Shipping to the EU Currently Unavailable

To our customers living in the EU, we are sad to announce that we will temporarily disable shipping.

We currently do not have software that will allow us to be compliant with the new VAT requirements effective July 1st. Until we can get an adequate software service, we will be unable to ship any products to countries that belong to the EU.

We apologize for any inconvenience.



  • Wow, sorry to hear that. Will that include the UK, now that we’ve left the EU?

  • What is hard about that? Other stores manage just fine. Just leave the taxes to the buyer.

    • The problem is not entirely about collecting the taxes, it is also about having a system that can pay those taxes to all of the different countries. We do not have a software system in place that can disperse taxes to the separate countries in the EU, nor do we want to manually navigate their tax payment websites in other languages and figure out how to pay them directly. We have software that disperses state taxes to the 50 different states in the USA, but until we have an affordable system that allows collected taxes to be dispersed to the corresponding countries, we will wait. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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