New Line of Discs – Prodiscus

Yesterday we received a shipment from Finland — a box of Prodiscus Discs.

Prodiscus discs are available in two different plastics. The Premium plastic is like a gummy Innova Champion plastic (very similar to Prodigy plastic), while their basic plastic is like a soft pro plastic. These discs look great, and fly better.

Prodiscus currently has six discs on the market including two distance drivers, two fairway drivers, a mid range and a putter. Once they get something understable, I’ll be happy playing a Prodiscus only bag. I was very satisfied with these discs during my test round with them, and especially liked the JOKERi putter.

Here are more details about each disc:

[box type=”bio”]

Distance Drivers:

SLAIDi 12/5/0/3
LEGENDa 13/5/-1/3

Fairway Drivers:

RESPECTi 8/4/0/2


MIDARi 5/4/-1/2


JOKERi 4/3/0/2


These discs are new to us, as well as to most of you. Like always, if you’ve thrown Prodiscus in the past, please rate and review these discs on our site. Our goal is to provide the best disc golf shopping experience, and it’s nice to hear what others think of discs before deciding to buy them (especially online).


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