Vibram Lace to Be Released in X-Link Firm

The “farthest flying disc in the world” will soon be released in a firmer Vibram rubber. The Lace originally released on November 23, 2012 took the disc golf world by storm. According to Inbounds Disc Golf, this is the farthest flying disc in the world, and an amazingly straight flyer for such a fast disc. Right now the Lace is available in the ultra durable and grippy X-Link firm rubber.

Order the X-Link Firm Lace Here

Vibram just announced that the Lace will be released in a firmer X-link on March fifth. This is great news for golfers who want this great disc in a harder blend. We should have the X-Link firm Lace available for pre-order by the middle of February. For those who pre-order, we will have our inventory ready to ship out on March 5, 2013.

Fun Fact About Vibram
Q: Do you know the correct pronunciation for the word Vibram?
A: V-ee-brum

It’s true, the letter i in there makes makes an ee sound, and the a-m makes a sound like um (not an am sound). Of course, don’t be a stickler over this – the most common incorrect pronunciation is V-I-brum. If you don’t follow the phonetics of the explanation, don’t worry either – just keep throwing the disc!

It isn’t uncommon for companies to have their name mispronounced, and nobody is offended when the phonetics don’t seem to match up. Just ask Ryobi (Ree-Oh-Bee) and Hyundai (rhymes with Sunday) about that.[/box]

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