Guidelines for Adding Data to Infinite Courses

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that several users who are earning Infinite Points for the May competition are doing so in a less than ethical manor.

The purpose of our points incentive is to encourage quality content on our site. We want Infinite Courses to be the best source of disc golf course information and reviews. Plagiarism and spammy content is not acceptable and will not be rewarded.

To be specific:

  1. Course descriptions and rules information needs to be uniquely written in your own words. Users who copy and paste data from other course directories will be disqualified from the points competition. As disc golf courses are constantly evolving, it is preferred that courses , and especially layouts, be added by disc golfers who play them regularly.
  2. Course reviews should only be done on courses you have actually played. These reviews should be your honest opinions and not just regurgitated text from other users. Do not copy a review from somewhere else and post it as your own.
  3. Only review discs you have actually thrown. Infinite Discs reviews must be uniquely written in your own words.

If you are someone who has engaged in any of these unacceptable practices, please correct any copy and paste content and spammy reviews before the end of the May. Once your content is compliant, you will be eligible for gift cards according to the number of points you have earned.

Beginning May 7th, anyone found engaging in plagiarism or spammy copy and paste practices, will be immediately disqualified from the points competition.


  • I am relieved to see this. Since the start of the promotion, i have started adding my favorite local courses from start to finish. I started getting to New Hampshire, which i frequently visit and found every….single….course….created, by the same person….who subsequently doesn’t live within 2000 miles of NH. Not a bit of info was added, and was 100% copied. I hope these people are disqualified from the gift card promotion, and you reward people who have provided quality content. “Quality over Quantity”.

  • Brian Mahaffey

    Is there any way some of the courses that have been created be deleted. There are a couple of course that have doubles. I live in Maryland and I had added a couple of course then someone who doesn’t live near Maryland came in just to get points for added a new course would change the words a bit. Take this one for instance, I added a course call Lake Montebello DGC, then another porfile came in and added Lake Montebello DGC (Maryland) adding the Maryland in parenthesis. this person also added course that are no longer playable and obviously have no idea just added every course they see in either dg course review or the PDGA website and the copying and pasting all the info.

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