Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

What's in the box? It's a mystery with a value pack of disc golf discs.

Discover the Fun of Disc Golf Mystery Boxes!

In the disc golf consumer world of buying specific molds, weights, and plastics, there exists a product which takes a different approach to disc buying. Welcome to the world of disc golf Mystery Boxes! If you are a disc golf enthusiast seeking an alternative way to add to your disc golf gear or are looking for a gift for a fellow enthusiast, this blog may be the key to unlock the thrill of the unknown.

7 Disc deals box, our most popular mystery option.

Disc golf, which rewards consistency and precision, now has a way to bring a little more excitement and surprise to the disc-buying experience. Enter the Mystery Box. More than just a mail-call box full of discs, the Mystery Box is an adventure.

In this blog we’ll introduce the mystery box and tell you what it is, let you know about all of the options you have to get a mystery box, and tell you why you should consider getting one for yourself or as a gift.

Let the adventure begin!

 What is a Disc Golf Mystery Box?

The world of the mystery box is one of surprise and excitement. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a Mystery Box (or ‘Deals Box’) is basically a package filled with discs in a variety of molds, plastic types, and stamps. Although you are told a few details about the box, such as the number of premium plastic discs, the exact discs remain a mystery to you until the moment you open the box.

XL Mystery Box - 12 Discs at the lowest pricePicture this: you decide on which of the many Mystery Boxes you would like to purchase, then make your order. A few days later, the box arrives, and the fun begins! Don’t be surprised if you end up with plastics and even brands that you’ve never heard of before. Mystery boxes allow you to break free from the routine nature of purchasing discs, and offer an exciting way to add to our collection.

As disc golfers, we love to try new discs and new plastics. Mystery Boxes are a perfect way to do that. By getting new discs in a Mystery Box you will find molds and plastics you might not have thought to try. Plus, it is also a very economical way to try new discs.

Great Value for the Price

At Infinite Discs, we offer a wide variety of Mystery Box options, from smaller boxes with just a few discs, to Colossal boxes with enough discs to fill a small bag… literally!. We even offer a dirt-cheap ‘Hospital Box’ filled with scratch and dent discs that you won’t feel bad throwing over water or giving away to kids or newbies.

Here are the Infinite Mystery Box options:

Hospital Box - Mystery box of damaged or warped discs

Disc Hospital Box – You’ll get five scratch and dent or factory second discs in this inexpensive box.

Infinite Discs Deals Jr. Box – A slightly smaller version of our popular Deals Box. This box includes 5 discs, three of which are premium plastic discs.

Infinite Discs Deals Box – This Mystery Box is popular because you get seven discs, and they are ALL premium plastic.

Infinite Discs Deals Box XL – You’ll get a dozen discs if you choose this Mystery Box! The putter and midrange might be base plastics. They remaining drivers will all be premium plastic. May include smaller brands or x-outs, but all premium!

Collossul Mystery Box with disc golf bag Colossal Deals Box – This massive Mystery Box includes 15 discs! Plus, you get an Infinite Huck Pack bag to tote the disc around. Includes all types of discs and a variety of plastic types.

Be sure to check out our limited-time Black Friday Deals Box – This set includes seven discs that have been specially stamped and promoted for the Infinite Discs 2023 Black Friday sales. You can get these discs individually during our Black Friday sale, or get a better deal when you buy them as a set. Only a limited number available. They will go on sale at 9:00 PM Pacific Time, November 22.

Check out all Mystery Boxes here

Gift-Giving Made Easy

Jr Deals 5 Disc Mystery Box

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift or a birthday present, getting the disc golfer in your life a present can be tricky. Giving a gift of a Mystery Box is the perfect solution. They will get the fun of opening the box, and the fun of trying out new discs. Who knows, maybe YOU will get to try out their discs, too. Give the disc golfer in your life a Mystery Box, and let the adventure begin!

Give Mystery Boxes a try!

Whether you want the thrill of opening a box full of surprise discs, or you can’t wait to try out the new molds/brands, the Mystery Box can scratch your itch. Check out our options at the link below and join the fun! If you want to ease into the world of mystery discs, just check the Mystery Disc option when you check out at Infinite and you’ll be sent a random mystery disc.

Check out all Mystery Boxes here

2022 Disc Golf Christmas Gift Ideas

During the holiday season we like to put together a list of fun gift ideas to help you shop for the disc golfer in your life. It is also a great way for disc golfers to help their sweethearts know what to shop for!

Here is the 2022 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide!

Disc Golf Discs!

While it can be challenging finding the exact disc that your disc golfer throws, it’s easy to look for special discs that will stand out in their collection. Special stamps, signature discs, Christmas discs, and limited edition discs are fun to receive as gifts.

Signature Series Discs – These are discs which support the top players in disc golf. They are often designed by the actual player, and are limited in number. As your disc golfer who they would love to throw a round with and you’ll learn who their favorite players are. Pro series signature discs are especially good gifts for avid players who like to support their favorite professionals.

Limited Edition Discs – Disc golf manufacturers release discs that are only available in limited numbers and for a limited time. These collectable discs are fun to own and frequently go up in value.

Holiday Themed Discs – Every year there are several manufacturers that release holiday themed stamps on their discs. These include the Christmas holiday, and also scary Halloween-themed stamps. Start a tradition by getting your disc golfer a cool holiday stamp every year!

Infinite Halo Discs – A fairly recent creation in disc golf is the ‘halo’ disc, which is a discs there the rim of the disc is a different color than the rest of the disc. These are good looking discs and very popular. Recently, Infinite began producing some of its molds with the popular design.

Thought Space Athletics Discs – If you want to find some of the best looking stamps in the business, check out the discs from Thought Space Athletics. Their designs are on another level and the molds come in a variety of flight ratings. They have amazing plastic, too!

Deals Boxes – Want to give your disc golfer a bunch of new discs to try out? Do you love trying new discs? Deals boxes are an economical way to try a variety of molds and plastics. They are also perfect for trying new molds. Get the deals box size that works for you.

Misprint and X-out Discs – Pick up the same great mold that you normally throw, but at a cheaper price! You’ll always find all kinds of brands and molds in this category. Great for the disc golfer who wants more plastic for their money. Perfect for disc dyers who will wipe the stamp.

Bigger Gifts       







Disc Golf Cart – One of the best things for the die-hard disc golfer is a disc golf cart. They make hauling around a bunch of discs a lot easier and give you more room for snacks, accessories, and backup discs. Help your disc golfer take his game to another level by putting a cart under the Christmas tree. And don’t forget the accessories that make a cart extra special!

ZUCA – If you want a cart for your bag or a cart that holds your discs, check out the ZUCA options to fulfill your Christmas list.

Rovic – The Rovic is a stable cart that holds any bag and wheels around the course effortlessly.



Check out all the cart options HERE

The Power Pocket – The number one disc golf cart accessory! This putter pouch holds up to 8 additional discs for easy access. It attaches to the pole of the ZUCA cart, keeping your go-to discs within reach. Additional storage for a rangefinder and mini. Plus a pocket in front that is perfect for your phone or a snack. It can also be attached to the Rovic Cart using bungee cords.



Check out all the cart accessories HERE

Practice Baskets
– The best way to improve the disc golf short game is to have a practice basket handy for regular putting/approaching. A portable basket can be moved around a yard to give disc golfers different looks with different obstacles. They can also be used on courses to add new holes.

Black Hole Pro HD with Transit Bag – The Black Hole Pro HD even comes with its own carrying bag!

Streamline Lite – The Streamline Lite is an inexpensive way to get a quality practice baskets.

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket – The Mach Shift is a nice Hybrid basket that works as a narrow target basket and a full-size basket.

See all practice baskets HERE



MVP Pod – If you’re looking for the perfect companion for a practice basket, check out the MVP Pod. It holds up to 25 discs while you’re practicing your putting or driving. It keeps your discs easy to reach, which maximizes your practice time.



Disc Rack – Organizing our discs is something every disc golfer grapples with. A disc golf rack is a convenient way keep discs from ending up in stacks and piles around the house. They make storing and searching for discs a breeze!


Disc Boxes – If you have discs that you want to stash, but don’t want to put them in a random-sized box, check out the disc box options at Infinite. Fill up these custom sized boxes with your extras and they will fit perfectly! Also a handy option if you need to transport a bunch of discs.



A Year-Long Subscription to the VIP Club – If you want to impress an avid player or disc collector, you can purchase a complete, one-year subscription to the Infinite Discs VIP Club. Give the gift that will give your loved-one a collectible, limited edition disc every month for a year, mailed directly to their door!

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE VIP CLUB before subscriptions close in 2023.

Medium-size gifts


Rangefinders – Rangefinders help disc golfers with their disc selection by giving accurate measurements to the basket. Used in practice rounds and tournaments, these handy little gadgets help get holes dialed in for lower scores





Retrievers – Losing a disc in a pond or in a tree is a frustrating part of our game. Having a retriever not only helps disc golfers keep their discs, but they pay for themselves after retrieving just a couple of discs.


Bags – Whether it’s a first bag to hold all the discs you’ve been carrying, or a second, smaller bag for quick rounds or rounds with a couple discs, your disc golfer will appreciate getting a bag for Christmas. The Infinite Discs Huck Pack is a great size for a starter bag. It is also perfect for a backup bag for time where you just want to take a few discs with you.





Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Hoodie – Who doesn’t love reppin’ their favorite retailer by wearing a hoodie? Grab an Infinite hoodie for your disc golfer and they will stay warm while showing everyone that they order from the best retailer in the world!



Check out other apparel HERE

Disc Puzzle – Stuck in the cold for the winter and unable to get outside to throw your discs? Consider this 1000-piece disc puzzle! It’s a fun gift that can keep a homebound player happy for hours!

Stocking Stuffers


 Night Gliders – Don’t let the setting sun stop you from playing a game of catch with your friends. The Dynamic Discs Night Glider is an easy-to-throw disc with built-in light for playing in the dark. A great way to warm up before a night round!




Galaxy Starter Bag – An inexpensive bag that is perfect for beginners, or experience disc golfers looking for a bag suitable for a quick round with a few discs. Small enough to be easily carried, yet roomy enough for a handful of discs, a drink, and some snacks.

Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Towel – One accessory that every disc golfer will use as some point is a towel. Great for rainy days or hot, sweaty days. Also nice to have when playing near streams or ponds. Morning dew will no longer be an issue with a towel in your disc golfer’s bag.







Books – Your disc golfer will learn strategies, find out about disc golf history, and discover the mental aspects of the game when you get them a book for Christmas. Plus, they can still stay engaged with the sport by curling up with a book on those stormy days.


Night Round Accessories – Disc golf isn’t just a game played during the day. Many people love to gather at night for a fun round of glow disc golf. Having the right equipment makes all the difference. Glow plastics with a good UV flashlight make for an enjoyable round. Getting lights that attach directly to their discs is another option that will let your night owl have fun in the dark!


Check out disc lights HERE

Check out night round accessories HERE


Hats – Be sure to check out our wide selection of hats and beanies. Show the world that you love disc golf by sporting a hat with your favorite brand’s logo. The hats come in a variety of colors and designs.


Check out hats and other apparel HERE

Other gift options


Foam Kneepad Mini – For those times when you have to take a knee for your shot, the foam mini makes a nice cushion. And it can serve as a mini marker, too. Keep one of these cushy minis in your bag!

Check out all of our mini’s HERE

Grip Enhancers – Playing in wet or humid weather can affect our grip on our discs. Grip enhancers are a great way to help us get the exact feel that each disc golfers want. Check out the variety of Grip Enhancers that we offer, and pick one for your disc golfer (or YOU!).




Gift Cards – If you aren’t quite sure what your disc golfer wants for Christmas, we still got you covered. Check out our E-gift cards! Our E-gift cards are also great for those last-minute gifts that sneak up on us. They are available in a variety on denominations, the gift card is the best way to make sure people get the gifts they want!

Great Disc Golf Christmas Gift

What is a Disc Golf Christmas Gift you have given or would like to receive?

Comment on what you think the best disc golf gifts are in the comments below for a chance to win a $50 Infinite Discs gift card.



Black Friday Sales Week 2022 – BIGGEST Disc Golf Sale Ever

Our biggest sale ever is here!

This year we have planned our biggest Black Friday sale ever Like always, our disc golf sale won’t be a one day event, but will encompass Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more! This mega sale includes “doorbuster” deals, exclusive limited edition drops, mystery boxes, and discounts on every brand from small to large.

This is THE time to stock up on your favorite disc golf products, get something new, or do some Christmas shopping for your friends and family. Check out our sales guide below to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the hottest drops or doorbuster prices.

Black Friday Week Sales – Thursday, November 24 – Thursday, December 1 2022

The pandemic lead to severe supply shortages and we had to limit our black Friday sales the last two years. This is no longer the case. Manufacturers have increased production and we currently have more inventory than ever before. InfiniteDiscs.com has more disc golf discs, more disc golf brands, and more special Black Friday stamps than we’ve ever had. By the time the sale week begins, we anticipate having more than 120,000 discs online for you to choose from!

Because there will be so much traffic on our website during the week, especially immediately following new drops, our website may experience slowdowns or could even freeze up completely. Please be patient with us, we don’t like it when this happens any more than you do. The best thing to do is close down the website, come back in 20 minutes and then try again. The worst thing you can do is attempt to keep reloading the website over and over.

Our super sale begins on Thursday, November 24th.

Doorbuster Deals and Discounted Accessories

We will have a large selection of disc golf bags, baskets, and accessories on sale all week long.

This week we have a number of incredible doorbuster deals that are available while supplies last! Plus we have a huge selection of disc golf accessories that will be automatically discounted all week long!

Black Friday disc golf bag doorbuster deals

Disc Golf Bags on Sale

All Infinite Discs bags will be discounted, including the Slinger Bag, Huck Pack, Easy Bag, XL Disc Holster, and Power Pockets. Popular Prodigy Disc bags including the BP2-V2 and Dynamic Discs Paratrooper bags will also be on sale.

Here is a complete list of discounted bags:

Black friday disc golf bags and cart pouches on sale

Infinite Slinger bag cyber sales prices

Dynamic Discs and Prodigy disc golf backpack sales ad.

Starter disc golf black friday sales

Disc Golf Starter Set Deals

If you’re new to the sport or just looking to get a great disc golf set as a gift, we will have many disc golf sets on sale including sets from Axiom, Divergent Discs, Discraft, X-Com, Innova, Viking Discs, Yikun Discs and more.

Black Friday Disc Golf Set Sales Ad


Cheap Mystery Boxes

Not sure what to buy, but know you want to get it for cheap? A Mystery box is for you. During Black Friday week, all of our most popular deals boxes will be in stock and on sale. Plus, we’ve build a special edition Black Friday 7-disc box that includes 7 of the special stamped discs from the Black Friday week– limited quantity available!

Black Friday Mystery Box Sales

Limited Edition Set Box Sale Black Friday release box stamps

Other Accessories On Sale

Here is a list of all the other products you can find on AMAZING sales this week:

On sale accessories and disc golf baskets

Cyber deals for disc golf rangefinder, waterbottle and UV glow light

Infinite Discs apparel hats and sweatshirt sale

Disc golf mini disc Black Friday deals

Disc golf water saving devices, disc retriever, towels, and grip pads.

Disc Golf Brands on Sale All Week

As for individual disc golf discs, the brands below will be on sale from Thanksgiving all the way through the week to the following Thursday. That way you can add some good deals to your shopping cart on any day while you’re shopping for some of the special drops!

Disc golf brands on sale all week include RPM, Divergent, Yikun, Alfa, Wing It, Clash, Crosslap, Daredevil, DGA, Disc Golf UK, Goliath Discs, Kestrel, Uplay, XCom, Launch, Lonestar, Skyquest, Infinite Discs, Viking Discs, Finish Line, Dino, Guro, EV7, Momentum, and Wild Discs.

In addition to discs in the Infinite Line, the following links will take you to disc golf brands will be on sale all week long.

Alfa Discs Finish Line Thought Space Athletics
Clash Discs Goliath Discs Skyquest
Crosslap Guru Discs UPlay
Daredevil Kestrel Viking
DGA Launch Wild Discs
Dino Lone Star Wing It
Disc Golf UK Momentum XCom
Divergent Obsidian Yikun

Daily Drop and Sales Calendar

Thankful Thursday

Our Cyber Savings week begins on Thanksgiving with the following disc golf brands on sale. To keep you from having to wait out in the cold on Thanksgiving, these products will also be on sale on Black Friday, so enjoy your turkey without feeling rushed.  Brands on sale and with special releases beginning on Thanksgiving include:

Here are some of the special edition stamps:

Finish Line Discs Black Friday deals and releases.

Divergent and Doomsday Discs exclusive Black Friday releases including triple foil dumpster fire stamp.

Lone Star and Clash Discs Black Friday releases.

Black Friday – Infinite Discs Day

We expect this to be our biggest online shopping day ever with so many new and exciting releases in the Infinite Discs line. All Infinite Discs including a huge selection of misprint and X-outs will be on sale on Black Friday November, 25th. New releases include:

Some unique and new stamps for this sale are as follows:

Infinite Discs Black Friday exclusive stamp releases, samurai, phoenix, and steampunk bomber.

Infinite Discs Halo Tomb and Halo Pharaoh Black Friday releases.

Misprint Discs on sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday


Super Saturday – Innova Day

The world’s number one disc golf manufacturer will have their big on sale day on Saturday November 26th. In addition to Innova and Millennium Discs being on sale, we will also have limited releases including:

Innova Champion Discs exclusive Black Friday releases, Color Glow Orcs, Ogres, and Solar Destroyer.

Innova Solar Wraith and limited edition Phoenix Stamp

Spectacular Sunday  – Trilogy & MVP Day

On Sunday November 27th, all Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside, MVP, Axiom, and Streamline discs will be on sale. Also use the promo code BASKET10 to get a discount on MVP, Axiom, and Streamline practice baskets! Be sure to check out our special stamp drops, including:

Trilogy and MVP Discs on sale and MVP Triple Foil Megaladon exclusive stamps.

Disc Golf Basket Black Friday Discount Code


Cyber Monday – Discraft Day

On the number one online shopping day we will feature Discraft. All Discraft and DGA discs will be on sale on Cyber Monday and we’ve pulled together an extensive selection of cool Discraft misprint and factory second discs!

Discraft Cyber Monday Misprint and special edition Marauder stamp

Tuesday November 29th – Discmania, Prodigy, Legacy, Mint

While the sales end for most of the online shopping world on Cyber Monday, they keep going on at Infinite Discs for a few more days. On Tuesday we feature some of the top disc golf brands including Prodigy, Discmania, Legacy, and Mint Discs. Check out the special stamps again!

Prodigy and Discmania Black friday Shuriken stamp release sale.

Mint and Legacy Discs Black Friday sale special release stamps

Wednesday November 30th- Thought Space Athletics Day

If you subscribe to our text message alerts, look for an additional discount code to use for the Thought Space Athletic Discs on sale. Plus, we’ve got some beautiful, exclusive stamps and a brand new disc release for Wednesday! Check these out!

Thought Space Athletics release and sales day limited stamps

Thought Space Athletics Zoe Andyke Mana release and discount code.

Thursday December 1st – Final Cyber Week Sales Day

Our Cyber sales week comes to a close by featuring several international brands, including Kastaplast, Dino Discs, Viking, Yikun, Gateway, X-Com, Prodiscus, Wing-It, and RPM Discs.

This is also the final day of the all week sale items and doorbuster deals.

Here are some quick links to some of the featured discs and brands:

Gateway Discs Wizard, Yikun Dragon, and XCom Phoenix exclusive black friday stamp release discs.

Kastaplast, Dino kids discs, and Wing It discs Black Friday releases.

Viking and Prodiscus Special Edition Thursday Cyber week releases.

Eric Oakley Kotare Release

Black Friday FAQ’s

Why does your Black Friday sales week spread out among so many days?

There are a few reasons that we need to structure are sales this way. The primary reason is to keep our website functioning. By spreading out the different special drops and sales among the hottest disc golf brands, we spread out our server load. In addition to our limited website capacity, this also helps our shipping crew not get too far behind.

How long will shipping take?

We will literally be having our shipping stations working around the clock on Friday and Saturday nights and will do all we can to get your black Friday purchases shipped in a timely manner. Our shipping focus will be on expedited orders, and we will do our best to get shipping upgrades sent out the same business day. As for other orders, we will do our best to pull, pack, and ship them out as soon as possible.

The major mail carriers also anticipate high shipping volume for the weekend, but with increased demand there is also more potential for errors and delayed packages. If you are really anxious to get your new Cyber week discs, then we recommend the expedited shipping upgrade during this busy time.

What time do the new releases drop?

New releases drop at midnight Eastern each night. This means that if you live in California, the next days Black Friday releases are active at 9 PM.

Black Friday Deals Week – Misc Brands Day

Today you can celebrate all of the smaller brands of discs by getting them all on sale. Gateway, Kastaplast, Mint, TSA, DGA, Legacy, Viking, Yikun, Hyzerbomb, and RPM discs. All on sale! Check out some special stamped and limited edition discs, too.


Check out some of the great plastic from smaller companies, on sale!


We expect nothing less than amazing stamps from Thought Space Athletics, and their new stamp on new plastic did not disappoint. Check out the Mantra in the new Aura plastic. The plastic has a grippy feel with great durability. Get the Aura Mantra on sale here!


Sale prices on these great brands. Discover your new go-to disc with some of these smaller brands.

DGA Discs on sale!

Legacy Discs on sale!

Viking Discs on sale!

Millennium Discs on sale!

Yikun Discs on sale!

RPM Discs on sale!

Daredevil Discs on sale!

Hyzer Bomb Discs on sale!

Many Brands On Sale


See the Mint Discs Limited Stamped Profit

The debut putter from Mint Discs. Whether you are driving or putting with the Profit, you’ll love this beaded putter. Especially now that it’s on sale.




Check out the Floating Island stamp on these select Kastaplast molds: K1 Berg, K2 Berg, K1 Reko





Be the Cool disc golfer with this special stamp by Gateway, the Cool Wizard. One of the more popular putters now comes with cool stamp, and a cool sale price.



Gateway Wizard

Top 5 Inexpensive Portable Disc Golf Baskets of 2019

In this blog I will discuss the top 5 most popular, inexpensive portable disc golf baskets for 2019. I hear a lot of people talk about the expense of getting a basket as though they are about to make a major purchase. While it is certainly possible to spend many hundreds of dollars on a new basket, it is also possible to get a quality practice basket relatively inexpensively. One of the best ways to improve in this sport is to practice putting regularly, and the best way to do that is to have a basket (or two) on hand for daily practice. So, lets jump in and look at the top five most popular baskets for 2019.

Top 5 Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets for 2019

Thinking about improving your game? Check out these top-selling portable baskets:

  1. DGA Mach Lite
  2. MVP Black Hole Pro
  3. MVP Black Hole Practice
  4. Axiom Pro
  5. Dynamic Discs Recruit

DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket

The best-selling basket for 2019, and one of my personal favorites, is the DGA Mach Lite. This is a well-designed, inexpensive practice basket that is easy to set up and take down. It’s tough to beat the Mach Lite for portability and cost. No tools are necessary for set up. And the chains are  grabby for a portable. It also comes with a bag to carry the folded basket. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and it is still in good shape. The Mach Lite is a great basket if you will be transporting it from time to time.

MVP Black Hole Pro Disc Golf Basket

The next most popular portable disc golf basket is the MVP Black Hole Pro. The Black Hole Pro is a basket that is easy to set up and take down without tools. It has two rows of 12 chains to catch and hold your disc. The Black Hole Pro is a great example of getting a well-made basket at a reasonable price. The Pro is nearly the same quality level as a course basket. It is great if you want a good, grabby basket to practice with, and also want a great basket to use for temp holes during leagues or tournaments.

Black Hole Practice Disc Golf Basket

The third best selling basket is the little brother to the Black Hole Pro, and that is the Black Hole Practice basket. This basket is has lighter chains and no upper band compared to the Black Hole Pro. The Practice is lighter and easier to move around, and for a practice basket it is still grabs discs quite well. The Black Hole Practice is good for using at home, and occasionally using it as a temp basket.

Axiom Pro Disc Golf Basket

The Axiom Pro basket is a great choice, offering quality and portability at a good price. It is powder coated and comes in bright colors. The Axiom Pro easily sets up and breaks down without tools. The heavy duty chains provide good disc-grabbing power. The Axiom has 24 chains, and is another basket to consider if you want to practice at home, but still use as a quality temp basket for leagues or tournaments.

Dynamic Discs Recruit Portable Basket

Rounding out the top five portable baskets is the Dynamic Discs Recruit. This beefy basket is slightly larger than most practice baskets. Its two rows of chains will stop a speeding disc in a hurry. To aid in moving the basket around, the base has a wheel attached. While the Recruit is priced higher than the rest of the top five, it is also the sturdiest and heaviest. It does need tools to take it apart to move, and it is heavier to lift once disassembled. However, it does come apart relatively easy. The quality of the Recruit is exceptional. To be that well-built and sturdy at that price point is impressive. I’ve spent many hours putting on a Recruit, and I love the basket. It’s a great basket if you want a top-of-the-line quality at a reasonable price and you won’t be breaking it down frequently. If you are looking for something that you can transport frequently, I would consider something a little smaller/lighter.

It certainly is a good time to be in the market for a portable disc golf basket. The quality of the available baskets at the low price points means you can get a basket to improve your game without spending a ton of money. Check out our selection of baskets today and get on your way to lowering your scores.

Check out our blog about Economy Backpack Bags here:

Disc Golf Mystery Box and Package Set Deals

Over the last few years, we have seen an increasing interest in disc golf mystery box deals and package sets which offer a bulk lot of discs at a low cost. Many of those mystery box deals on the market offer a selection of discs by a single brand. However, here at Infinite Discs, we wanted to built a selection of bulk lots and mystery “Deals Box” deals that featured a wider variety of discs by multiple brands. That way we could target the more adventurous players. If you love to explore and throw a mixed bag, these deals boxes are for you.


Whether you only want to explore a handful of discs, or you want a whole pile, Infinite Discs has several choices to fit your mood and budget. These deals boxes can contain a mix of discs with stock stamps, misprints, and tournament stamps. All discs will be new, but may not all be stock stamp editions. Here is a look at the package deals currently available at Infinite Discs:

INFINITE DEALS BOX JRDeals Box Junior 5-Disc Package Set

This is a small mystery box deal that features only a handful of discs to check out. It can features discs from multiple brands. However, with only 5 discs, the variety won’t be as large. This box will contain the following:

  • One putter
  • One mid-range
  • Three drivers including overstable and understable models

Of the five discs in this Junior box, two of the discs may be in budget, base plastic, and the other three discs will be in a premium or durable plastic blend. Though the package set is called “Junior” because of its size, it should not be assumed to be easy-throw discs for young players. The discs will generally be fine for players of any experience level to use.


Infinite Deals 7-disc Mystery BoxINFINITE DEALS BOX

This is by far the most popular mystery box on the Infinite Discs website. This is a 7-disc collection that will instantly build your bag with a variety of discs from different brands. This box will contain the following:

  • One Putter
  • One or Two Mid-Range Discs
  • At least one understable driver
  • At least one overstable driver
  • Discs from at least 3 different manufacturers

Of the seven discs in this Deals Box, none will be in base plastic. The putter or one of the other discs may be in mid-grade plastic, as preferred in most putters, and the rest will be in premium or more durable, long-lasting plastic blends. The weights of the discs may vary. Again, this is a great variety of discs in a single package with a variety of uses on the disc golf course.


Mystery 12-Disc Deals Box INFINITE DEALS BOX XL

If you are even more adventurous, or you have a bigger budget, then consider the 12-disc XL deals box. This is another mystery box that is popular as a gift idea since it provides maximum anticipation and surprise for any disc golfer who loves trying new discs. Once again, it will contain a mix of different disc brands. This XL box will contain the following mystery discs:

  • Two putters
  • At least three mid-range discs
  • Seven drivers ranging from understable to overstable
  • Discs from at least 3 different manufacturers

Just like with the regular Infinite Deals Box, this larger version will not contain discs in base plastic, but will contain putters (or sometimes a mid-range) in a mid-grade plastic. Putters and approach discs are often popular with more grip. The rest of the discs will be in durable, long-lasting premium plastic blends.


Extreme 15-Disc Mystery Deals BoxDEALS BOX EXTREME

This is the largest disc golf mystery box offered by Infinite Discs. It has 15 discs from a wide variety of brands but also includes a large disc golf bag to carry them around the course. If you really want to surprise a disc golfer with a fantastic gift, then this is great way to do it– especially if the player is new and wants to try a lot of discs while needing a bag as well. It can also be a lot of fun for disc golf clubs where a lot of prizes are needed at a low price. This deals box includes the following:

  • Two or Three Putters
  • Three to Five Mid-Range Discs
  • A Variety of Drivers from Understable to Overstable
  • Discs from at least 3 different manufacturers (usually more)
  • A large shoulder-strap disc bag

The discs included will not be in base plastic, but there may be two or three putters or mid-range approach discs in mid-grade plastic for better grip. The rest of the discs will be in durable, long-lasting premium plastic blends for long term use.



The newest addition to our mystery box selection at Infinite Discs is the 5-Disc Budget Box. This one differs from the Deals Box Jr because it is entirely focused on discs in base plastic. It’s meant to be a very inexpensive way to get a few discs for a new disc golfer. Like with the Deals Box Jr, the set includes a putter, a mid-range disc, and three different drivers. It is the kind of box that you can hand to anybody who wants to get into the game and they’ll have the basic tools they need to get started at a very low cost.  That’s 5 discs at a retail price of only $29.99, which adds up to only $6 per disc. It will feature a variety of manufacturer brands for a variety and the discs will switch up from time to time, just to keep things interesting.


Gyro-Palooza Player Pack Boxes

Gyropalooza BoxEvery year, MVP Discs Sports hosts their Gyro-Palooza Event as a part of the GyroPalooza events. Initially, Gyro Palooza served as a gathering for fans of MVP and the Gyro brand, where attendees received exclusive player packs featuring new and collector discs, along with a variety of X-Outs.
Now, Gyro-Palooza has evolved into more of an e-event, where MVP shares stories and news about the brand, discussing new discs and products. This allows everyone to participate virtually, offering the opportunity to acquire their own Gyro-Palooza boxes as part of a unique mystery set.

Shop Gyro Palooza Boxes Here


Perhaps the disc golf mystery boxes are not your style? If you’re a player that perfers to know more specifically what you’ll receive, then we can help you with that as well. Aside from popular disc golf starter sets which are geared toward new players, there are also some brand-specific package sets for players with a more focused taste. Let’s take a quick look at some of those brand-specific starter sets and Infinite Discs package deals:

Infinite Discs 3-Disc Beginner Set

  • INFINITE DISCS BEGINNER STARTER SET – Designed for the beginner with lightweight putter, mid-range and premium plastic driver.
  • INFINITE DISCS 2-DISC STARTER SET – The very basics with a putter and premium plastic, easy-throw driver.
  • INNOVA DX STARTER SET – One of the most popular entry-level 3-disc sets with lightweight discs.
  • INNOVA CHAMPION STARTER SET – A more expensive, durable starter set for beginners who want longer-lasting discs.
  • VIKING DISCS STARTER SET – A fun, affordable starter set with a putter, mid-range, and driver in base plastic, imported from Finland.
  • DYNAMIC DISCS EASY-THROW STARTER SET – This is another 3-disc set designed for beginners with discs that are relatively light and easy to throw.
  • DYNAMIC DISCS STARTER SET WITH BAG – This is a quality set for new players that also adds a basic, small bag to carry your new discs around the course.
  • MVP ELECTRON STARTER SET – The MVP brand is unique with their overmold “gyro” technology rims, and this is a starter set for those who want to try that unique disc design. The electron plastic is a softer, more affordable blend.
  • MVP PREMIUM STARTER SET – The MVP brand is unique with their overmold “gyro” technology rims. This is a starter set with more durable plastic. Though more expensive, the discs should last a lot longer.
  • DISCRAFT DISC GOLF SET – This is another very popular starter set in the market with easy-to-throw, lightweight discs including a putter, mid-range, and driver.
  • DISCRAFT DELUXE DISC GOLF SET – This is a step up from the other Discraft starter set because it adds another driver for disc variety and a small disc golf bag to carry your discs around the course.
  • LATITUDE 64 ADVANCED STARTER SET – If you don’t need light weight or easy-throw discs, but want to start with discs appropriate for intermediate players, this is the set for you.
  • INNOVA DX GLOW STARTER SET – If you want to try playing in the dark with a set of basic glow-in-the-dark discs, Innova now has a set for you, including a popular putter, mid-range, and driver.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT STARTER SET FOR KIDS – This is a set of three very basic discs including a putter, mid-range, and driver. But they are extremely lightweight for young children who want to join their parents or older siblings on the course.
  • LEGACY 2-DISC SET – This is another very basic pair of discs including a mid-range and distance driver in base plastic. The two discs are appropriate for players with strong throwing arms and some experience who just want to try out a couple popular discs by Legacy.
  • INFINITE DISCS 8-DISC LINE-UP – If you want an excellent deal on a complete set of discs from the Infinite Discs brand, this is a perfect way to dive in. For one low price, you can grab a collection of putter, approach, mid-range, and drivers in quality plastic blends.
  • COMPLETE DISC GOLF SET WITH SLINGER BACKPACK – This is another collection of 8 different discs from the Infinite Discs brand lineup, It also includes a Disc Slinger backpack to carry around your new collection. Any player would have everything they need with this package set.

Complete Disc Golf Set with 8 Discs and Slinger Bag

Which Starter Or Disc Golf Mystery Box Sets Have You Tried?

Have you tried any starter sets or package deals? Have you purchased a mystery disc box before? Let us know which are your favorites! Please share your comments below and let us know about the most exciting disc you’ve discovered in a mystery box. Or maybe you have a custom selection of discs that you’d recommend for new or experienced players who want to try something new? Feel free to share!

Best Economy Disc Golf Bags of 2019

Players are always looking for the best disc golf bags. As the disc golf season winds down for 2019, we thought it would be great to look back at the year and see what products and accessories were the most popular. That kind of information can come in handy for people looking for a gift for the disc golfer in their life. Or for someone considering making a purchase for themselves.

We are going to start with a very popular genre of disc golf bags, the Economy Disc Golf Bags. These are entry level bags that are good not only for people just starting out in the sport, but great for die-hard golfers who want to play a quick round, or who want to improve their game by throwing a round using only a couple discs. These bags are relatively inexpensive, ranging in price from $19.99 to $79.99, hold a decent amount of discs, and usually have room for a drink and some snacks. Once most of us have been in the sport for a while, we carry enough discs that the economy bags are not an option for regular use. Especially with the necessity to carry food and water during long rounds and tournaments. But, even when you move to a bigger bag, as mentioned, opportunities still arise to use the smaller bags. Let’s take a look at the top sellers in this category, in order of popularity.

Top 5 Inexpensive Disc Golf Bags

If you’re looking for a great low price disc golf backpack, consider from our top selling list:

  1. Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack
  2. Infinite Discs Slinger Bag
  3. Infinite Discs Stealth Bag
  4. Prodigy BP3 Disc Golf Backpack
  5. Innova Discover Backpack

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack

Leading the pack (pardon the pun) is the popular Dynamic Discs Trooper. At $39.99 the Trooper is not the least expensive in the category, but it holds more than the rest on the list. It can carry about 18 discs in the main compartment and 3-4 discs in the upper compartment. It has a water bottle holder, and a little bit of storage for snacks, etc. The construction of the bag is good, ensuring a long life on the disc golf course. The bag comes in several colors.

Infinite Discs Slinger Bag

The next most popular disc golf bag on the list is the Infinite Disc Slinger. This pack is perfect for the beginner or experienced disc golfers who want to to play a round with variety of discs, but not all of their throwers. It holds about 10 discs, and can handle larger discs like the Condor. The single-sling design can be adjust for either shoulder. It has a drink holder for your water bottle and a pocket for miscellaneous items. The Slinger is at the low end of the category price scale at $19.99.

Infinite Stealth Bag

Infinite Stealth Bag w/Bladder

The third most popular Economy Backpack Bag is the Infinite Stealth Bag. This popular bag is a kind of a niche bag. With only room for up to eight discs, the Stealth Bag is perfect for speed rounds, tough mountain courses, traveling light, or rounds using only a few discs. Though minimalist by design, the Stealth still has a water bottle holder and a pocket for snacks, phones, etc. The sleek bag even has a version with a two-liter water bladder to keep you hydrated as you play. The regular Stealth is the model that earned the third place spot, while the bladder version came in sixth place. The Stealth runs $29.99 for the regular bag, and $37.99 w/bladder. As of this posting, we are out of the Stealth and Stealth w/Bladder. We don’t anticipate getting more until 2020. Watch our weekly newsletter for updates.

Prodigy BP3 Economy Disc Golf Bag

Prodigy BP3

The Prodigy BP3 is next on the list. This bag holds up to 17 discs. It has two zippered pouches and a drink holder. It also has a deep putter pocket on the top of the bag. The BP3 has reinforced, padded straps for comfort. The bottom of the bag is made with a waterproof material, making it great for mornings when there is dew on the ground. This bag, like the Trooper, can be used as a backpack for school, vacations, hiking, etc. The BP-3 sells for $29.99.

Innova Discover Pack

The final economy disc golf backpack on our list is the Innova Discover bag. This bag holds up to 15 discs. It has an internal U-frame with a divider to keep the discs from flopping around when the bag is not full. It has a Velcro pocket on one side and a drink holder on the other. It also has a zippered putter pouch on top. Use the bag on the disc golf course, day hikes, or as a school bag.  The discover back ties the Slinger for the least expensive bag at $19.99.

The price point for this category of bags makes them attractive to beginners and veteran players looking for a smaller bag. They are great for someone just starting out, or for youth players who aren’t quite big enough for a larger bag. Check out our full line of economy bags here: Economy Disc Golf Backpack Bags

Check out our entire line of disc golf bags, discs and accessories at InfiniteDiscs.com

For a more recent article, check out the best disc golf bags of 2021 here.

Disc Golf Gifts for the Player That Has Everything

This holiday shopping guide was written for 2021. Check out our most recent article for disc golf gift ideas.

See disc golf gift recommendations for 2017 HERE.

See our 2018 disc golf gift recommendations HERE.

As we take a look at the disc golfers in our lives and try to imagine what they could possibly need or want as a gift for the holiday season, or for birthdays, or just because we love them, it can sometimes be difficult. We see them trudging across courses with a bag loaded with discs, and we see their car trunks or bedroom floors covered with all those extra discs that they can’t fit into the bag. We are left to wonder, what more could they possibly need? First of all, remember that gift giving is not always about “needs” but about that little extra item that they would appreciate. It is about going that extra mile for somebody we love. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the possibilities that you may not have considered when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your disc golfer.


Dirt Bags
– Who wouldn’t want a gift called a “dirt bag”? These grip bags are becoming more and more popular with disc golfers who want to keep their hands dry and ready to grip their discs with more confidence. It helps those sweaty palms and slick fingers prepare for the upcoming throw. You can actually get many bags intended to do the trick, including Sportsacks, Whale Sacs, Chalk Bags, or Confidence Bags.

Zen and the Art of Disc Golf – This little book has become a sort of cult classic among disc golfers. It teaches players how to come to terms with their game, overcome their weaknesses, and reach a peaceful state of mind when out on the course. If your players loves good advice and tips for improving their mental approach to the game, then this could be a great gift for them.

UV Flashlight Glow Disc Charger
– As we head into winter months where the daylight hours are much shorter for a lot of regions, some players still want to play in the dark. Glow disc golf is actually quite fun, adding a new twist to the game we all love. There are many disc models available in glow plastic, and nothing charges those glow discs faster than a UV Flashlight. Regular flashlights can take much longer to charge glow plastic, but this powerful LED UV Flashlight makes them shine almost instantly. It also quickly charges glow stickers and glow tape.

UFO Glow Tape Rings – If a disc golfer has favorite discs that they insist on throwing at night, even if they aren’t made of glow-in-the-dark plastic, then these UFO rings are perfect! Each sheet has different sized sticker rings that can be placed on any disc to turn it into a glow disc. Light up three or four discs per sheet with the different sized rings. These stickers light up instantly with a UV Flashlight, and hold a charge for a long time. Take those favorite discs and play in the dark!

Infinite Discs Bomber T-Shirt – The “Bomber” stamp from Infinite Discs was extremely popular on many disc models from several manufacturers. Now the stamp design is available on a t-shirt for those players who like to model their love for Infinite Discs, or who simply like to be known as a player that can really bomb a disc across the fairway.  These heather red t-shirts are available in several sizes and at an inexpensive price of only $11.99 as a great gift idea.

Indoor Pocket Disc
– This fun little novelty disc can be shoved into a package with any other gift, into a pocket, or into a stocking. It’s a great idea for a disc enthusiast that gives them something to throw around the house when it’s just too darn cold to go outside. They can target items around your home without causing damage, and it flies much better than you’d expect. Pull it out of your pocket and let it rip!

Aside from those items, you can always choose from a large variety of mini discs or “mini markers” that come in handy during tournament play, or just as a collectible. Plus, there are all kinds of little accessory ideas as well as a variety of apparel, like hats, shirts, wristbands, etc. that you can give to your disc golf enthusiast.


Maybe you want to spend a little more on a gift for your hopelessly addicted disc golfer, but it’s a struggle to come up with an idea that will really surprise them. Here are a few things to consider.

Infinite Deals Box
– For only $67.88, you can give your favorite disc golfer something that they can never get enough of…more discs! But this is different than grabbing discs off of a store shelf, because this box comes with an element of complete surprise. The deals boxes feature seven discs in premium plastic, including a putter, mid-range discs, as well as overstable and understable drivers, including limited editions, funky misprints, and other really cool discs that they might never have thrown before. Plus, the price amounts to less than $10 per disc, which is a great deal no matter how you slice it for high-quality plastics. It gives them something new to explore, making it a disc golf adventure in a box.

Black Hole Mini Basket
– The basket which serves as the target, or “hole” for disc golfers is about as iconic as it gets– it is the image that represents the sport. That is why the new trend of mini baskets is becoming very popular among those who love disc golf. No, it is NOT a functioning basket that would go in your yard or in a park. Regular sized discs can’t even stay in this thing when they hit the chains. This is a basket that is A) designed as a decorative tribute to the sport you love, and B) is a full-metal replica of an actual basket which can catch mini discs / mini markers, just for fun. So, you can get one of these things for your disc golf fanatic, and it will add a decorative element to their favorite room or man cave, plus you can throw in some mini discs that they can putt from the sofa, and they’ll think it is awesome.  You could also get the extra-small, Micro Basket which won’t even hold mini discs, but it fits perfectly on a work desk as a symbol of their favorite sport and a reminder of where they’d rather be…on the course.

Prodigy Practice Bag
– Of course, the disc golfer in your life has a bag to carry his or her discs, or they have a backpack that they absolutely love. But regardless of what they are using to carry discs around the course, they probably have a lot of extra discs laying around somewhere, maybe even scattered in a space that you would rather not see piled with plastic.  This is the perfect, affordable bag (only $24 each) for storing those extra discs! It is made merely to store large quantities of discs in a simple, compact bag that can be moved from one place to another, or tucked into a car trunk or closet. It will help your disc golfer be more organized when it comes to storing their endless supply of discs.

Disc Gator
– The Disc Gator is a simple, yet brilliant idea as a disc golf accessory that almost every player has wished to have at some point during their games. It is a telescopic pole with a rigged clamp that attaches to the end. It is used to reach as far as eleven feet into the pond, creek, prickly bushes, or tree branches to grab a disc that would otherwise be unreachable.

DiscDiver Golden Retriever
– Here is another device that is specifically designed to retrieve discs from water hazards. The Golden Retriever sinks straight to the bottom and has a long line which can be used to drag it back to shore. It may take several tries to actually catch the disc and drag it back, so it is a bit like fishing…a game in itself…to retrieve that disc. But it ultimately saves a lot of money (not to mention keeps the clothing dry) when the player is able to pull their discs out of the water.

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Night Disc Golf Set
– Perhaps you’re looking for a gift that will allow your beloved disc golfer to play at night in a fun, exciting way. This three-disc set will do the trick! It includes a putter, a mid-range, and a distance driver disc that all come with built-in LED lights that can either be set to a single color, or to rotate in “disco mode”. The discs actually fly quite well and are very easy to spot in the dark. It’s a great gift idea for the disc golfer that wants to take their night game a step beyond glow-in-the-dark plastic.


Zuca Backpack Cart
– If the disc golfer you love already owns their ideal backpack, but the whole cart trend is making them feel like they’re being left behind, you can upgrade that backpack by giving them this Backpack Cart by Zuca. You simply push your backpack into the cart frame, and you’ve got a new cart! The player no longer needs to carry that backpack around the course, but can simply push or pull their huge selection of discs around the green like a pro. The backpack cart sells for $194.99 and for only $100 more, you could just pick the perfect color combination for a new, fully built Zuca Cart and they can throw the old backpack away.

Luxury E3 Bag
– The E3 is the latest and greatest professional level backpack from Latitude 64. It can hold around thirty discs and has all of the extra pockets, straps, drink holders, and putter pockets that a player needs to carry all of their discs and accessories. It is available in many nice color schemes and is actually quite comfortable to wear considering the size of the bag.

There are quite a few nice backpacks available, if you’re looking for something more suited to your disc golfer’s tastes.

If you want a gift that will keep on giving, all year long, then check into a subscription to Infinite Discs VIP Club. This is a disc-of-the-month club where a special, limited edition disc with a unique stamp design is shipped out automatically to subscribers. Though it began as a month-to-month subscription, in December of 2016 it is opening a limited number of spots to those who want to purchase an entire year for themselves or for other disc golfers as a gift.  That is $239 for an entire year of limited edition, collectible discs showing up at the door of the lucky recipient! It is a dream-come-true for the disc enthusiast who loves an unexpected surprise, each month.