Sales Impact of Paul McBeth Leaving Innova

We all heard the big announcement yesterday. Paul McBeth and Innova have parted ways for the 2019 season. Where will he go? It has not been confirmed yet, but the biggest speculation out there is that he will join the ranks of Team Discraft.

But, how does this effect sales? Let’s take a look! We snagged the sales data over the past week for Star Destroyers and the entire brand of Discraft to take a look. Let’s start off with Star Destroyers. (Like always, we cannot disclose exact sales numbers, but can show trends.)

Star Destroyer sales rocketed through the roof on Halloween after Innova’s announcement. People are stocking up on the McBeth stamped discs. We also saw higher trends in Roc3s, Thunderbirds, Novas, and even Kraits. While it is unknown how many of these discs remain at Innova’s warehouse, people aren’t taking any risks. Some people see these discs as an investment, and others as a piece of history.

Now let’s take a look at the Discraft sales for the week, just for fun.

Discraft did have a bump in sales after Halloween’s announcement, but not nearly as massive as the Star Destroyers. This is likely because it is not confirmed where McBeth will make his new home. However the rumors and speculation most often place him with Discraft.

Will these trends change going forward? We will see!

Dylan is the marketing director at Infinite Discs.


  • Can’t wait to get my mcbuzz or my McBeth signature elite z force

  • The lack of an announcement about who McBeth will play for leads me to believe that the leaving was due to a less than happy relationship with Innova, which would be important. It’s the difference between escaping something rather than moving on to greener fairways. That could be a risk for him, individually, but would speak volumes about his confidence in his ability to compete, regardless of the disc in his hand. Personally, I hope he takes a break from disc golf, spends time with his wife and family and plays occasionally with friends. Maybe take up cooking.

    • I’m certain the announcement will come. Stay tuned.

    • He can’t make an announcement until his contract is legally up with innova. Dec31st.

    • Nope. I think his destination is locked in (Discraft). An early announcement like this actually points to a parting on good terms. Now Innova has two months to pursue other talent with money that had been budgeted for Paul. If Paul had waited until late December or January to announce, all the other free agent players would have been signed. There’s no bad blood between McBeth and Innova.

    • Cooking nice. ‘Tis a shame he can’t open up a BBQ restaurant called McRibs…

    • He’s literally the best disc golfer in the world right now, when you’re at the peak of your career it’s not time to take a break. He’s smart, he’s going to make big money while he’s still healthy for at least a few more years, and maybe then consider taking his foot off the pedal.

  • I hope McBeth can convince Discraft to use the same flight numbers that everyone else uses. Unless you use a site like Infinite Discs, that 1.7 left or .5 right doesn’t help you imagine the flight path unless you’ve already thrown a lot of Discraft plastic. In which case, if you’re debating between a Discraft disc and something else, you’ll probably go with something else because why spend money on a disc that you don’t know how it will fly?

    • Discraft made the move to include the 4-digit flight numbers on their discs earlier in 2018. You can already see them on several of the newer Titanium plastic releases. It was long overdue.

  • MaCbeth can throw any manufacturers’ discs well. He will continue his outstanding performance.

    • Jeremy Koling last year switched to Innova and his Ranking went from 13th to 25th. Did not have a good year. Paul is a Great player, but when you change the tools of your profession, things will change one way or the other. Hope he does Great.

      • Time, of course, will tell. I predict Paul will stay in the top 3. Staying #1 is difficult, even if one uses the same manufacturer year after year. i.e. Wysocki. When you are #1 there is but one direction to move.

  • Paul is going to go wherever he wants, he is a world class player and he can Disc’s with whatever brand there is out there, good luck to him. I’ll see him back here in Cali.

  • Ranked #1 5 out the last 6 years. Wow! What a betrayal for Innova, but every Pro changes sooner or later and it is always for money. I hope the next company he picks doesn’t put Mc___ on all their discs. Been there, done that, but that will never happen. Pray that this does not blow up in his face.

  • If Paul goes to Discraft, what is the Percentage of Discraft Discs he has to have in his Bag?? Anybody??

  • Possible team with Ricky Wysocki at DD??? Or start his own household company called “McBeth Disc Golf Pro Shop” with brand-new household disc golf stuff “McBeth” designed by himself, huh???

    • That would be awesome. But, that is off the table since Ricky resigned from 64 and will probably go back to Innova. Big Bucks!!

  • Paul making moves sure makes it an interesting off season.

  • No matter what brand Paul throws he will still be mcbeast on tour Paul is still #1

  • It will take a while for Paul to get used to even slightly different discs. He is awesome, practices a ton and has a rare understanding of how to win at the game. he is in an elite class. He will have 0 discs that he has thrown for years. 0 discs he personally beat in and gotten to know long term. He’ll have to learn them and wear them in to balance out an entirely new bag over time. The same thing happened to Will Schusterick when he first switched to prodigy. He was still an amazing player, but inexperienced with those particular tools. I hope Paul does well, but switching his entire bag will have an impact on even the best of the best.

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