Discmania Active Line Release

Discmania has been introducing their Active Line discs, initially in base plastic runs, but the time has now come for new disc names and premium plastic.  There are five “new” (renamed) discs that are available in both Active Baseline plastic and some in Active Premium. Head on over to Infinite Discs to check out these discs to see if they are a good fit for your disc golf bag: the Mentor, the Genius, the Magician, the, Maestro, and the Sensei.

Note: The original names have been retired.

Discmania went with an excellent choice of vivid colors for these new disc golf discs. This new Active Premium Line plastic looks wonderful and has good grip. You can read more about the release here. And of course, if you’ve been waiting for this new release and already know what disc you want, head on over to Infinite Discs to make your purchase.

Leave a comment below: which of these five Discmania discs is your favorite? What are your thoughts on Discmania’s new Active Premium Line plastic?

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  • I am excited to try out this new line of discs, and hopefully I get a chance to do it this time around. I didn’t understand what Dismania was doing with the Evolution line initially, but when I got the Essence in the NEO plastic it all suddenly made sense. I have to assume the Active line has it’s own unique factor that neither Innova nor Latitude64 could deliver, but it’s not immediately apparent, so I won’t know until I get my hands on them.

    I have to say I’m disappointed that the line had to suffer a rebranding and complete relaunch, I really liked the original stamps. However, it does make sense that each manufacturer maintain their own naming conventions and avoid overlap, especially when it’s a polygamous manufacturing relationship like this one. Boundaries are important.

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