New Disc Golf Disc Releases

Another week has come and gone, and we have some new releases to introduce. Not as many disc releases as the previous weeks, but there are some other disc golf items. There is a new disc mold, and some new equipment that may just fit your needs.

New Disc Mold

The Lone Star Discs Warbird has recently been approved by the PDGA and has found its way onto our shelves. You can check this mold out in the link above. This is a new 12 speed distance driver. It offers high glide and a reliable fade. It is somewhat similar to a Destroyer, though, I found it slightly easier to throw than a typical Destroyer. It is quite capable to handle power, and easily handle wind.

The Warbird is a long distance driver. As an overstable driver with a high amount of glide, this can handle headwinds or power. Proving to be a long distance bomber of a disc. The Warbird fits in between the Curl and the Bowie.

Disc Golf Equipment

The Cascadian DG Lie Towel is quite the unique towel. It is designed to illustrate the lie wherein you may place your foot without incurring a foot fault. Not only is the size functional, I find it nice in the fact that it is smaller than other towels – it doesn’t get quite as dirty hanging off my bag. But its size limits its abilities to dry/clean discs as well.

The Cascadian DG Lie Towel has two functions. This high quality sublimated towel works well to dry and clean your discs. In addition to this, the towel works to help you visually comprehend the PDGA regulated lie (20cm X 30cm). Simply lay this towel on the ground behind your disc/mini marker. Then, anywhere on the towel is where you may plant your foot for you next throw.


Disclaimer: Due to the elastic nature of textiles, the dimensions are a good approximation of a regulation lie.

The Hive Firefly Glow Vinyl makes any disc a glow disc. These vinyl stickers are pretty awesome and useful. I like to put one on the top of the disc and on the bottom, just in case the disc lands upside down. The stickers glow pretty good, very similar to the MVPs Eclipse 2.0.

Are some of your go-to discs not in a glow plastic? Firefly Glow Vinyl from Hive is here to save your night rounds! These glow vinyl stickers attach easily to any disc and provide a level of glow that, when exposed to UV light, will light up and glow. The glow is strong and bright.


Once you’ve finished your round, feel free to peel the Firefly Glow sticker off and place it back on the sheet for your next round. These Vinyl stickers are reusable! Each sheet has 46 stickers (23 small hexagons and 23 hexagon rings) – definitely enough glow stickers for your entire bag!


Focus Friday Discraft Drone

Friday is back! And along with it comes the great Focus Friday. This week, we are focusing on a Discraft mold, the Drone. And the savings on this mold are pretty hefty. With the provided discount code, FOCUSDRONE, you’ll get 30% off all the drones that your heart desires. So, head on over to our website to check out the selection of Drones, and use the promo code to save 30%. This code is only active over the weekend . . . and, Monday.

Discraft’s Drone

The Discraft Drone is an extremely overstable midrange – one of the most overstable midranges on the market. Discraft designed the Drone to deflect wind, which makes it an overstable disc. Due to this, it is extremely consistent regardless of most weather conditions. The Drone will always fly straight and then fade hard. Making an insanely reliable and versatile approach disc. You can use this disc for short flex shots, to get out of a tricky situation, or to simply go right or left. These attributes make for a one of a kind disc.

The Drone makes for a great fit for the utility disc slot. This slot needs a disc that is always dependable, regardless of the weather conditions. A disc that you can trust to hook right/left – even if you are in a bad lie and can’t throw properly. Or simply something that has a mind of its own – that regardless of human error, the disc will always fade. I have yet to find a throw that it did not fade.

Cool Stamps Too

Right now there are a lot of cool stamps on these discs. You should check them all out, there are a lot of favorites: cool bear, parachute penguin, a chameleon, and a special edition drone. Over the weekend, all of these drones are 30% off with the promo code. Even the Ledgestone editions. So head on over to our site to pick your Drone(s) out.

The Discount Code

You can select your disc by clicking here. Simply add as many Drone molds to your shopping cart as you want, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code, FOCUSDRONE, into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.

Here is a screenshot to help you out, though it doesn’t necessarily show a Drone in the cart – it’s just a generic visual to help you find the discount code box:

We hope that you love throwing the Drone. If you’ve thrown the disc, feel free to share what you think of this midrange. And if you’re ever looking for other discs that are on sale, check out this link. Or read through this blog post to see all of the ways that you can save money here at Infinite Discs.


Focus Friday TSA Votum

Alright, lets get into this Friday and the weekend with this week’s Focus Friday. It should be a good one. The weather is warming up, the sun is up for longer hours. Spring is almost truly here, I can feel it, and it is exciting!

This weekend’s focus is on the Thought Space Athletics Votum. You can use the discount code FOCUSVOTUM to save 20% off all Votums. Starting from now till the end of the weekend (Monday), this discount code will be active.

TSA Votum

The Votum is a a stable fairway driver that doesn’t offer a lot of fade. Its stability provides a disc that can handle power, but is not too difficult to control. Because of these attributes, this makes for a good workhorse fairway disc. It is said to have straight flying tendencies with a reliable fade at the end. Something similar to a Teebird3.

Overall the Votum is a good stable to overstable disc. it has a comfortable feel to it. The plastic is quite durable and grippy, regardless of which plastic you end up chosing. The flight path of this disc is a favorable flight as well.

The Discount Code

Here is the deal, head over to our website and select the Votums that you want and any other item that you need. Once everything you need is in your cart, you can apply the discount code FOCUSVOTUM and get 20% off all Votum discs in your cart.

Note: After placing your discs in the shopping cart and before checking out, click on the “Discount Code” box under the shopping cart and enter that code. Then proceed to checkout.

Drew Gibson LVC Champion

Drew Gibson performed wonderfully at the Las Vegas Challenge just two weeks ago. Though, Gannon Buhr did not concede easily to Drew. In an epic sudden death showdown of 4 holes, Drew left the tournament with the title of LVC Champion.

In commemoration of this, we are releasing some commemorative edition discs. This special stamp is a double single foil stamp. One stamp on the front, and another stamp on the bottom. The top stamp indicates that Drew is the LVC Champion, and the bottom stamp is Drew’s wonderful crown logo. They’re pretty cool, we’re excited about these discs and we’re excited for Drew winning as well!

As mentioned before, there are a handful of different molds that have these stamps on them. There are a few different ways on how you can see which molds have these stamps. To see them all, check out this link, this page will show you every single disc that has these stamps on it. Or you can follow the links below, these are to the individual molds:

Right now only the Scepter, Emperor, Exodus, and Falcor are available. Our team is working to get the other molds on as fast as they can. As the day/weekend goes on the other molds will become available. Be sure to check these limited edition discs, and any other disc golf need you may have right here at Infinite Discs.




New Disc Golf Disc Releases – Prodigy Falcor & Reverb

Another week, and some more time to enjoy life. With this week there are some new disc molds that are coming out this week. Not as many as there have been in the past, but

This Week Releases

Prodigy Falcor

The Prodigy Falcor will be available for purchase on Thursday, March 10, 2022.  The Falcor seems to feel a bit wider than a Destroyer. This disc is quite stable, I find that it does push a little more than I would have anticipated. Even with this nice glide, this disc is still rather quite overstable. Probably a little too much for me though, I don’t have that strong of an arm though.

The Falcor is the first disc in the Cale Leiviska line of discs. This is an overstable distance driver that provides a large amount of glide. Higher speed arms will achieve max distance out of this disc.

Prodigy Reverb

The Prodigy Reverb, feels good in the hand. This disc is a wide rimmed distance driver. Even though it is a 13 speed driver, this is still fairly comfortable to my grip. It is surprising that this is comfortable to me. This thing is quite beefy for me, it flies very straight and then fades hard. I can easily see this thing withstanding a lot of windy conditions. It definitely makes for a great utility disc, for me that is, I don’t have the strongest of arms. Come tomorrow, you’ll be able to get this for yourself tomorrow.

The Reverb is the first disc of of the Kevin Jones line of discs. This is an overstable distance driver with a little more fade at the end. This handles power, deflects wind, and works as a utility driver. The Reverb will hold a line for the majority of the time before the fade kicks in.

Be sure to check these molds out, as well as all of your other disc golf needs at Infinite Discs. Have a good one!

Focus Friday – Legacy Recluse

Happy Friday! I’m super stoked for this weekend, I’m not entirely sure as to why though. . . It’s not that I have something epic planned. Hopefully, you do, or there is something that you’re looking forward to this weekend.

This Focus Friday is quite unique, as there will be two codes that you may use to save you some money! Last week’s code, FOCUSLEDGESTONE, is still active. This saves you 5% off all of Ledgestone wave 2 discs. Check out that article to see which molds those are by clicking here. This discount code will be active until March 12, 2022.

Today’s code is revolving around the Legacy Recluse! So use the promo code: FOCUSRECLUSE to save 20% off all Legacy Recluses! This discount code is active until Monday. In addition to providing this discount code, we are also adding some uniquely stamped Recluses online. So, go and check these out and grab yourself one today.

Legacy’s Recluse

The Recluse is an overstable midrange disc. This thing is on par with the Justice in the amount of beef it provides. When compared to other similar discs, the Recluse stands out in its amount of glide. People enjoy this disc over others as it is reliably overstable, but it will fly a little bit better before it begins to fade. Instead of dumping out of the sky, this will push straight for just a tad longer then fade into its finish.

Overall, I’m impressed with this mold. It’s a well designed disc. And of the people who have left a review, they all love it. In addition to this 20% off code, we are adding some specially stamped Recluses as well! These are pretty sweet, as no other Recluse has this stamp on it.

Save a couple bucks this weekend by using the provided promo code. And you get to try out a new disc mold. Or simply increase your spare discs, so that you’ll always have this trusty disc no matter what.

The Discount Code

You can select your disc by clicking here. Simply add as many Recluse Molds to your shopping cart as you want, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code, FOCUSRECLUSE, into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.

Here is a screenshot to help you out, though it doesn’t necessarily show a Recluse in the cart – it’s just a generic visual to help you find the discount code box:

We hope that you love throwing the Recluse. If you’ve thrown the disc, feel free to share what you think of this midrange.

On a side note

The Recluse (talking about the actual spider now) is a genus of spider. These spiders have a venom that sometimes results in loxoscelism (don’t click the link if you don’t like gross skin images). This basically means that the venom causes premature cellular death. Which makes your skin look like it is actively decomposing, it can get pretty nasty looking. As I was reading about this I got real self-conscious about a hidden recluse lurking around waiting to pounce. Fortunately, these spiders are not aggressive.


STAY TUNED for our next Focus Friday for another chance to try a featured disc at a nice discounted price!

New Disc Golf Disc Releases

Disc Golf is an enjoyable sport that is always offering new equipment to try out. It seems that there almost every week there are new molds approved for tournament play by the PDGA. The disc golf disc approved list is ever growing, and it is exciting!

There are a handful of these new molds that we’ve received and we’re excited to get them to you. Some of the molds in this post have release dates in the near future, while others will release as soon as we get them online.

In addition to these new molds, there are a few signature discs that are coming out as well. Read on below to see what is in the pipeline.

Releasing Now

This list of discs is a little bit smaller than what is to come. These discs don’t have a specific release date attached to them. Which gives us the liberty of releasing them as soon as we get them online. In fact we have our team working to get them online right now. So within the next few hours, or day or so, you should see these molds available for purchase!

Uplay Disc Golf’s Zeal

For those who are unfamiliar, Uplay is a foundation that is ran by Zoe Andyke. This foundation has the goal to teach and inform children in schools and physical education programs about disc golf. They do a lot to grow the sport.

The Zeal is beadless putter that is quite stiff. The plastic is a base plastic, that offers good grip. With a well rounded shoulder, it is comfortable to grip. This disc is really easy to throw. I found it easy to get some turnover approach shots, and incredibly easy to throw for push putts. Anyone could find room in your bag regardless of skill level. The Zeal makes a great utility putter, driving putter, or putting putter.

At the moment it is only available in firm plastic, however, there are plans to release it in a soft plastic. You can pick this disc up for $7.99.

The ZEAL is a putter released by Uplay Disc Golf Foundation to be an easy-to-throw, comfortable putter for players of all levels and abilities. It is a beadless putter with a rounded rim for maximum comfort when using it to throw on approach or as a putter. Its understable flight helps it to hold a very straight flight path, resisting an unwanted fade whether thrown long or short.


Every Uplay disc sold, including the ZEAL putter, helps to raise funds for the Uplay Disc Golf Foundation’s mission of growing the sport of disc golf in communities. They teach instructors and students in physical education programs, in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools everywhere.

Lone Star Discs Armadillo

The first time I picked up the Armadillo I thought, “This is a Burg/Rhyno disc.” Looking at the flight numbers of the Burg and the Rhyno the Armadillo is a mix of the two. It really flies quite similar to the two as well. This is a pretty reliable approach disc, almost always flies the same regardless of the what the weather is doing. It flies very straight with a gentle fade at the end. Because of these attributes, this is a good disc and reliable approach disc. This disc starts at $17.99.

The Armadillo is a low speed and low glide disc. This disc is meant to be accurate and offer great control It has a thumbtrack on the disc for comfort. It is an easy disc to control, and will fly consistently to provide good accuracy. Lone Star says, “Our newest Putt and Approach disc holds true to its namesake with its Blunt Nosed Rim and Thumbtracked Shoulder that forces this disc to fly straight as an arrow with a reliable fade to its intended target.”

Eric Oakley’s Lucid Justice

The Justice is such a classic beefy midrange. I remember when I first started playing that I thought this disc was too much. Why would you need a disc that doesn’t fly? Now that I am much more experienced, this is almost a must have. The ability to resist wind, always fade, and just so consistent is incredible. Because of this, the Justice has saved me from so many bad lies and has been able to hit so many different lines, that its worth is immeasurable! I love the Justice.

I think it is pretty awesome that Dynamic and Eric worked together to make this signature disc a possibility. This signature disc is available now.

Strong winds will make the most experienced player look like a novice. They have forced us back into the laboratory to solve the midrange question. Our tests have led us here. The Justice is served. The Justice by Dynamic Discs is going to become your new utility disc.  It will not turn over. Throw the Justice one time and you will not need to reach for anything else for a short distance, over-stable answer. No longer will you throw a good shot into a headwind only to see your disc flip over. Let the Justice get you what you deserve.


NOTE: Since the initial release, Dynamic Discs has changed the stamp on the disc to indicate “Glide 1” though the mold itself has not changed.

Lone Star Discs Jack Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit is a utility approach disc. It is not quite as beefy as I had anticipated.  The flight numbers indicate that it should fly like a zone, but I found that it is not as stable. Overall, it provides some good lines, and is quite reliable in its ability to fly and fade as expected. I enjoy the lines that this disc provides.

The Jack Rabbit is a comfortable disc to grip. The bead is a medium sized bead, it isn’t obtrusive nor unnoticeable. And with the rounded rim/shoulder, I think it is more comfortable in a backhand grip than a forehand though. Overall, its a comfortable disc to grip. You’ll be able to grab yourself one for $16.99.

The Jack Rabbit from Lone Star Discs is a putter with a wide bead, flat top, and a well rounded rim. This is a stable to overstable putt & approach disc. This disc will work well has a headwind putter or a driving putter. It can handle power. This will provide good hyzer lines, spike hyzers, and even some good flex lines.

Releasing in the Future

Elevation Disc Golf Binx

This new fairway driver from Elevation Disc golf surprised me. I’m not a huge fan of the Elevation rubber, as it is too floppy for my comfort, and I feel like it inhibits its flight consistency. However, the rubber feels a little different this time around. Maybe its because the rim is thicker than a midrange or putter?

Throwing the Binx, I found that it is pretty accurate to the flight numbers provided. It is a do-it all kind of disc. Which makes it quite usable, especially in this floppy rubber blend. I found that it worked well on anhyzers, hyzers, and flat shots. It was pretty easy to throw, and a little more reliable. I didn’t feel like the disc wouldn’t catch air and just fly into the sky like the other molds. However, I do find that it is still the Elevation Rubber, and that the characteristics are still there. Despite that, the Binx is still a pretty good fairway driver, and the no-ground-play is incredible! This disc is set to release March 3, at 9-o-clock MST, you’ll be able to snag one for yourself for $19.99.

The Elevation Disc Golf Binx is a straight flying fairway driver that is useful for everyone. Its flight characteristics allow for easy control and consistent flight paths. The Binx can hold most any line you need, proving to be a good go-to driver.


The unique rubber blend is designed to limit ground play when the disc lands. Ensuring accuracy and consistency on those upshots that have OB or other hazards around the landing zone.

Eric Oakley’s P-Blend Glow Alpaca

The Alpaca is a well loved putter, and for good reason. This mold is versatile, working well as a driver, approach disc, or putter. The stability provides enough beef that it gives a consistent fade. In softer plastics, this can be beaten into submission. Allowing for straight flights and some shot shaping. Eric Oakley really enjoys using the Alpaca for these reasons among many. As one of his signature discs we are releasing the Alpaca in a P-Blend Glow plastic. This plastic offers some good grip and a little more longevity than the D-Blend. Keep your eye out of this release on March 10, 2022, you can grab yours for $15.49.

The Alpaca is the quintessential beadless putter. While the Infinite Discs Cohort has a somewhat low profile rim, the Alpaca presents a deeper rim for more of a traditional putter feel. Whether thrown at the basket or lofted high for approaches and drives, the Alpaca will carry your workload with ease.

Divergent Discs Golem

Divergent Discs is working hard to provide discs for all of the amateurs. The Golem is within their StayPut rubber blend. Designed to hit the ground and and stick, limiting the ground play. This disc is overstable, it is very much in the same playing field as a Zone, Harp, or Pig. And it really does limit the ground play, it hits and stops. Its a pretty cool disc. On March 10, 2022 this disc will release and be available for purchase. This will be available for $16.99.

The Golem is an overstable putt & approach disc. It has a flat top and a comfortable grip for both backhand and forehand throws. As an overstable putter it will provide a straight flight with no turn and a consistent fade. The Golem can also handle most windy conditions without drastically changing its flight path.

Thought Space Athletics’ Synapse

The TSA Synapse is a solid distance driver. The rim is on the large side, for me. It doesn’t feel all that much different from a 12 speed disc. My first throw surprised me with how easy the disc felt to throw. I found that I got a little bit of turn before it faded. So to me, I think there is a little less turn than what was advertised. Regardless of this though, I was still pleased with the flight path and the distance achieved upon throwing this new disc. The Thought Space Athletics Synapse will release on March 11, 2022.

The Thought Space Athletics Synapse is a professional level distance driver for maximum distance and performance.


Striking a harmonious balance between distance and accuracy, the Synapse is the flagship entry into the true “pro” distance driver slot for Thought Space Athletics. It is stable enough to handle big arm speed or a stiff headwind, with just a hint of high-speed turn. The Synapse finds its equilibrium as the reliably stable long-bomber in your bag.

Finish Line’s Era

Drew Gibson tore it up last weekend at Las Vegas Challenge. Gannon Buhr definitely tore it up as well, it was such a good competition to watch. If you were watching carefully, you would have noticed that Drew threw this disc on a few holes. I’m fairly certain that LVC was the first tournament that the Era was thrown in. Which makes it a great debut to the world.

The Era is a stable, 10-speed distance driver. And it is a comfortable disc to throw, and achieve good distance. Its stability makes it more available to people to throw and achieve good distance. All the while providing a disc that is controllable for a lot of different throws.

Infinite Discs is still accepting pre-orders for this mold. Though they are much more limited than before. Rumor has it that the pre-orders will start to ship out soon, and that the stock release is close behind that as well. It seems that they’re targeting a release for the end of March.

The Era is the first disc in Drew Gibson’s Finish Line. This disc is designed to be the all purpose control driver for players of all skill level.


With a flat top and neutral flight path the Era works well for both backhand and forehand throws. It is understable enough to work for newer players, but has enough stability that it can handle the power of Drew Gibson. The Era has enough speed and glide to go as far as many distance drivers, but has minimal fade for the straight flight of a fairway.


Finish Line Discs are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Wing It Disc Golf’s Stratosphere

Wing It Disc Golf is a new manufacturer who looks to be using a new manufacturer (new to Disc Golf that is). As such, this company is working entirely from scratch, and it is cool to see the journey that they’re taking. If you would like, check out their website to see their experience in creating a disc. On the website they’ve detailed the entire process in a blog, which is entertaining to read.

The Stratosphere is their first mold, and Infinite Discs VIP members got to try out the first run of these discs. They are incredibly pretty discs, with such a variety of swirls. And, the disc is rather enjoyable to throw as well. Additionally, it provides a consistent flight, and is a stable disc. This fairway driver can make for a great staple in anyone’s bag. At the moment, Run 2 of the Stratosphere is scheduled to release to the public in Spring 2022.

Other Ways to See New Discs

As always, every day we are adding new discs online. It can be fun to watch the “Newly Added Discs” page on our site. It is a great way to see what is new for the day. And sometimes you’ll see some sweet gems. However, we do sometimes turn this page off on big releases though, this is to provide a quick web page load time for you.

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope that you’re as excited for these new releases as we are!

Infinite Discs Restock

Here at Infinite despite all of the complications that the Pandemic has caused. We are working hard to restock all that we can. In case you haven’t noticed, here is a handful of the Infinite molds that have been restocked:

Pharaoh in Swirly S-Blend

In this most recent run of Pharaohs has a lot of great swirls in the plastic. The aesthetic of this plastic is superb! As someone who doesn’t throw the Pharaohs, these discs make me want to grab one and throw it. That’s how good these discs look. Grab your beautiful Pharaoh for $16.99.

The Pharaoh is the quintessential distance driver, built for a high speed release and maximum distance. The fade is not overpowering, making this a distance driver that will work wonders even for intermediate players. Throw the Pharaoh off the tee when you need to cover as much territory as possible. Rule your local disc golf course with the Pharaoh!

Cohort in D-Blend and R-Blend

This mold is a well loved. It makes for an excellent putter, whether your putting or using it for approach shots. This thing flies straight. For approach shots, this disc is definitely a favorite. You can get this now in D-Blend for $8.29 or in R-Blend for $11.99.

The Cohort is a unique putt-and-approach disc that is a great, beadless option for mid-range and approach shots with a comfortable rim for either backhand or forehand players. The revolution toward smaller-diameter discs for mid-range shots continues and the Cohort is stable enough to hold the line when thrown with confidence.

Scarab in D-Blend

The Scarab is a pretty solid disc. It is a stable putter that allows for some great throws or powerful putts. With its bead, it provides a comfortable resting spot for your forefinger. This is an enjoyable disc to throw. This is restocked in the D-Blend plastic, only for $8.29.

The Scarab is a beaded putter that has a similar rim configuration to the Infinite Discs Myth, but with a different flight plate that provides a longer glide for longer putts and approaches. If you love throwing putters for distance, or you’re seeking pinpoint accuracy with your putting game, the Scarab will earn a spot in your disc bag.

Centurion in D-Blend Glow

This fairway driver is a really easy disc to throw. It offers great control and decent distance. The Centurion makes for an excellent disc to use on the longer upshots, or if you’re looking for some needed control. We’ve restocked this disc in D-Blend Glow, it is available now for $11.99, perfect for those glow rounds. Especially now that it is warming up again.

The Centurion is a workable fairway driver. It is a straight-flying, precision driver that will fit into the bags of both novice and professional players. All players can count on the Centurion to hold whichever line they put it on with only a slight end fade. It is a workhorse control driver for precise placement on the fairway.

Dynasty in I-Blend

This control driver is a new release, just as of last week. It is a pretty awesome disc, it is on the verge of a distance driver. To me this 9 speed driver provides a very comfortable grip. I also find that it is quite controllable and offers just enough stability to put power behind it and work to get the distance that I’m looking for. While also able to control it, I really like this disc. For now, it is available in I-Blend, grab yours for $12.99.

The Dynasty is a stable fairway driver. This control driver offers enough stability to provide a consistent “S-curve” flight. Also, it can still fly most any line you would want. Making this into a highly controllable disc. All the while it can achieve good distance for beginner and advanced players alike.

Alpaca in Gummy C-Blend

The Alpaca is an awesome putter. I’ve enjoyed this disc for my putter, as well as a driver. Now, we will make this disc available in Gummy C-Blend Plastic. I really enjoy a flexible plastic, and that is what this blend is, flexible. It is pretty awesome! You should definitely give this putter a try, as it is consistent and floaty. A very versatile putter. You’ll be able to get this disc for $15.49, and it will release tonight at midnight.

The Alpaca is the quintessential beadless putter. While the Infinite Discs Cohort has a somewhat low profile rim, the Alpaca presents a deeper rim for more of a traditional putter feel. Whether thrown at the basket or lofted high for approaches and drives, the Alpaca will carry your workload with ease.

In Conclusion

These are the new Infinite Molds that we have added in these past weeks. We are constantly working to restock all molds, and there are always new discs added. You can check out the newly added discs by clicking here.


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