Infinite Discs is happy to present the weekly blog post called TOP TWENTY TUESDAY where we let you know about the short-term sales trends for discs. We’ll show the sales figures from the previous Tuesday through the most recent Monday. New discs will often spike in the chart as other top sellers shuffle spots. It can be fun to see which discs keep up the pace. These will also be broken down by plastic types, so the same model can show up in multiple plastics.

Here we go…

Top Twenty Tuesday for DECEMBER 18th, 2018

#3 – Sirius SCORPIUS 
#4 – Eclipse DEFLECTOR
#5 – C-Line Luster FD
#6 – Star ORC
#7 – Swirly S-Line PD2
#8 – Full Foil Super Color BUZZZ
#9 – D-Line P2
#10 – Swirly ESP BUZZZ
#11 – XT Mix NOVA
#12 – Star WRAITH
#13 – P-Line Soft P2
#14 – Metal Flake Glow C-Blend PHARAOH 
#15 – Champion FIREBIRD
#16 – Star LEOPARD3
#17 – P-Line P2
#18 – KC Pro AVIAR
#20 – Classic Burst WARDEN

This week, we see the Star Destroyer jump back to the top position, where it tends to hang out quite regularly. The new Bullfrog flat-topped, low-glide putt-and-approach disc jumped to the 2nd spot, and the 3rd position was taken by the Sirius SCORPIUS by Millennium since we saw the release of the Gregg Barsby signature edition. 

Some of the other spots are filled by discs which seem to be making a regular home on the top 20 chart, like the different P2 putters, different Buzzz discs in different plastics, etc. The ESP Force jumped into the 19th spot as it has also received a boost from McBeth hype. 

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The first three people to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $15 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The guessing contest for this week’s chart was for the #10 position. We had several people guess on the Elite Z Buzzz, which is a very good guess. But nobody picked the Swirly ESP Buzzz, which jumped onto the chart because of the new swirly Ledgestone 2019 editions that game in, robbing the Elite Z plastic of attention this week. Sorry…no winners this week.

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR TWO WEEKS:  Leave your comment below this blog to predict the #3 spot for two weeks from now, since we’ll skip the Tuesday Top 20 next week for Christmas.  Leave your guess for #3 in the comments, and thanks for supporting the Tuesday Top 20!


  • The weekly Top 20 Chart is interesting—thanks for taking the effort. Here’s a suggestion that might make it even more interesting with just a minor restructuring

    Instead of breaking results just into separate totals for every model/plastic combo…

    1) first, give consolidated 1st-level results by each mold, adding together all plastics that mold was sold in.

    2) then, indicate 2nd-level results by stacked bars, with each horizontal 1st–level bar showing one mold divided into sections sized to represent the percentage of each plastic. Would be easy enough with the data you’re already collecting.

    Results would be both more interesting and more meaningful. First, how many total Destroyers? How many total Buzzz’s? (this would look very much like your current chart). Second, what’s the breakouts on the plastics? (current chart but with multi-shade or -color individual bars)

    Most of us like to throw molds in different plastics—seeing how a favorite mold’s different plastics break out would be interesting. I’m interested in lighter weight drivers (so, ‘bubble’ plastics usually)—this approach might lead me to more of those.

    Second advantage is that you could include more molds on the top twenty chart, giving additional visibility to some great underappreciated discs. Glancing at the chart, this week’s results could have included three additional molds (from stacking the two Buzzz’s and three P2’s).

    This make sense to anyone else? Further comments?

    • With the Top 20 Tuesday, we chose to break the discs down by plastic type, just to show what is spiking on the short term. The chart only represents a week, so it is meant to be simple and you can follow week-to-week to find how trends change.

      However, on our quarterly best-seller blog posts, and on the “best sellers of the year” posts, etc. we show more general disc sales (all plastics combined) so you can get a longer-term, bigger picture, if you’d like.

  • Fd – c line luster

  • Star Destroyer #3

  • Deflector (Eclipse) for #3

  • P-Line P2 up to #3

  • XT Bullfrog as next weeks #3

  • D-Line P2 going for #3!

  • The Eclipse Deflector will be #3.

  • Star wraith for the 3 spot

  • Scorpius holds steady in the #3 spot.

  • Two weeks from now… the Swirly S-Line PD2 will be in spot #3…

  • C-Line Luster Fd to #3

  • I predict the XT Bullfrog will be #3 in 2 weeks.

  • Sirius SCORPIUS for #3

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