The Top-Selling Brands at Infinite Discs in 2021

Infinite Discs has always strived to keep discs from all disc golf brands and manufacturers in stock on our retail website. As some brands are discontinued or the supply becomes slim, those brands can disappear from our sales figures for long periods. Other new brands jump into the market and begin to show their strength with time. It is always fun after each year to pull up the count of the discs sold through our retail site to measure the growth of all the brands that we carried.

Here is a look at how those brands all measured up against one another for the year 2021. Please keep in mind that these sales statistics ONLY represent retail sales through Infinite Discs. It does not account for sales through other retailers and may not represent the entire disc golf marketplace. Plus, many brands have their own retail outlets in addition to their wholesale operations, and those sales may account for a large portion of the total sales for those particular brands and would not be calculated here.

The Infinite Discs brand also has inflated numbers through our retail site simply because we are traditionally known as a kay retail source for our own brand. Throughout all of 2021, Infinite Discs brand was also distributed to other retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, but no wholesale numbers are reflected in this disc count. Again, this is only retail sales through Infinite Discs.

Charting the Sales

Innova remained the top-selling brand, as it has since Infinite Discs began in 2012. Discraft continues to build momentum, taking a strong #2 position. With the ups and downs of the supply chain in 2021, it is hard to know how the numbers would have looked if the most popular discs had been readily available at all times of the year. However, many popular discs went through repeated cycles where they would arrive, immediately sell out, then be missing from inventory for weeks or months before the next restock. The Infinite Discs brand of discs made a sharp move toward the top, though sales are particularly strong for that brand since this is a chart of sales through Infinite Discs’ own website.

New Brands Making Moves

The number of small brands on the list continues to grow. We’re excited about that. Here are some brands that were recently created and made impressive moves on the chart:

Thought Space Athletics at #10 with their ultra-artistic, high-quality discs

Dino Discs at #11 with their line of discs for kids

Divergent Discs at #18 with their line focused on recreational players

Elevation Disc Golf at #19 with two silicone rubber discs launched in 2021

EV7 at #23 with their putters-only manufacturing approach

What Will 2022 Bring?

We’re excited to watch the disc sales in 2022 and see how things shuffle and move around. It should be particularly interesting to watch as we’ve seen a lot of professional players change brands for the new year. How will the sales for those brands be affected by the shuffle in sponsorships?

Feel free to leave your comments predicting the ups and downs of disc brands in 2022. 


  • Thanks for the chart. I’ve been trying some different brands, and really enjoy the Loft Hydrogen, and the Divergent company as well. Looking forward to see how the different companies grow.

  • the last couple of years have been pretty discouraging as several discs have been sold out and not restocked for atleast a year. i would check daily same story. one would hope that there would be a bit more pressure put on manufacturers for a resupply given that in retail no stock means no sales. infinite discs?

    • Absolutely. Infinite Discs restocks everything we can get, as fast as we can get it. But if the manufacturer does not have any to sales, we can’t restock it. Yes, that influences the sales numbers for the brand, because we can only sell what we can get. We can’t sell a disc that is not currently available.

      But there is much more to the manufacturing battle than just “make more discs!” Making discs takes machines. Manufacturers only have so many machines. And if those machines are running 24-7 making discs that sell out as soon as they are made, then they will not ever be able to have all of their disc models on the shelf at once. It ends up being a situation where the latest disc run on the machine is the only disc in stock, then it runs out by the time the next one is being made. It’s all about “machine time.” Only more machines can create more machine time, and in the pandemic world, you can’t just order a molding machine and have it show up on your doorstep the next week. Sometimes it takes months or more than a year to get a new one. Then you need to man it. That means hiring more people and training them…in a world where even fast food places can’t get employees.

      I know it is frustrating for the consumers and for the retailers who need inventory for those consumers. But it is a situation that can take a long time to iron out. Only when machine time catches up to demand can all of the discs be in stock all of the time.

  • I love Infinite discs.

    The Innova mold mashups are cool, collectable, and effective.

    Over Stable midrange

    Bottom: Spider
    Top: Gator3 (flat top)

    Possible names: Arachnid, Tarantula
    Flight # 5/ 3/ 0/ 3

    High torque resistance for hard thrown forehand shots.

    Think of the great triple foil stamps.

    Thank you for the attention

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