Putting Styles: Should You Spin Putt or Push Putt?

In this quick disc golf tutorial, Dave Feldberg discusses the differences between different putting styles. There are advantages and disadvantages to each putting style. Depending on the conditions and scenarios, to be the best disc golfer you can be, Dave recommends that you learn and implement both putting styles. He also gives additional tips and explains why Paul McBeth is the best disc golfer in the world.

Spin Putt

A “spin putt” is where you spin the disc by rotating your wrist at least 90 degrees during your putting motion. Spin putts are more effective when putting into headwinds and for longer distance putts. The spinning motion helps the disc travel farther and makes it less susceptible to movement from wind.

Push Putt

A “push putt” is often the preferred choice for closer putts. This putting style is also referred to as a loft or shovel putt. With a push putt you simply open your hand and let the disc come out. The push putt is recommended for short term accuracy. A big advantage of the push putt is that when these putts miss they generally stay much closer to the basket and require shorter comebacks.

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  • I really don’t think Paul McBeth brings the disc to the middle of his chest, looks like he brings it to his waistline or thigh to me.

    • Definitely below the waist. Most start it at ball height. MJ is the only pro I can think of that spins straight from the chest. Dunipace, Melton, Dickerson, are a few that I can think of off the top, that bring it up to navel before unbending the elbow.

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