Shipping at Infinite Discs – Answers to Questions

Infinite Discs works tirelessly to create an online disc golf shopping experience that not only presents the largest selection of discs in an easy-to-navigate way, but that also provides unmatched customer service and quick order fulfillment.

Here is an outline of how your order is processed and an explanation of your shipping options.


Infinite Discs processes orders from 6am to 9pm Monday – Friday.  Saturday orders are processed from 8am-5pm and we are closed on Sundays.

On Saturdays the carriers only pick up in the early afternoon, so not as many orders will leave our facility on a Saturday vs a weekday. Unless your order is made early Saturday morning, it will likely be picked up Monday.

We strive to ship all regular orders within 1-3 business days.  Orders with a shipping upgrade almost always ship in less than 24 hours.

Holidays, weekends, and big releases can delay processing times.  Things like weather and pandemics can also slow the process down with the carriers.


Once we pull and package your order, we process a shipping label for the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, or DHL, depending on which service has the best rate for the package weight and destination. Most shipments are sent using USPS (US Postal Service) for the best speed and tracking services.

Large and heavier packages always ship via ground services like FedEx, UPS, or DHL because of their bulk. Those large packages include items like backpacks, baskets, carts, package sets, or orders of more than 8 discs.

International packages are currently shipped using UPS Innovations for delivery outside of the USA.

The tracking number you receive in your email and on your profile will link to the appropriate shipping company so you can follow your package’s progress.


During checkout, you will be given shipping options and add-ons that you can select.

If you select the Priority Upgrade, there are two primary things that will change on your order:

  • Upgrading will guarantee that we pay the added cost to ship your package through USPS Priority shipping rather than USPS ground or an alternative lower cost method.  While Priority mail does not guarantee delivery times, it offers an average faster 2-5 day estimated delivery time. *See note for exceptions. 
  • Upgrading will also move your order to the FRONT of the shipping queue, so we pull it before other orders with standard shipping. During busy times and following weekends, this can speed up the order processing time by 1-2 days.

Important Note: Upgraded shipping for large or heavy items like carts, backpacks, baskets, and disc orders of 10 or more will not change the shipping service as these are usually shipped via UPS or FedEx. Similarly, the Upgrade will NOT change the shipping service for international packages.

If you select the Upgrade in those cases, it will only move the order to the front of the shipping queue.


After selecting the desired shipping, you are offered an upgrade to “Ship In a Box” which will ensure your discs are packaged in a box.

For orders with 5 or less discs, we will usually package them in padded envelopes. Those padded envelopes protect the discs and reduces the cost and weight of the package. If you want the added protection of a box for an extra $2, you can select this upgrade to cover the cost of the box and the extra packaging weight.

Note: If you are ordering more than five discs, your discs will ship in a box anyway, so upgrading to a box is not necessary after 5 discs.  Box upgrades are also not necessary on large items that will not fit in a mailing envelope.  

You may also select to add Mystery Swag or a Mystery Disc to any order you place. The mystery swag adds $9 to your order with no additional cost in shipping. You’ll then receive mystery items in your package which could include anything from a t-shirt (in a size you indicate) to hats, beanies, mini discs, towels, Sport Sacks, and more. We try to keep a large variety of swag items on hand for adventurous customers who add the Mystery Swag to their order.

The Mystery Disc option costs $12 and will add a mystery disc to your package. As the name implies, these discs are a MYSTERY and can include discs of any style or brand. We do not take requests for specific discs or brands– if you want a specific disc, you can always order it from our website.

The Mystery Discs are meant to be a surprise and we often use this program to introduce new disc brands and models to our customers as well as highlighting some classic brands and molds.   The two promises we make with mystery discs are that:

1-The disc will have a value of at least $12 or more.  (usually more)

2-The disc will be a surprise and could be ANYTHING.  That being said, we usually try to avoid higher speed items that many people can’t throw.



While international shipping can be expensive, we DO ship discs and other small accessory items outside of the USA.

We DO NOT ship large items like bags, backpacks, baskets, etc. internationally. The shipping costs to ship those items often exceed the cost of the items themselves, so we simply cannot do it.

All international packages are shipped through UPS who then hands off the packages to the postal service of the receiving countries for final delivery.  Delivery time estimates on international orders are longer than domestic orders. It’s challenging to estimate delivery times for international packages because of customs processing and the speed of the postal service in the receiving country.  While many international orders can come within 2-3 weeks, it’s not uncommon for international orders to some countries to take over 30 days to arrive.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Infinite Discs has NO control over import fees or customs taxes in your country. You are responsible to pay customs charges that are charged by your country to receive your package. 


Here are a few best practices as you’re placing your order and awaiting the arrival of your package:

  • If you need it a little faster (within the USA), select the Shipping Upgrade. It may make the day or two difference that you desire.
  • If you have a strict deadline like a tournament, please order your discs sooner, rather than waiting until 2-3 days before the event. While we do our best to fulfill orders quickly, we cannot make the mail move more quickly or guarantee that you’ll get your disc by a certain day or time.
  • Use a profile when placing your order. We send confirmation & tracking information through automated emails when orders are shipped, but with a profile you’ll have access to your order status, tracking numbers, order history and rewards points for all of your purchases, simply by logging in. Checking out as a guest prevents you from having access to any of this information.
  • We sometimes see customers ordering several times in a single day (or in a single shipping period). In these cases, we often try to combine orders into a single package. This does not mean the difference in shipping costs are refunded automatically as there is not a systematic way to make this happen. It is most cost-effective if you order everything in a single order, but if you place multiple that are combined and wish to request a refund of the cost difference, then contact us at and we will accommodate your request accordingly.


Once your package is shipped, you should receive an automated email with your tracking information. If you don’t see that email, it is often because your email service has filtered the email into your “spam” folder. Since it is an automatically generated email, many email providers assume that it’s spam. If you find the email in you spam folder, right-click on the email and select “Not Spam” and eventually those emails will go to your regular “In” box.

THE BEST WAY TO CHECK YOUR ORDER STATUS AND TRACKING is by logging into your account and clicking on “My Account” and then “My Orders”.  All of your order information can be found there at any time with only a few clicks of the mouse.

If you don’t have a login on our website, it pays to make one. It gives you full access to you order history, tracking numbers, order status, and rewards points that can be redeemed for gift cards to use on future orders.


We are happy to provide quick and helpful support at Infinite Discs. When it comes to the delivery of your package, we rely on USPS and the other shipping companies to deliver the order in a timely manner.  If the tracking information shows a delay, we ask that you be patient and give it 2-3 days to see if it continues moving or gets delivered.  Since we don’t handle the delivery, we aren’t able to determine the cause of a delay or specifically where a package is once in the carrier’s hands. We have access to the same tracking information that we send out when the order is processed.

Here are times we recommend contacting about your package:

  • If you do not receive a tracking number within a few days of placing your order. Reach out after you’ve checked your junk mail and profile but still can’t find the tracking number. We ship quickly, so a few days delay might mean something unexpected happened when you placed your order. Entering an incorrect email when ordering will make it so that you don’t see your tracking information.
  • If you are in the USA and your package stops tracking or moving for 5 or more days, then please contact us. In many cases we can’t put in a claim with the delivery service until a week or two after it was shipped.  We can, however, have the carriers look into a delayed package after it goes 4-5 days without a scan.  Delivery services are not perfect, so sometimes they mis-route packages and it takes time to get back on course.
  • If you are outside the USA, contact us if it is taking longer than 30 days for your package to reach you. We can request more information from the delivery service to check the package status. Sometimes we have to wait longer to file a claim, but we can at least inquire. Please note on your UPS tracking page, a second tracking number for your country’s postal service will be included for once the package has been handed over to them.
  • If your package arrives damaged by the delivery, please contact us with photos of the damaged products. Then we can file a claim with the delivery service. The more evidence we have, the better.

In any of these cases, please email us at and we can work on a resolution for you. We ALWAYS make these things right with our customers, but sometimes we need to go through certain steps or procedures when working with the carriers.


This is a concern that we sometimes hear from customers.  In many cases the US Postal Service handles the final delivery to your door.  When a tracking number says “delivered” it is because a local postal worker scanned it at delivery. When they scan it, there are GPS coordinates recorded.  Once scanned, USPS can tell EXACTLY where they were when it was scanned. We do not have access to that information, but your local post office does, so please reach out to them with your tracking number and ask them to verify that the scan matches the correct delivery address.

In many of these situations, the local post office finds that they either delivered it to a wrong house, or they scanned it at a location that does not match the delivery address. In these cases, they are obligated to locate the package for you, which they usually do right away.

PLEASE NOTE: Infinite Discs will not simply refund a missing order if tracking shows it was “delivered”.  Our primary goal in that case is to work with you and the carrier to locate the missing package.  We have found that many missing packages are recoverable if the time is taken to communicate with the local post office who delivered the package.  It takes some effort to communicate with the local post office, but it increases the chances of recovering the product.

If your local post office is unable to help resolve or find your package, then feel free to contact us at and we’ll look into what else can be done to remedy the situation.


When it comes to shipping, remember these few things for the best experience:

  • Be Patient. Carrying a package from one place to another takes time. In the majority of cases, it works flawlessly. Delays happen, but they usually work out given a little time.
  • If you want an order faster, click on the Shipping Upgrade during checkout. It will give a little turbo boost to your processing and delivery time.
  • Look up your tracking information before you panic. Logging into our website is extremely easy and gives you access to nearly everything that we can tell you about your order. Click on “My Account” and “My Orders” to check order status and track your package.

Thanks for shopping at Infinite Discs! Though this has been lengthy, we hope this detailed explanation of the shipping process helps answer any questions you have about the delivery of your orders.



  • This is great content. It’s a little bit in the realm of “how the sausage gets made,” but super useful for people who take the time to read it. Thanks for posting!

  • Walker Ericsson

    It’s more than a little bit into the sausage-making, but this is good content to have aired out all in one spot. Thanks!

  • Nice to see the process explained, but been ordering for Infinite Disc for years. I have never had a problem with shipping or Customer Service. I live in California and my packages are here in 3-4 days. I have 3 Disc Golfers in my family, so I have ordered over a 100 discs and other things. Infinite Disc is my go to Store. Thanks to the Staff for a Job well done.

  • On small orders of two disc, which I’ve ordered many before…are shipped standard USPS and receive withing the 2-4 day time-frame. Why is my order of 2 disc again, is now using DHL with an expected 10 day arrival?

  • Thanks for sharing this!

  • Good to know, thanks!

  • Love how it guides through the process.

  • Why did you switch to DHL? Now my orders are coming in twice as long!!!!

    • We did not switch entirely to DHL. A few packages go through DHL, but ONLY when the shipping cost is less AND it is expedited / max which is like priority mail. In those cases, the shipping software picks DHL as preferred because of lower cost for equal service. We do not use DHL ground services.

      If you want USPS Priority Mail, you can select that service during checkout.

  • Is amazing to know how it happens on the other side. Thanks for sharing!

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