New Discs Golf Discs for 2024

Stack of colorful discs

One cool thing that we can look forward to as every year as disc golfers is to see what new molds will be released. Even larger companies with tons of existing molds covering every flight pattern will release a few new ones so they can stay fresh in everyone’s mind. That means a lot of new disc golf discs for 2024.

With the rapid growth that disc golf seen in the past decade or so, in addition to the brands we’ve known for years releasing discs, now we get lots of completely new companies eager to release discs to the growing members of our sport. It is amazing to see so many companies jumping into disc golf.

In this blog we’ll take a look at some of the discs that are new for 2024. These are discs that have been released this year, or are going to be released soon. Then we’ll look at discs that have been PDGA approved in the past few months and highlight some new brands that might be making their mark on our sport.

New Disc Golf Discs For 2024

Axiom Pixel – The second release from the Simon Line, the Pixel is a strait-flying putt/approach disc from Axiom. Available in a few different plastic types.

Elevation Disc Golf Psychic – The brand that has given us a variety of extra-floppy discs recentlyElevation Disc Golf Psychic released their inaugural distance driver, the Psychic. You’ll get all the distance of a driver with the stopping ability of all their molds.

Goliath Ark – In keeping with their biblical theme, Goliath’s newest mold is the Ark. It is a stable fairway driver that is available in their Oasis plastic.

Latitude 64 Brave – This fairway driver has the glide, turn, and fade that combine for some long throws. It will suit players of all skill levels.

Lone Star Discs Spur

Lone Star Disc Spur – The Spur is an overstable fairway driver with enough fade that it can handle forehand or headwind shots.

Lone Disc Bearkat – The flippy mid from Lone Star is available now. Name after the Sam Houston University mascot, the Bearkat has a decent amount of turn and a mild fade.

EV-7 Lid – The Lid is a catching mold that resulted from a collaboration with EV-7 and Hyperflite. It is an expanded version of their popular canine disc.

Discraft Kratos – The new putter from Discraft will be released on March 8. A beaded Luna? It sure sports an overstable flight like the Luna. The Paul McBeth Kratos will have a limited edition release, so make sure you get your order in soon after the drop.

Discraft Kratos

Infinite Discs  Khonsu – This beadless midrange from Infinite looks to be a flippy mold. Perfect for those right-hand turning shots.

Axiom Pitch – This may be Axiom’s answer to the Glitch, and if that is the case, it will be a hit. Fans will have to wait for the upcoming solar eclipse until it is released.

Doomsday Discs Apocalypse – The Apocalypse was recently released, to the dismay of noodle arms all over the world. This extra-beefy high-speed driver is nothing but FADE. Good disc if you need to play in hurricane-force winds.

Doomsday Discs Crisis – Pick the type of Crisis you’re having Doomsday Discs Midlife Crisisin your life and get an appropriately-stamped

Doomsday Discs Rot – According to Doomsday, the Rot will be their first beaded putter. It will have a flat top and fly fairly straight.

Doomsday Discs Proximity Mine – This is a speed 1 disc with a touch of stability. Maybe some competition for the Berg? I don’t have a release date.

Chumba Discs Sombra – The first release from Chumba Discs is a straight, beadless putter. ‘Sombra’ means ‘shadow is Spanish. It is currently available.

Legacy Discs Sumo – If you’re looking for a very overstable putter, be sure to check out the Sumo. It has a low glide and can fight any headwind. Available in four different plastics.

Ice Age – Only recently approved, this mold will be rolling out soon.

PDGA Approved Molds

Now let’s shift to molds that have been PDGA approved in the past three months. It is interesting to see so many new brands on the list.

PDGA Recently Approved Discs

On this list you can see some of the long-time manufacturers in the sport: Innova, Discraft, and Gateway Discs. These brands have been around for decades, but are still coming up with new molds. But, you can also see brands getting their first mold(s) approved. Here are some first-timers:

Bernoulli – Undoubtedly named after Daniel Bornelli, a Swiss physisist who developed theories of fluid mechanics that explain the flight  of a disc golf disc. They got their first two molds approvede recently, the Einstien, and the self-titled Bernoulli.

Evolvent Discs – This Swedish brand  was started by two engineers who want to produce the best disc golf prosucts on the market. Their first mold, the Readiness, was approved in December.

Goeringer Discs – Their first disc, the Cherry Blossum, got approved at the end of last year.

Gorilla Performance Discs – The Texas company not only recently got three molds approved, they have two molds, the Silverback and Chango, in production and available to purchase on their website.

Grassland Discs – Grassland has chosen 3D printing as the method to producing their discs for now. Their first mold is the Chickadee. They are a Canadian brand, based in Saskatchewan.

Meridian Discs – They had two molds that were recently PDGA approved, the Tundra and the Strait.

Negative – Negative is the name of a brand that just got their first disc approved. It is the Ritual. I couldn’t find any information about the company.

Ocean Discs – Ocean Discs appears to be a manufacturer in England. They got their Sea Turtle mold approved in December.

PrintPractical – The Extruder is the first mold produced by PrintPractical. The disc is named after the part of a 3D printer that pushes out the heated filament. They will be 3D printing all of their molds.

RIPR – Another Canadian company, RIPR produces a miniature rubber disc that fits in your pocket and is easy to throw. They also go their first disc golf mold approved, the Flame Skimmer. Two additional molds are currently going through the PDGA approval process: the Leatherback and the Grey Wolf.

Stokely Discs – Scott Stokely is a professional disc golfer and coach. He also has a couple molds available. They recently got PDGA approved and are available on his website.

Visionary Disc Golf – Visionary began by making disc golf practice nets. As of January of this year, they now sell discs. The Amethyst is their first disc.

X-UFO – This brand, whose parent company is does injection-molding, is a Chinese brand that had a slew of molds approved this month. Their line-up includes the Star Bat, Star Demon, Star Bison, Star Bear, and Star Dorado

Keep in mind that this list is just the brands who were getting their first mold(s) approved in the past three months (December 2023-February 2024)! That just goes to show you how much the disc golf landscape has changed in the last few years. The molds from just these companies represent a third of all of the molds approved.

Hopefully we will get to see some of the new brands make it to our shelves. It’s always fun to try discs from new brands. When they do come to market, we’ll be sure to let you know!

New Disc Golf Discs of 2023

Ten years ago in 2013, when Paul McBeth was a 2-time World Champion, the PDGA approved 75 new molds. Cut to 2023 when the PDGA approved molds from 78 different brands!

So far this year, 256 different molds have been approved (including retooled molds). That eclipses last year’s record of 223, and we still have more than a month left in the year!

Check out the newest molds from lots of different brands. Then answer some questions at the end of the list for your chance to win some Infinite Discs Gift Cards!

Above Ground Level

The California brand continues to grow and expand their lineup. This year they added a putter that looks to be straight flying and shapable.


Axiom Discs

Axiom will be rolling out molds for the new Simon Line of discs. The limited edition prototype Time-Lapses sold out quickly. The The Time-Lapse was the first disc in the Simon Line, and the Pixel is the second.


Birdie Disc Golf Supply added a midrange and a high-speed driver to their lineup in 2023. The Reach will be a speed 12 disc with popular flight numbers.

Black Zombie Disc Golf

Black Zombie continues with their mission to conquer baskets around the world, adding a control driver to their arsenal.

Clash Discs

Although Clash is a young company, they are constantly adding tasty discs to their growing smorgasbord of molds. That includes every type of disc.

Disc Golf Association

DGA is a well-established name in the world of discs golf. Yet they are still coming up with new discs. The Avalanche is an overstable control driver that will sail through a headwind like it’s a calm day.


Discmania new offerings include retooled former molds and a new mold.


Discraft gave their popular Zone a little more beef with the new Zone OS. They also added a control driver, the Cicada.


The Estonian company, Disctroyer, got approved for the sixth disc. The new mold appears to be an overstable midrange.

Doomsday Discs

Doomsday Discs is another new disc golf brand that resulted from the pandemic boom. Last year Doomsday introduced 8 different PDGA approved Molds as well as a few that are not nor ever will be approved for PDGA tournament play.

The first new Doomsday Disc, the bunker buster, is like something you have never seen before. It is an ultra understable wide diameter driver. Think Condor size, but with a Leopard rim.
New Doomsday Discs this year include:

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic is continuing to expand their line and support Ricky Wysocki with some awesome discs in 2023.

Elevation Disc Golf

Elevation Disc Golf is expanding their line of super soft rubber discs with what appears to be a new fairway driver, the Gecko.

Finish Line Discs

Finish Line Discs saw immediate success last year with the introduction of their first disc the ERA. Late in 2022 they also introduced the new Supra midrange. They have plans of releasing 5 new discs in 2023 beginning with the Pace Putter in February.

Full Turn Discs

Full Turn Discs, a company out of Branson Missouri who partners with Prodiscus to make their own line, will be releasing a new midrange called the Glide in 2023.

Gateway Disc Sports

Gateway has some new discs this year, and some variations of existing molds. The new molds are all high-speed drivers.

Goliath Discs

Located in Iowa, this Christian-based brand had a big year for new discs, with seven additional molds now in their lineup.

Hooligan Discs

This young brand got a couple more molds approved this year. We are looking forward to testing them out.

Infinite Discs

We started selling our own molds several years ago, and our disc offerings haven’t slowed down. We added several more new Infinite molds to our lineup, including control drivers, a distance driver, and a putter.


The #1 Manufacturer of Disc golf already has just about every possible disc you can think of, yet Innova still manages to come out with a few new molds each year. Their newest release the Charger is a high speed driver described as a mix of the Destroyer and Shryke (two of their best selling drivers). This disc has already been released and is now available.

Jester Disc Golf

Jester disc golf is a new brand that released three new molds this year. Their ‘Peace and Love’ theme is something the world could use right now!


With a name that translates to “throw plastic”, Kastaplast continues to produce some of the best plastics in the industry. They had several new molds approved this year, including a variation of one of their popular discs, the Berg.


Loft  Discs

This Danish brand added a couple new molds to their library of premium discs.

Legacy Discs

After a relatively long break in new mold releases, the Legacy Disc Rebel was approved by the PDGA recently and will likely be released sometime in 2023.

Lonestar Discs

No other disc golf manufacturer has introduced so many discs in such a short period of time. In 2022 alone Lone Star introduced 22 new disc molds! This rapid growth of the Lone Star line doesn’t seem to be slowing with their increase of sponsored players.

Millennium Golf Discs

A midrange and control driver will be the next molds offered by Millennium.

Mint Discs

Mint Discs is just a few years old now, and they continue to create new molds for their brand. This year they got three new molds approved.

Momentum Discs AB

A couple new putters were added to Momentum‘s list of molds available. That brings their total to five molds.

MVP Disc Sports

Already well established in the disc golf world, MVP still creates new molds for overmold fans around the world. The Trail and Detour are James Conrad series discs.

Neptune Discs

A new company out of Virginia, Neptune released their first three molds this year: a putter, a midrange and a control driver.

Osuma Disc

Headquartered in Finland, Osuma Disc is another brand that just started selling discs, and got all of their available molds approved this year.

Pie Pan Discs

Pie Pan is a new disc manufacturer out of Ohio that Infinite Discs just discovered. We first started selling their discs this year.

Premier Discs

Premier Discs is another new disc golf brand. Their new fairway driver the War Bear was recently PDGA approved.

Prodigy Disc

Prodigy is known to support some of the top pros, and their two approved discs this year have those pro fingerprints all over them. World Champion Isaac Robinson helped design the Archive, while Kevin Jones collaborated on the Feedback


Prodiscus has announced their first new release in several years with the PDGA approval of the Empire.

Reptilian Disc Golf

Two new discs from Reptilian were approved and are awaiting manufacture.

RPM Discs/Disc Golf Aotearoa

Out of New Zealand, RPM has local wildlife themed molds. This year they created a new high-speed driver and a retooled midrange

Sacred Discs

Getting its entire lineup approved this year, Sacred Discs infuses their product line with uplifting essences of plants and minerals.

Streamline Discs

Part of the MVP family, Streamline discs don’t have the overmold technology that MVP and Axiom are famous for. Instead, they create discs with amazing plastic and a variety of flights.

Terminal Velocity

The second disc in the Terminal Velocity Line is a driver called the Cervini. This disc was PDGA approved January 9th, and we expect a 2023 retail release.

Thought Space Athletics

TSA is known for the amazing stamps that adorn their molds. They have added two more molds this year that are approved, but unreleased.

Trash Panda Disc Golf

Jesse from Trash Panda had a goal and a dream: He wanted to make a disc out of recycled plastic, which was also completely recyclable. It took a couple years, but he achieved his goal. Last year Trash Panda released the Inner Core, this year they released the Dune. Congrats!

Wild Discs

Wild Discs continues to expand their line and the manufacturers they use for their brand. New Wild releases for 2023 include:

Wing It Discs

Up and coming brand Wing It Discs will add a second disc to their arsenal early this year.  It appears it will be a new high speed Driver.

Did you see any discs that looked tantalizing?

Let us know which brand or molds you’ve tried, or are looking forward to trying. We’ll select a few random commenters and send them an Infinite Discs gift card!

New Disc Golf Gear

Over these past few weeks we have been adding some new disc golf gear that you will need for your disc golf adventures. There are a good variety of new products added to our product catalog. You can check out the newest ones below. We’re always working hard to ensure that we provide all of the disc golf needs that you have.

There are some retrievers, a night round accessory, grip enhancers, and some trading cards!

Infinite Discs Holster XL

Well if you liked the original holster that we made, you’ll love this one. As this holds more discs, and has room for a mini marker. Basically, making it all that much more useful. This fits comfortably on the leg, just like the original does, but it holds 4-5 discs instead of 3-4. It also can still double as a putter pocket for your cart. Overall, this is a pretty nifty way to carry a few discs, its pretty affordable, and convenient.

The Infinite Discs Holster XL is a fun and functional disc pouch that you can strap to your waist with an adjustable belt strap and a secure leg strap to comfortably carry 4-5 discs for quick, casual disc golf rounds. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you tuck your go-to discs into the holster and strut around the fairway. It is comfortable enough to wear while you throw.

The Infinite Discs Holster XL also features a hoop on the top to work in tandem with the belt strap and leg strap to attach the pouch to backpacks. Or it can be attached to disc golf cart handles or frames to use as a spare putter pouch. Basically, you’ll have a very affordable pouch for 4-5 extra discs. Plus the XL edition features a handy pocket for your mini marker.

Whether you strap it to your body, hang it from your backpack, or affix it to your cart, you’ll have a very handy way to carry around extra discs!

Check these out here.

Option Discs Option Bag

This grip bag is a pretty cool take on a grip enhancer. I like that it is small and easy to grab, easily covering my hand in its grip enhancing powder. I additionally like that I can play hacky sack with it. I think that in so doing it makes the grippiness factor increase, as it breaks apart the pellets inside the bag allowing for more of the powder to get onto my hand. Overall, this thing is pretty great and enjoyable to have.

The Option Bag is a grip enhancement tool that is filled with a blend of chalk and ceramsite with a subtle minty scent. It is also designed as a footbag, or a Hacky Sack.

This will help you to have better grip on your discs. Or, it can keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the card in front of you to finish.

Learn more by clicking here.

Hive Talon

This Hive Talon retriever is pretty solid. It has two hooks on it, both of which make for grabbing the disc quite easy. Not as good as a single hook to poke it out of a tree though. It extends a good length, and it is reliable.

The Hive Disc Talon Retriever a versatile took for disc retrieval. With its twin-hook talon and a telescoping pole, this retriever makes getting hard to reach discs easy. Whether your disc is in the water, stuck in a tree, or trapped in a thorny thicket, the Hive Disc Talon Retriever is up to the task. With a Talon Retriever in-hand you’ll spend less time and effort saving your discs and more time playing!

Learn more about it here.

Pro Tour Trading Cards

I’ve been waiting for someone to do this for a while now. Trading cards are cool and fun to collect. It is also a fun little thing to purchase and be surprised by who you got within the packet.

These are 12-card packs of the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) 2022 trading cards for collectors and fans. There are 123 cards including many pros, all stars, champions, and more. Collect them all by purchasing random card packs and trading with your friends.

Check them out here.

MVP 100 LED Blacklight

I am impressed with how well this thing works. It is kind of bulky, but man, does it charge my glow discs well. Its large surface area works in its benefit to provide a lot of UV light to the disc. Proving to charge more of the disc in the same amount of time as other, smaller, UV lights. Overall, this is a pretty cool UV light.

This is a powerful UV flashlight from MVP. It has an extra large 100 LED lights, designed to charge your glow discs. It charges glow plastic in record time, allowing you to spend more time focusing on playing the night round. Powered by 6 AA batteries (which are included). This is encased in a sturdy a metal casing, to help it last.

Learn more here.

DiscreetTriever Driver Diver Disc Golf Retriever

This retriever is a surprisingly useful tool. It is quite useful, and super light! I’ve found that it works very nicely with all sorts of sticks. I am a little nervous about hitting it hard against something, as I know some 3D printed plastics aren’t the strongest. But this one does seem pretty strong. It grabs the rim of the disc pretty securely, I like it a lot. Also, I love the fact that this doesn’t take up that much room, it just clips onto one of my towel D-rings. It is pretty great.

The Driver Diver (Patent Pending) is a new disc golf retriever. This is a little different than other retrievers as it is merely the retriever head. You will use the reusable zip ties to attach it to any stick that you find around. Then when you are done, you can detach it from the stick and clip it back onto you bag. Eliminating the bulkiness of a large retriever stick.

The Driver Diver has many benefits. As it can attach to most any stick around. Additionally, it has a low profile and is extremely light. Making this an easily portable retriever that doesn’t take up much space. The low-cost and low profile make this a great retriever.

Check it out here.


Thank you for your loyalty, keep throwing what you love!

Divergent Discs Glow Discs

Divergent Discs is a very beginner friendly brand. They focus on making discs that are incredibly easy to throw and that will provide satisfactory distance. In addition to these molds that they make, Divergent also makes plastic selection easy. This matter helps the overall disc selection easy. As their molds only come in one plastic, rather than a multiplicity of plastics that all affect the flight of the disc in some way or another.

Divergent Discs has been around for a short amount of time, and are doing a lot to get their foot in the door of the disc golf market. Recently they’ve released a new version of their plastic. They’ve created a glow in the dark version of their plastic. Now, you’ll be able to use some of your favorite Divergent molds for your night rounds.

Molds Available for Single Purchase

At the moment, not every mold is available in the the Max Grip Glow or Stayput Glow plastic options. But a good large portion of their lineup is available. You can purchase the Narwhal, Leviathan, Kraken, and Lawin in the Max Grip Glow and the Golem in Stayput Glow right now. These molds are pretty solid molds.

The Narwhal is a really nice floaty putter. Makes it great for putting and throwing. It is an understable mold, designed to be thrown easily. Helping the disc golfer to achieve good distance, control, and easy putting.

The Leviathan is an understable midrange that is easy to throw. It offers high glide and minimal fade. Providing a solid disc that works excellently in the hands of a new player. Providing a solid flight that is quite manageable for the player, easily a go-to midrange.

The Kraken is an understable fairway driver that helps the beginner get used to high speed discs. This mold provides a good controllable flight path, and offers good distance. Helping the player achieve better distance, all because of its easy-to-throw tendencies.

The Lawin is a distance driver that offers a lot of glide a good amount of turn and a decent fade. Offering a stable flight that is manageable, and controllable. This high speed distance driver is a good introductory disc for the high speed distance drivers.

These molds are all available on Infinite’s site, and are more affordable than other glow plastic. As the Max Grip plastic is available for $13.99.

The Golem, comes in the Stayput glow. And this mold is a very overstable disc. It has little glide and a very hard fade. It makes for an excellent utility disc that can be trusted in many situations. Additionally, in the Stayput rubber blend, this absorbs impacts and limits ground play. This is available for $17.99 on our website.

Divergent Discs Glow Set

In addition to the single molds, there is a Max Grip Glow disc golf set as well. Within this box set of discs comes some other molds that are not available from single disc purchase at the moment. The disc golf set comes with a Kraken, Kapre, and Nuno; all in Max Grip Glow of course. While the Kapre and the Nuno are unavailable for purchase by themselves, you can still check them out on our site.

The Kapre is a nice stable midrange. it flies straight with a little amount of fade to finish its flight. Capable of a variety of flight paths because of its stability. This is a mold that can handle power and has the same easy-to-throw tendencies that Divergent Discs is known for.

The Nuno is a stable putter that has a straight flight with a minimal fade at the end. The Nuno is able to handle power and fly well for the beginner and the advanced player alike. This putter does well as an approach disc and as a putter.

Overall, the Divergent Discs Glow Set is a great introduction for night rounds. It provides 3 good discs to use that are in a glow plastic. This is available on our website for $24.99.

The Effectiveness of the Glow

The Max Grip Glow and the Stayput Glow are pretty solid glowing blends. They both charge pretty quickly and easily, especially with a UV light. The length of the glow is somewhat proportional to the amount spent charging the disc. If you spend a minute putting it under a UV light, longer than a minute. My definition of glow is bright enough that it is easily visible. The feel of the plastic with the glow variant is different than the original blend. To me it seems that the feel is just a slight difference, so it doesn’t seem that the glow addition ruins the benefits of the Max Grip or Stayput blends. They both still offer good grip and durability. The Stayput rubber blend still provides a flexible mold that will absorb impacts and or grip the ground; all to limit the ground play.

It seems that the Stayput Glow charges and glows better than the Max Grip. It seems that the opaqueness of the Stayput allows it to absorb the UV rays more easily. Which helps the plastic charge faster and resulting in a longer glow.

Overall the new plastic addition to the Divergent Discs lineup is a good add on. It provides a good material that will glow in the dark, and make playing those night roughs a possibility, and enjoyable. If you haven’t heard of Divergent Discs you should check them out, you can read more about them in this article. Or you can check out their site here. Especially if you find that your discs aren’t flying as far as you would like and want something that is easier to throw.

New Disc Golf Accessories

Here at infinite discs we have recently added some new products to our catalogue of items available for sale. Have you heard of Discology? Well, Discology is a brand of disc golf equipment that offers a good handful of needed items. From bags to retriever poles and to night round accessories. They focus on providing solid gear that is durable and efficient.

At the moment, there are two bag options, a retriever and a basket light.

Disc Golf Bags

Discology provides two large backpacks for disc golf. The OG and the IZZO bag.

The Discology OG provides a large bag that is functional and ample. It has two side pockets, one main compartment, and two middle top compartments. This can hold a good amount of discs, about 26 of them. The side pockets are expandable if you need more space. it also has the fun feature of a velcro (the loop side), this allows you to easily add a velcro patch of your choosing. I think this is cool as it makes the bag a little bit customizable. This bag is available on our site for $89.99

While the Discology IZZO bag is a larger bag than the OG. It has a little bit different of a design than the OG, as it has many more pockets on the sides than the OG. It features four side pockets, a main compartment and one top middle pocket. Some of the side pockets allow for more disc storage, or for items that you would need while out on the course, or playing tournaments. You can get this off of our site for $96.99.

Disc Golf Retriever

The Bird Dog Retriever is a solid retriever pole to have. It features the screw-on heads. This retriever comes with multiple heads. Allowing you to alternate which head you are using for the situation that you are in. It comes with a cage head, a single hook head, and a double hook head. Thus, allowing you to use your pole in any situation. whether you need to reach into a tree and poke the disc out of the branches, or you’re in water and the cage will more easily snag and hold onto the lost disc. Or your discs is in a tight spot but allows for the double hook and not the cage. This retriever will be sure to have you prepared to save your disc from a variety of hard to reach places. You can purchase this disc golf retriever for $42.99 off of our site here.

Disc Golf Night Round Accessories

The Birdi Disc Golf Beacon is an LED light that is magnetized. This LED light offers a variety of colors to suit your favorite. It also has a strong magnet to place it on any metallic surface. Allowing you to attach to it to the disc golf basket. The light then illuminates the disc golf basket, which makes it easily seen from most anywhere on the course. This comes with a remote which you can change the light’s colors. This two pack is available on Infinite Discs for $22.99.


Hopefully, this article finds you well within your day to day. Additionally, that you’ll find one of these products helpful to your needs. If not, be sure to check out our website for your unfulfilled disc golf accessory needs. Have a great one!

New Disc Releases – March 31, 2022

On this day, Thursday, March 31, 2022 there are a handful of new disc releases. These new molds are pretty sweet. I’m pretty excited about all of these things.

Infinite Discs Alpaca

The Splatter S-Blend Alpaca is now available. Though it isn’t a new mold, this is a new plastic blend for the Alpaca. If you’ve thrown the Alpaca, you know, it is quite capable. It is a favorite putt & approach discs of mine. It works well putting as well as for driving and approach throws. The stability is quite manageable and allows the disc to be so versatile, I love the disc. The Splatter S-Blend Alpaca offers a great durable plastic.

The Alpaca is the quintessential beadless putter. While the Infinite Discs Cohort has a somewhat low profile rim, the Alpaca presents a deeper rim for more of a traditional putter feel. Whether thrown at the basket or lofted high for approaches and drives, the Alpaca will carry your workload with ease.

Finish Line Era

The Finish Line Era is officially available. If you haven’t had a chance to throw this disc, you know that it is pretty sweet. This is quite the manageable distance driver, providing some good glide and decent turn with a healthy fade. It flies well for me and I can shape the lines to my needs. The Forged plastic feels nice, it is definitely different than any of the other plastics currently on the market. It seems to hold up pretty well too, not too much damage that I’ve seen from my playing with it.

The Era is the first disc in Drew Gibson’s Finish Line. This disc is designed to be the all purpose control driver for players of all skill level.

With a flat top and neutral flight path the Era works well for both backhand and forehand throws. It is understable enough to work for newer players, but has enough stability that it can handle the power of Drew Gibson. The Era has enough speed and glide to go as far as many distance drivers, but has minimal fade for the straight flight of a fairway.

Prodigy Signature Line Discs

Prodigy has also released a handful of signature discs. There are a lot of different molds for their pro players. 11 different molds, 15 different pros. Following this link you’ll be able to peruse all of these molds. There are various molds, among them you’ll find a FX-2, A3, F5, M4, PX-3 PA-2, PA-3, D1, PA-1 F3, and the P Model US. Click the appropriate link for the specific mold if you prefer. As always, these signature discs go and help the pro and their tour. Support pros like Alden Harris, Ezra Robinson, Isaac Robinson and Kevin Jones.

At this precise moment, not all discs are available. Though we are working to add them all online as fast as we can. We are really excited to bring these new discs to you, and we hope that you enjoy throwing these molds. And that you will have fun playing disc golf.

New Grip Enhancers

As a disc golf player, it seems that I am never really satisfied with my grip. Before I throw I fiddle with my grip and dry my hands off multiple times. There is just always something that is slightly uncomfortable about my grip. For this reason, I really like the grip sacs. They help my grip feel grippy, rather than slippery. This helps me fidget less, and more importantly, feel more confident in my grip.

At Infinite Discs, we have increased our grip enhancement selection to include a large variety of grip enhancement tools. You’ll be sure to find one that suits your preferences. There is the typical bag with fill that wicks away moisture or adds grip to your hands. There are also some wax discs that adds grip to your hands.

These are the new grip enhancers that we’ve added to our selection for you.

Grip Bags

The Putter by DryV Bagz

The Dryv Bagz Putter Bag is one of the most unique hand drying bags from their lineup. The Putter Bag has a heavy duty swivel clip attached to one end of the bag. This allows you to clip the bag onto your Disc Golf Bag or Cart and have easy access to your Dryv Bag at any moment.

Dryv Bagz are made of a proprietary blend of three all-natural ingredients that will help you achieve the perfect amount of hand drying and “tack”, optimizing your grip on every drive.

The Approach Bag by DryV Bagz

The Dryv Bagz Approach Bag is similar to the Large bag, but better suited for smaller hands. This bag is slightly smaller and will small to medium sized hands!

Dryv Bagz are made of a proprietary blend of three all-natural ingredients that will help you achieve the perfect amount of hand drying and “tack”, optimizing your grip on every drive.

The DryV Bag by DryV Bagz

This is the Original Dryv Bag that started it all. It’s the biggest size bag that Dryv Bagz makes, best suited for medium to large hands, but anybody can use it! Dryv Bagz are made of a proprietary blend of three all-natural ingredients that will help you achieve the perfect amount of hand drying and “tack”, optimizing your grip on every drive.

The Mitten Bag

Mitten Bags help to remove moisture from your hands when you’re playing in hot, sweaty conditions or otherwise wet conditions. This will help to enhance your grip on the disc. Plus they come in a great selection of fabric designs and have a nice little loop that can be used to hang the bag on a bag or cart.

The DrySack


The DrySack is an excellent grip enhancement bag for disc golfers. It is uniquely crafted with long-lasting denim material and moisture absorbent filler. You can clap the DrySack to dust it up for better grip on your disc, or use it to wipe moisture off your discs. It comes with a handy carabiner to clip to your bag or cart.

Wax Grip Discs

The Marker by DryV Bagz

The Marker, by Dryv Bagz is a unique hand grip product for disc golf. It’s a 2oz solid grip bar, taking the Dryv Bagz technology to a solid form.

Just gently drag the tips of your throwing fingers across the surface and you will notice increased grip immediately! The added grip will replace the need to lick or dust your fingers, and the grip will last the entire hole.

Max Wax Windsurfer Mini

The Max Wax Windsurfer Mini is about to bring new grip to your game! This is the Original Disc Golf Grip Wax – a specially formulated grip wax used to apply to your hands for superior grip, control, and distance out on the course.

It’s a Tournament Legal Mini Marker, made out of 100% natural product. The specific grip formula was worked on for over a year to achieve the perfect, consistent disc golf grip. The Windsurfer Mini has a “citra-delic” scent, made from a blend of essential oils. Take the grip variable out of your game by using the Max Wax Windsurfer Mini.

Hand Warmers

The Apex Electronic Handwarmer

The Apex Disc Golf Electronic Hand Warmer is a wonderful tool for those who love to play disc golf or other outdoor sports in the cold weather. It is a 10000mA device that will stay hot for at least three hours at the maximum setting. It can be used to charge one or two other electronic devices, like your cellphone, Bluetooth headphones, etc. Or it can be switch to warming mode with four different settings from warm to hot. It includes a charging cable to charge the heating unit as well as a soft case to keep it in, if you’d rather carry a soft pouch in your pocket rather than directly touching the unit.

If you keep one of these in your jacket or coat pocket, you’ll have an instantly warm place to put your hands. Or you can carry it around in your hand while walking from hole to hole. It comes in a convenient 3×3 inch size to easily store in your pocket or in your disc golf bag.

Apex Disc Golf is happy to provide this easy-to-use, convenience, affordable solution to hand warming, with a long enough charge life to last during a tournament.

Easy Instructions:

  • Short Press the Power Button Once to Turn On Charging Capabilities (blue indicator lights)
  • Hold the Power Button for 3 Seconds to Turn On Heat (red indicator lights)
  • Short Press to Cycle Through Heat Levels (1-4)
  • Hold for 3 Seconds to Shut Off the Unit

Concluding Thoughts

These grip enhancers are all available on under Grip Enhancers. Be sure to check them out in addition to your other disc golf needs here at Infinite Discs.

New InZone Kwik-Stik Retriever

In Zone has recently released a new retriever. There are a few things that make this retriever different from their past iterations. The frame head is mounted on a swivel point. This allows the frame head to move out of the way while not in use, or to be used as a hook for tighter gaps where the frame does not fit.

The Kwik-Stik XXL reaches up to 21′ and can collapse to 18″. This pole also has new an improved joints to prolong the life of the retriever. Extending the life of this fantastic retriever.

This is now available for $64.99 at

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