State of Disc Golf Survey 2022

It is time for our annual State of Disc Golf Survey where we ask for all disc golfers everywhere to share their thoughts and experiences with the sport through some simple survey questions. This survey has become a great way to see how the sport is growing and evolving. We have really appreciated everybody’s input in the past.

Where to Take This Year’s Survey

You can take the 2022 State of Disc Golf Survey by going to THIS LINK

Feel free to share that link on social media and with your disc golfing friends. The more opinions that are shared, the better!

Where to See Previous Survey Results

We always share the data from these surveys through the Infinite Discs blog. You can click easy links to see those different articles presenting the results. Here are links for the previous three years:

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It’s worth taking a look at those blog posts for all of the fun charts and analysis. Here’s an example from the 2019 survey showing how many discs did survey participants collect without any intention of throwing in 2018?

Random Prize Winners Will Be Selected

As usual, we will be giving away a few prizes to randomly selected participants. We’ll be giving away some slinger bags, discs from boutique brands, and other prizes and you have a chance to win if you take the survey this year. Winners will be contacted after the survey is complete.



  • People learning the sport need to be more informed about discs that will improve their game not because it has a pros name. There also needs to be more availability of lighter weight discs . I have 2 infinite discs I play with because they were given to me. I am 61 and in good physical condition . If infinite put out signature discs in lighter weights I would buy them, 155 to 165 is ideal for most people in my age group. I have several friends who don’t buy signature discs simply because they are to heavy in any brand. I am well aware like all sports it is a young mans/womans game. However you are all missing out on a significant market by only marketing pro discs in a heavier weight. Plus slower arm speeds require discs that are stable to understable not primarily over stable. This needs to be a question in your survey : What types of discs would influence you to play disc golf, phrased by heavier or lighter, control or speed, color is also a thing as you get older. Like I said you are missing out on a significant market.

    Thank you!
    Jeff Loeffler

    • Thanks for your feedback Jeff.
      The tricky thing is that our professional players typically use discs that they throw for their Signature Discs, and many plastic blends and molds are only available in higher weights. At Infinite Discs, we promote all disc golf brands. Our line is just one of the many brands we carry. There are actually some disc golf brands that focus specifically on recreational disc golfers and people like you with discs that work best for lower arm speeds. You may want to check out Divergent Discs.

    • Jeff. I really enjoy throwing the Fission Plastics that MVP makes. The Elaine King fission photon is one of the best discs in my opinion for wind even at lighter weights. I have found the they tend to fly the same as their heavyweight counterparts without needing as much strength behind it.
      MVP makes other discs in Fission plastic that are all between 155 and 165 G without sacrificing stability. If you need something that is more understable the fission wave is hey fantastic disc that you can use to shape a shot and still maintain the appropriate flight pattern

    • There are also specific plastic blends that focus on lighter weights. Innova for example has blizzard champion, star lite, and g star which all offer lighter weights usually in mid 160’s and below. Dino discs also has a good selection of lighter weights. The Infinite discs advanced search tool is also a great and easy way to search for discs in lighter weights by selecting the desired weight range.

    • I’m 76 and I totally agree. I also play in Arizona in the winter. 15 -20 of us in a club. Everyone is over 60. The one big complaint is availability of lighter disk.

  • It’s been difficult to spend my winnings and gift cards. Got frustrated and pretty much gave up. Started giving my gift cards away.

  • You fail to mention if you keep collected personal data private. I don’t want to take the survey and then get spammed with products and services, most having nothing to do with Disc Golf. “Plenty of Single Female Disc Golfers in your Area!” No thanks.

    • All personal data from the survey is private. Data will not be sold or added to any kind of mailing lists. We only use it to:
      1. Ensure participants only take the survey once.
      2. Alert winners of prizes won.
      3. Alert participants of next years survey if they choose that option.

  • I marked the percentage of discs purchased from Infinite pretty low. This is only due to availabilty. I always try to buy from you guys when you have the disc is in stock. I feel like you guys are so well known that you likely sell out a little sooner than other retailers.

  • Not a concern, just trying to clean things up on the survey:

    I felt page 25 had an invalid question – however, maybe I read it wrong. The options were mostly about used gear, of which I have not purchased anything, but then the last option was stated as about not purchasing any gear in general. I had to pick something, but I have purchased gear this year, but not used gear.

  • It’s great to see the sport growing,new courses everywhere.

  • In addition to Michael Clark’s comment about the question at the bottom of page 25, it is unfortunate that you will not be able to gather valid information from this question.

    For MANY people, there is no valid answer listed, but completing the survey forces an answer. For this reason, many people will check one or more of the the following choices, even though none are correct:
    – “Bought used Disc Golf equipment”… if they only bought NEW
    – “Sold your Disc Golf equipment to other players” — if they gave equipment to friends/relatives, or donated it, or none of the above.
    – “I didn’t buy or sell any disc golf equipment in 2021” — if the DID buy equipment, but it was the last question, so they had to pick an answer to finish the survey.

    AND SIGNIFICANTLY, I wonder how many people gave up and failed to finish the survey rather than provide false information. For this reason, I urge you to either delete the question as soon as possible, or provide an acceptable option such as “None of the above” and then only use data from this question that was entered AFTER you changed it to a valid question.

  • It’s really disappointing that this survey is called “State of Disc Golf” when it completely overlooks women’s disc golf. For example, many of the questions didn’t have answers that apply to the experience of women disc golfers and did not provide options that DO apply. For example, there are significantly fewer women’s tournaments.
    Trying to get into disc golf as a woman is really discouraging. It’s really disappointing to see a company like Infinite Discs perepetuating a climate of overlooking, ignoring, and excluding women. It makes me think twice about buying discs and gear from Infinite.

    • Amaury, I will follow up with you shortly via email, per my previous email.

      We appreciate your feedback. We try to make the questions in the survey applicable to all disc golfers. We also want to make sure that the questions can be answered by all disc golfers. We don’t always anticipate all the possible answers, as has been pointed out in the comment section. But we will take the feedback we receive to make the survey better in subsequent years.

      Infinite is a big supporter of women disc golfers as evidenced by our sponsorship of FPO players, and inclusion of many women on Team Infinite. Less visible to the general public is our support of women’s tournaments around the world.

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