New MVP/Axiom Releases! 23mm Drivers!

Big news from the MVP/Axiom world today! They announced three brand new driver molds, including two new MVP molds that will be the first MVP discs with 23mm rim drivers! Here is what MVP had to say about these three new drivers:

MVP Nitro

Neutron Nitro

“The MVP Nitro is a stable-overstable distance driver from the new high speed 23mm class.  Nitro falls in the general stability lineage of Servo, Volt, Tesla, and Photon, with a turn-resistant profile that covers ground and guarantees a fade finish.  Average throwers may need lighter weights or headwinds to achieve what little turn is offered by Nitro, while power throwers will find a workable and responsive shallow turn.”

MVP Octane

Neutron Octane

“The MVP Octane is a stable-understable distance driver from the new high speed 23mm class.  Octane falls in the general stability lineage of Switch, Amp, Inertia, and Wave, with a slight-turn profile that holds long and straight until its fade finish.  The 23mm Octane is designed to be relatively less understable than its 21.5mm counterpart Wave. Average throwers should see straight flights with fade, while power throwers will be able to hyzerflip for max distance and tailwind lines.”

Axiom Defy

Neutron Defy

“The Defy is a straight-stable 21.5mm distance driver from Axiom Discs.  The Defy is straight with a nice bite of overstability at the end, and is best described as a heavily seasoned MVP Photon or a longer Axiom Crave.  Like the Crave the Defy exhibits remarkable resistance to turnover even at high power.

As a 21.5mm class GYRO™ driver, the Defy is designed to hit a midpoint of stability between two MVP Disc Sports models, the Photon and Wave.  The Defy will debut in grippy opaque dual-color Neutron plastic.”

23mm Drivers

“The 23mm class cores are deeper than typical MVP drivers to afford more glide for distance, and feature a nice dome not typically seen in MVPdrivers.  From its shape to its weight distribution, the 23mm class is built for distance.
The 23mm class features four models — Energy, Nitro, Octane, and Catalyst, with their stability spectrum more evenly spaced than the 21.5mm class.  In other words, Nitro and Octane will not have as great of a divide in stability as is seen between the Photon and Wave.”


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