Feature Friday

Current Feature: Prodigy D1

For the next few months we will feature a highly popular/ best performing disc every Friday. The purpose is to give away more plastic, offer a sale on a popular item, and expose the disc golf community to those truly fantastic discs.

The featured disc of the week will be announced on our social networks. To stay updated, make sure you follow us at at least one of the following:

Featured discs will be on sale during the entire week, and a free disc of your choice will be given away the following Friday to a lucky fan who writes a quality review.

All reviews of featured discs (positive or negative), including old reviews that already exist before they are featured are eligible to win. This means that the more discs you review, the greater your probability of winning! You never know when one of your favorite discs might become the Friday Feature.  If you have, or currently use the featured disc, you will especially want to take a few minutes to review it.

We Want To Know:

Do you have a favorite disc you think should be featured?

Already Featured Discs & Feature Friday Winners:

– Winner: TBD 10/21/2013

– Winner: TBD 10/14/2013

– Winner: RJ

– Winner: JMB

– Winner: PJ Buchan

– Winner: Peter Erickson

– Winner: Bobby

– Winner: Taylor Pingree

– Winner: Damien Plunkett

– Winner: Trevor Hodgins

– Winner: Brent Murphy


  • Tricia Lafferty

    One of my favorite discs: the Westside Tursas!

  • The Legacy Patriot should definitely be featured! It is such a smooth flying easy to control fairway driver!. Legacy is putting out some of the best most under the radar discs right now!

  • I had a King and I loved it! Until I lost it, so it would be wonderful if I were to win one back. Also, I have fallen in love with Lat 64 discs, I have a Saint, a River, and a Fury. I would love to try out the Halo, so if I had pick one to be featured, the Halo would be it.

  • Really like the TL. It flies really well. Its like a teebird but straighter. Its better for beginners.

  • Nevermind that last review. Got confused. Luckily I got a king from a friend not too long ago and it flew really well. Im really liking it. It flies really straight and has fade and skips at the very end of the flight. Really liking that Latitude 64 KING!

  • My First Run Nuke has re-emerged as one of my go-tos. It has been beat into a very controllable long range driver, but still has great bombing potential!

  • Andrew Zimmerman

    I usually stick to fairway drivers for their control and I usually like my speed drivers to be more over stable but I feel that a nice straight flyer like I hear this one is would get a lot of in my bag. I am very unfamiliar with Westsides products but I hope this will be the perfect introduction.

  • Star tern, it took me a little to get used to but I love it for big hyzer shots. The glide is amazing. A really fun disc to throw.

  • Soft anode mvp, love it. Awesome putter. Super duper straight or lat 64 flow. Two discs I fell in love with immediately.

  • The wonderful, wonderful Teebird! Definetly needs to be featured. Other suggestions: Wizard, M2, Tensor and Breaker.

  • The TL is the supreme fairway driver… feature it! More people need to throw this consistently straight disc!

  • Who won the Avenger SS? it’s not even listed…

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