Upper Park Disc Golf Bags Newly Added

Upper Park has been around since 2011. Since then they have focused on disc golf bags and accessories with unique styles, innovative designs, and excellent comfort. They employ cutting edge design with the use of durable, outdoor materials with a lifetime guarantee, so you can focus on throwing those perfect shots!

They’re in the business to make the game better for all. They do this through partnering with their sponsored team and helping them grow their brands, by donating to great charities like UPlay Disc Golf, by maintaining a 98% customer satisfaction rating, and by living our core values:

Play different ® – Fuel growth through experience and innovation.

Create legendary relationships – Turn suppliers, vendors, team members, and customers into raving fans.

Be a good human – Treat all people equally. Celebrate diversity. Be genuine and kind.

Enjoy the ride – Be grateful and celebrate the journey we share.

So when you buy from Upper Park Disc Golf know you’re buying from a company that loves the game as much as you do.

These are the bags that are now available on Infinite Discs Website!

The Trainer

The Trainer is an excellent tool to use for storage or for fieldwork. It is on the more expensive side, however, Upper Park has done a good job to make it worth it. The quality of this bag is solid. It provides a good durable fabric, many pockets, and confidence that this bag will last. Its available on our website for $59.99.

The Upper Park Disc Golf Trainer is the ideal storage solution or for the fieldwork days. This has the capacity to hold up to 40 discs, and some additional needed items; like a water bottle, a towel a wallet, keys, a phone. This makes for an excellent bag to take out on the field and do some practice, or to simply store your discs and clean up your space.

The Draw

The Draw is a nifty little bag. Its like the beloved drawstring bag, but better. As it provides a drawstring main compartment for your discs, extra zippered pouches for other items, and shoulder straps that are not a part of the drawstring. Allowing you to have the bag open or close and still comfortably wear the bag. All in all this is a sweet little tiny bag. Its now available on Infinite Discs website for $19.99

The Draw is an entry-level disc golf backpack. This backpack is excellent for the beginner, for the traveler, for the casual thrower, and the penny pincher. Upper Parks customized the drawstring design by separating the string opening from the shoulder straps. The player can leave the bag open, transforming this from a standard gym bag to a workable disc golf bag.

The Pinch

The Pinch is a well thought out medium sized bag. This bag exhibits an urban style, and it looks good. It works very well in a pinch, as it looks good to take to around and not look so out of place with a more typical looking disc golf bag. It offers good disc storage as well. It’ll hold 17-20 discs in this, which is sufficient to hold most needed discs if not all. Check this bag out, its only $69.99.

The Pinch an urban style backpack that adds a disc golfing functionality, and meets the demands of the day.  Whether you’re going into the office or the gym, heading on a weekend hike, exploring another country, or playing at your favorite local disc golf course, the Pinch works to meet the situation and does it with ease.

The Shift

The Shift is a very comfortable bag. It provides a bag that distributes the load evenly across your back. Its quite remarkable the thought put into this bag. The design is quite incredible as it still offers great storage capacity. Overall this is a good bag that disperse the load evenly and carries what you need out on the course. Check this one out on our website, it is available for $164.99.

This is the new 2022 Shift. It has upgraded ergonomic design to increase your comfort. Because of its lightweight ergonomic design it’ll feel like it was built just for you. Due to this design, it’ll decrease the amount of energy used to just carry the bag. Allowing you to enjoy a full round with more energy than before, even while carrying 18 discs!

With The Shift, you’ll enjoy all-day playing performance with a disc golf bag that is designed to meet the needs of serious disc golfers while still providing the versatility for intermediate and casual players alike.


The Shift provides ample space for storage. It has the capacity to hold discs, gear, snacks, and more. Additionally there are D-Rings for rags and towels and waist stash pockets, too.


This is an excellent bag for any weather. It features a 40 oz insulated water bottle holder and a ventilated back panel for those hot days. It has a waterproof base and included flap-access rain fly. And don’t be afraid to get a little dirty with the 4 individual feet and an abrasion resistant, waterproof base that will keep your bag upright and your discs at the ready.

The Rebel

The Rebel is Upper Parks flagship backpack. This is a comfortable bag that holds a lot of things. Making it an excellent daily, tournament, or fieldwork bag. For me, this carries more items than what I typically want to carry with me. This is a great bag for those who love to carry 30+ discs, its comfortable and stores things nicely. You can get this bag off of our website for $239.99.

The Rebel is the bag to hold all of your disc golf discs and gear. Whether you’re a touring professional or a recreational disc golfer; this bag will provide a spacious and durable disc golf backpack. The Rebel has a 30+ disc capacity, all the while providing a comfortable disc golf backpack.

Be sure to check these bags out on our website and any other disc golf need you may have. Here at Infinite Discs we work hard to provide you the needed items so that you can enjoy the wonderful game of disc golf.

View all our top selling disc golf bags here:


Dynamic Discs Combat Bag New Patterns

Dynamic Discs has a large variety of of disc golf bags. They’ve designed bags for the beginner as well as for the professional. Among these bags, there are the Combat Sniper, Combat Commander, and Combat Ranger. These bags offer more storage capacity over their non-combat bags. DD has recently released these Combat bags in new patterns. These new patterns are now available on Infinite Discs. Check them out below or on our website along with our other backpacks here.

There are three new patterns that are available: Jolly Roger, Fractured Camo, and Old Glory.

The Combat Sniper starts with the original Sniper design with a 16+ disc main compartment, two water bottle holders, and a deep top zippered pocket and takes it to a new level with new elements like the top putter compartment, two side pockets, a front flap pocket for a go-to disc, oversized feet for stability, and additional padding on the backpack straps. Aim for lower scores with the Combat Sniper.

You can pick this bag up for as little as $149.99 and for as much as $154.99.

The Dynamic Discs Combat Commander backpack bag is a step up from the original Commander backpack. It all started by adding new features to the main Commander design.

  • 20+ disc main compartment
  • Enhanced carrying straps with more padding
  • A new firm molded back panel for better comfort and ventilation
  • The 2 vertical side pockets will now allow for several more discs to be added
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Two cell phone sized pockets
  • Stool or umbrella strap
  • Lightweight but durable construction

You can purchase this bag for $164.99 at Infinite Discs today.

The Combat Ranger combines ample storage and some favorite features to make it Dynamic Disc’s premium bag yet. Some of the Ranger’s characteristics that you love also highlight the Combat Ranger – main compartment that holds 18+ discs, large top compartment for extra layers or discs, and a 32 oz water bottle holder. Alongside these, there is a slightly larger “on-deck” putter pouch for ease of access, a larger accessories pocket to accommodate larger cell phones, and more padded carrying straps. The Combat Ranger also boasts new features to the Ranger body style, like a bladder compartment for hydration or easy putter access and a firm molded back panel for even better ventilation on hot days. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Combat Ranger is extremely comfortable.

The Combat Ranger is available on Infinite’s website, you can snag one for $189.99 to $199.99.

Guru Disc Golf Bags

Guru Disc Golf is a small Norwegian brand that has their discs manufactured by Innova Champion Discs. They work to provide discs that are easy to throw, specifically working to provide disc golf gear for the beginners. They even manufacture other affordable disc golf gear, such as disc golf bags. A variety of bags that suit a beginner as well as the seasoned player.

Recently, they’ve released four new disc golf bags. They’ve released a bag for every type of player. They have the Frig and the Raster for the beginner, the Berserk for the beginner to intermediate player, the Bifrost for the intermediate to advance player, and the Bifrost Stoll for the tournament player.

The Guru Disc Golf Frig

The Guru Frig is an entry level disc golf bag. This bag holds the essentials for playing out on the course. The main compartment will hold 8-10 discs. In addition to the discs, there is a water bottle pouch, and a zippered pouch. This will help you carry the needed items to have a good time playing disc golf.

You can check out reviews and purchase yours by following this link. The bag is available for $11.99.


The Guru Disc Golf Berserk

The Guru Berserk is an excellent introductory backpack. This bag features a main compartment, putter pouch, water bottle pouch, and a side zipper pocket. It also has a strip of the loop side of Velcro for you to customize the bag and add your desired patches.

This bag can hold around 20 discs and a large water bottle. In addition to those, you have the zippered pouch that will allow for storage of other items that you may have while out on the course.

You can check out reviews and purchase yours by following this link. The bag is available for $24.99.


The Guru Disc Golf Raster

The Guru Raster doubles as a disc golf bag and a hydration pack. The main zipper compartment will allow for discs, extra items, or a hydration bladder. You’ll be able to fit 7-8 discs in the main compartment, and use the elastic pouches in the front for 4 extra discs. Additionally, it has 2 carabiners on which you can clip towels, bag tags, or any other item that you wish to hang off of your bag.

You can check out reviews and purchase yours by following this link. The bag is available for $24.99.


The Guru Disc Golf Bifrost

The Guru Bifrost Backpack is designed to be your daily disc golf bag. This can hold 20-22 discs, all the while providing room for other items. It features a water bottle pouch, a side zipper pocket, a putter pouch on top, and a pocket on top.

Within the top pocket, you can hold a variety of larger items. Such as towels, rangefinder, food, or other needed items. While in the side zippered pocket you can hold smaller items. You can hold grip enhancers, minis, wallet, and keys. This structured bag offers a comfortable bag to wear while playing your disc golf round.

You can check out reviews and purchase yours by following this link. The bag is available for $49.99.


The Guru Disc Golf Bifrost Stoll

The Guru Bifrost Stoll Backpack is designed to be your daily and tournament disc golf bag. The only difference between this bag and the Bifrost is the attached stool. This can hold 20-22 discs, all the while providing room for other items. It features a water bottle pouch, a side zipper pocket, a putter pouch on top, and a pocket on top.

Within the top pocket, you can hold a variety of larger items. Such as towels, rangefinder, food, or other needed items. While in the side zippered pocket you can hold smaller items. You can hold grip enhancers, minis, wallet, and keys. This structured bag offers a comfortable bag to wear while playing your disc golf round.

You can check out reviews and purchase yours by following this link. The bag is available for $69.99.

Be sure to check these bags out and any other disc golf bags from our top selling pages.


The Ripshot Disc Golf Bag

There has been a new type of disc golf bag that has recently started to gain traction, “holster” style bags. These holster type bags sit on your waist and hip. They hold a small amount of discs, as they are designed to be slim and allow you to throw without the bag getting in the way too much.

Here at Infinite Discs we have recently added the Ripshot Disc Bag to our product listings. Be sure to check this bag out on our site, these are available for $33.99.

The Ripshot Disc Bag is a holster type bag, designed to hold 4-8 discs. You wear this snuggly on your hip and thigh. This bag is designed to stay out of your way while throwing. All the while securing your discs in the bag throughout all motion.

The Ripshot Disc Bag cuts down on the bulk of disc golf. This bag makes for a great bag for the minimalist, or for your quick round of just go-to discs.

Handeye Supply Bags

Handey Supply Co Civilian Backpack

The Handeye Supply Civilian backpack is a great functional disc golf bag. This is designed to carry your needed disc golf gear all the while providing a compact bag. The patterns and colors were inspired from southwest region of the United States. This bag is sure to help you have a fun time out on the course.

Handeye Supply states that this “. . . is a fully FUNctional backpack and after testing it out all summer, we are very proud of the final product. The patterns and colorways were inspired by a trip last year that took me through the American Southwest. These bags are dedicated to my father-in-law Richard Thomas Schwam and all the kind people I encountered throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado while on that hard journey. With the help of my friend, Kris Edson, I feel we have created a beautiful product for the ever growing and diverse population of disc golfers. Roomy, yet compact, allowing you to carry all the gear you would need whether it be a big tourney event or a fun casual round with friends at your local course. I’ve even used it as a carry-on while traveling and as a day bag when going to the beach. This bag wants to help you have FUN and I can’t wait for them to get out there and start doing their job!”

This bag comes in four different patters; Elevado, Inverse, Winslow, and Yuma. You can check out the patterns and reviews here. You can purchase this bag for $69.99

Handeye Supply Co Bindle Bag

The Handeye Supply Co Bindle Bag is a great bag where space is limited. It will hold 12 discs; 10 in the main compartment and 2 putters in the front accessible pouch. There is a zippered pocket that can hold your valuables. While this is made out of a 16 oz. canvas, providing a long lasting bag.

As an additional feature, this bag has two loops  that allow you to wear that bag on your belt. Making it for a great no-hands bag.

This Bindle bag is available for 24.99 and comes in a black/heathered maroon and blue/light blue color combination. Check out the bag and read reviews at Infinite Discs site here.

These bags are available now on InfiniteDiscs.com now. You can check them out online along with all of your other disc golf needs.

New Release – Ace Line Starter Bag

Prodigy has released a new bag to join the ranks of starter bags. Introducing the Ace Starter Bag. This is now available on InfiniteDiscs.com for $13.99. This bag will also be included in some Ace Line Starter sets, which will be available at a future date.

The Ace Starter Bag is a great beginner bag, and is also perfect for kids. It holds approximately 6-8 discs and has an adjustable shoulder strap. The small Velcro pocket on the side can hold small items, while the larger front pocket can be used for valuables or discs.

Head on over to InfiniteDiscs.com to check out this bag, and shop for all of you disc golf needs.

New Infinite Bags

Infinite Discs has brought to the market two new bags for your discs. There is the Infinite Discs Holster, and the Infinite Discs Easy Bag. These are smaller bags and meant to be very minimalistic.

The Infinite Discs Holster

The Infinite Discs Holster is a fun and functional disc pouch that you can strap to your waist with an adjustable belt strap and a secure leg strap to comfortably carry three discs for quick, casual disc golf rounds. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you tuck your three discs into the holster and strut around the fairway. It is comfortable enough to wear while you throw.

The Infinite Discs Holster also features a hoop on the top to work in tandem with the belt strap and leg strap to attach the pouch to backpacks. Or it can be attached to disc golf cart handles or frames to use as a spare putter pouch. Basically, you’ll have a very affordable 3-disc pouch.

Whether you strap it to your body, hang it from your backpack, or affix it to your cart, you’ll have a very handy way to carry around three extra discs!

  • Holds 3 discs (flip them rim-out for quick draw).
  • Features a top loop to hang from a bag, cart handle, or on a hook while not in use.
  • Features an adjustable waist strap which can also be removed if you want to use the built-in loops for your own belt.
  • Features an adjustable, stretchable (for comfort) leg strap to keep the holster in place when worn, or to help secure it to a cart frame.

The Infinite Discs Easy Bag

The Infinite Discs Easy Bag is the most affordable, easy way to carry your favorite disc golf discs around the course for your casual play.  Yet even for the low price, it is made from quality, long-lasting material and features an embroidered logo for a clean, simple look. It has a zipper pocket on the front, two snap positions to close the top flap over your discs for transport or storage, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The Easy Bag carries 8-10 discs.

Infinite Discs Huck Pack

Infinite Discs is excited to introduce the newest disc golf backpack to join the ranks of the Infinite Discs brand: the Infinite Discs Huck Pack. This backpack is available on Infinite Discs website for $39.99.

There are similarities between the Innova Adventure Bag, the Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag, or the MVP Shuttle Bag. Despite the similarities, the Huck Pack is different to those bags, as it has two deep insulated water bottle pouches. It’ll carry a 40oz insulated water bottle in it easily. The pouch covers a 32oz non-insulated water bottle completely, ensuring optimal insulation. This bag will hold even small water bottles. Also, it has an accessible spot for a pencil/marker and mini marker.


These are some of the reasons why this bag may be the bag for you:
  • You want an affordable backpack
  • It can carry around 20 discs regularly
  • The mini marker slot is easily accessible
  • This is a lightweight bag, even fully loaded the weight isn’t too noticeable
  • You desire a bag with thick straps and pads for increased comfort
  • The Quiver pouch is large, it can carry at most four putters in that pouch

All in all, this bag can be used by all skill levels. Uses will include casual rounds with the family, playing in the local tournament, or taking it onto a PDGA sanctioned event.

Head on over to Infinite Discs’ website to pick up your Huck Pack today!

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