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Infinite Discs carries a large selection of brands and we wanted to introduce you to some of the brands and molds that you might not be as familiar with. Each week we will spotlight a different company and tell you a little more about them. Because of Covid shutdowns, our supply of discs was severely affected. Therefore, we may not have all of the molds from all of the brands we will talk about. But, it might put a few more molds on your radar for the future. Last week we featured Disc Golf UK/Launch Disc Golf. This week we leave England and travel across the North Sea to pay a visit to Guru Disc Golf.

Guru Disc Golf


Guru Disc Golf is another great example of how global our sport has become. The company is based in Oslo, Norway. It is one of many non-US based disc golf companies. Guru Disc Golf grew out of another company, Sune Sport, which was started in 1996 by Sune Wentzel, a multiple-time Freestyle Players Association Overall World Champion. Currently, Sune Sports carries a variety of hobby and sport related products.

Guru was started in 2016 by Wetzel and former European Disc Golf Champion, Espen Møkkelgjerd. They wanted to have a company that would add to the growth of the sport in Norway. To that end, the company offers molds that are excellent for beginner disc golfers, or more experienced disc golfers who can shape their shots. The first three molds released by Guru Disc golf are the Mjolner, the Thor, and the Midgard. The names come from Norse mythology.

Guru Molds

The Mjolner is a stable, beaded putter that flies straight and finishes with just a little bit of fade. It is available in D-Plastic, which feels like Innova’s DX plastic or Infinite’s D-Blend. Those plastic types beat in easier, giving you a seasoned flight more quickly. It shares the same name as Thor’s hammer. Their midrange mold is the Thor, named after the Norse god. It has flight numbers similar to the Innova Shark. The Thor flies straight, with a decent finish. It also comes in the base D-Plastic, and is available in C-Plastic, similar to Innova Champion plastic. The last of their initial molds is the Midgard. The Midgard is a speed-6 fairway driver that has a little turn and little fade, for an overall straight flight. It is available in D-plastic. The name also comes from Norse mythology. It refers to the inhabited, visible world.

Those three molds make up a starter set offered by Guru. Their flight numbers are excellent for beginners, and are a great way to introduce people to the sport. Since those initial discs were approved by the PDGA, two other molds have become official, the Sleipner and the Fenris.


Higher Speed Discs


Guru’s first foray into high speed discs is their Sleipner, a speed-10 disc similar in flight to an Infinite Discs Aztec. It is named after Odin’s eight-legged horse (Sleipnir) in Norse mythology. It is made in D-Plasitc and S-Plastic. The Sleipner, like the Aztec, is suitable for a variety of skill levels.

The other high-speed driver in their lineup is the Fenris. The Fenris (Fenrir) Wolf creature was featured in the Thor Ragnarok movie. He is the son of Loke. In mythology, it is It flies similar to the Infinite Emperor. The speed-13 disc comes in durable C-Plastic.

Growing Disc Golf

The folks at Guru Disc Golf have been active in growing the sport, particularly in their home country of Norway. They sponsor players from the pro ranks, to up and coming amateurs. One of their sponsored women is FPO player Anniken Steen, who has been racking up a lot of wins the last few years (see her in action at the PCS Open here. American pro Logan Bowers also uses Guru discs and equipment. Check him out battling with McBeth at the 2016 World Championships here.

Guru is excited about the future of the company and disc golf. Despite the challenges the world faced with the pandemic, the worldwide interest the disc golf has been increasing in Norway, too. The number of courses in the country has passed the 300 mark, with no signs of slowing down. Guru Disc Golf is excited about the number of young people discovering the sport, and the increased acceptance by the general public. They anticipates being right in the middle of the growth by sponsoring tournaments and continuing to introduce new players to disc golf.

Veteran Disc Golfers

One of the things that Guru feels is unique about their company is their experience in the sport. Sune Wentzel has been part of the disc sport community since the mid 80’s. Espen Møkkelgjerd has been involved since the 90’s. More recently, professional disc golfer and Norwegian champion Peter Lunde has been added to the team. Lunde, along with other local talent, is helping to bring growth and interest to the nation’s disc golf scene. Keep an eye on Guru Disc Golf, and Norwegian disc golfers!

Infinite’s Top Selling Guru Molds

Taking a look at the most popular molds by sales, the three molds that we sold in 2020 were fairly close. The Midgard took the top spot by just a few percentage points. Coming in second was the Putter, the Mjolner. Following the Mjolner is the Thor. Infinite has a shipment on the way from Guru, and we’ll post about it when it arrives.


Win discs from Guru Disc Golf!


Infinite Discs would like to hear which Guru disc would make it in your bag!. Head to Infinite (links below) and check out our listing of Guru Disc Golf molds. Then let us know:

Which Guru mold would you be the most interested in trying?

We’ll select a few random responses and ship out some swag. Check back in a week when we post the next disc golf manufacturer, and we’ll list the winners.


Last Week’s Winners

There were a variety of discs that people chose as the mold they would like to try from Disc Golf UK/Launch. We have a shipment from them on the way, but it will take a while to get here. We’ll get the word out when it arrives so you can try them out. Meanwhile, two molds tied for first for the disc people would like to try the most: the Count and the Duke. Both of these molds received over 26% of the votes. The Cipher was close at 23%. The rest of the votes were split among the Launch, Duchess, Lander, and Baron.

We picked three random winners from the comments on last week’s blog, and here are the three winners:

Jesse P

Justin H

Scott H

Congrats! We’ll get a disc shipped out to you shortly.



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