Discs newsletters and works with pros and artists to create a masterful selection of unique discs for you to enjoy.


  • Hey!

    Todd, you are 100% correct on the “WHAT BRAND GLOWS THE BEST?” = Kastaplast.

    I love playing at night and the Kastaplast discs glow the brighest even after fueling it with just a regular LED flashlight. Once I hit it with my UV light, it lights up fairways while flying 😀

  • Glow is awesome, and I feel for those whose local courses don’t allow disc golfing at night. My newly discovered and favorite light for lighting up the baskets is these little 9V babies with magnets that can just stick to the top of the pole, shining down on the chains: https://amzn.to/33W4osc
    Compact, quick and easy!

    Cheap small strap on bike lights are my second favorite for lighting up the baskets – also placed to shine down from the center of the top of the basket, so as not to be shining in your eyes when you have a tester putt. Some folks just prefer glow sticks, but they can be harder to see from a distance, and a bit more wasteful IMO.

    Lastly, I’ve found that Duck Brand Glow-In-The-Dark Gaffers Duck Tape has the brightest glow for applying to non-glow plastic discs. Just one strip or an artfully cut out shape does the job.

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