Introducing the New TRAVELER by Full Turn Discs

It’s always fun to see new disc manufacturers pop into the scene, vying for attention in a market full of new discs and fueled by an exploding mass of players. FULL TURN DISCS comes onto the scene as a partner with the well known Finnish disc maker, PRODISCUS.

With their flagship mold, the TRAVELER, Full Turn introduces another overstable distance driver into the market. Here are the flight ratings on the Traveler:

  • Speed: 9.0
  • Glide: 4.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 2.0
  • Primary Use: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Overstable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone

The Traveler is available in two plastics: Priority and Express. Express is the premium plastic choice and is the more solid, while Priority is a more translucent blend, but both feel comfortable in the hand. When picking up the discs, you will notice a familiarity if you’ve thrown Prodiscus plastic before. Though not built for huge distances, it fills a nice niche between fairway and distance drivers where control is important. When released on a low flight path, it can hold a very steady line before a sudden fade. When thrown with more of a hyzer, it can fly a solid curve. It could be used for similar purposes as the popular Saint or Undertaker discs.  Take the Traveler for a few flights and see what you think!  And we welcome FULL TURN DISCS into the fold!

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