Free Vibram Shirt!

Do you want a free Vibram T-Shirt?

Well, Vibram will give you one if you buy three Vibram Discs between now and Christmas.

Vibram makes some of the best and most durable golf discs on the market. The enhanced grip that only rubber can provide is especially valuable for winter disc golf.

Vibram has two new distance drivers that have been huge hits. The unLace is perhaps the best beginner driver ever made. The oLace is outstanding for advanced big arm players who throw with power.

How do I get a free shirt?

1 – Shop Vibram Here

2 – Take a screenshot of your receipt

3 – Fill out this Simple Form


To take advantage of this free giveaway, simply buy any three Vibram discs, save your receipt,  and fill out this simple form.


  • I have one Vibram putter and am looking forward to trying the drivers. So far I really like the Vibram construction and feel in the hand. Thanks!

  • I found my first vibram trak in a basket with no number written on the disc. It has been the best disc I’ve thrown since. Looking forward to trying to the Unlace.

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