Introducing Trash Panda Disc Golf

Trash Panda Disc Golf


Infinite Discs carries over 55 brands of discs! We started this blog series to introduce you to some of the brands and molds that you might not be as familiar with. Each week we will spotlight a different company and tell you a little more about them. Because of Covid shutdowns our supply of discs was severely affected. Therefore, we may not have all of the molds from all of the brands we will talk about. But, it might put a few more molds on your radar for the future. This week we are hitting the road again, literally, to introduce you to Trash Panda Disc Golf.

Recycled Idea


Nestled in the suburbs of Denver lies a garage that is home to an unusual disc golf manufacturer, Trash Panda Disc Golf. I braved a couple snow storms to travel to Denver to interview Jesse, the founder of this new company. I stumbled onto Trash Panda Disc Golf when a video popped into my feed YouTube feed with the title stating something about making a disc. I got hooked on the YouTube Channel, and the theme for Trash Panda, which is growing disc golf sustainably.  Jesse’s goal was to make a disc out of recycled plastic.

Man With A Vision


Jesse started Trash Panda Disc Golf last year and has already garnered a growing fan base. Trash Panda fans are not like the usual people who like a particular brand. Most people like a manufacturer because of the molds they produce. Not with TP fans though, because so far Trash Panda doesn’t have any molds on the market.  Realistically, Trash Panda fans are more than a group of people following a brand. They also contribute to the goal of making a disc out of recycled plastic. Jesse has received tons of tip, tricks, suggestions, and even some machining by one loyal follower. The idea of recycling and disc golf really resonates with a lot of people.

Check out my interview with Jesse of Trash Panda Disc Golf in the link below. Then check out instructions on how you can be entered to win one of the new minis made from recycled plastic.



Comment below and let us know if you would pay a little more for the chance to make a disc out of recycled plastic!

Five names were randomly selected to win a mini from Trash Panda. Here are the winners:

Greg P

Jarrett J

Aaron F


Mike M

Check out Trash Panda Disc Golf here:






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