• I’m looking for a rolling bag with a built in seat for about $200 or I’ll just get a 3 wheel baby stroller for under $100!

  • Well made, well priced shoulder bag ,15-18 disc comfortably. With plenty of space for extraneous crap that we all carry. Thanks and good luck.

  • My ideal bag would be the Sniper Bag with a few add-ons. Put a mini pocket on the side of the bag with the straps, that way there is a pocket for a mini and a scorecard. Add another towel loop, that way I can rock my Infinite Discs VIP bag tag and a hang a towel. Some kind of disc divider, that way if the bag is not maxed out with discs, the discs stay upright and organized.

    Under $100 and I would buy one tomorrow.

  • Using Discraft bag now

  • One of the big keys that I see missing on most bags is a reinforced bottom. I recently used plastic dip on my pro bag in order to preserve it since it only had the same fabric on the bottom.

    Zipper pulls are very helpful.

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