MVP Limited Release Minimal Orbit Stamp

MVP just announced they will be doing a limited release of their Orbit stamp on only four molds, the:

In order to secure yours, PRE-ORDER by November 1st.  That is when we will place our order.  These will be officially available on November 8th, and will be sent out at that time.

MVP says:

“We are excited to add a little twist to our style.  We have now available for a limited time some of our popular models with a unique side offset stamp of the new MVP Orbit logo.  This minimalistic stamp harmonizes the beauty and style of our discs.

This stamp will be available in the following popular models: Neutron Ion, Neutron Tangent, Neutron Volt, and Eclipse Soft Anode.

These will be only available for order up until November 1, and will be shipping out on November 4.


  • I just got an email from saying that my light blue minimal stamp MVP Volt was going to be at my house on Nov 1st. Reading about these discs, i was under the impression that they weren’t even going to be available to ship until Nov 8th. I just want to make sure that I order edit he correct disc.

    • Hey Shaun, Kirk here from Infinite Discs.

      The dates for the MVP stamp are:

      November 1: Deadline for guaranteeing a disc through pre-order (this is when we place our order).
      November 4: MVP ships the discs
      November 8: Discs arrive at our warehouse and ship to you. Your disc will likely arrive within 2-3 days of that time.

      • That’s what I thought. Not sure why I received email saying I would receive disc Nov 1st.
        Is that a mistake? Is there a way to look up my order and make sue that it’s the light blue minimal stamp MVP Volt that I ordered.

  • What can i do now? Have you already shipped it? I was trying to do the preorder for a blue one

  • what will the weight and color of my anode be?

  • It says these will only be available by preorder… will I not be able to get one Nov 9th

  • I ordered mine on Oct. 31 and its still not here I don’t think I can wait

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