Which Disc Golf Team Won the Las Vegas Challenge?

If you’ve been following some of our recent blog posts, we’ve evaluated the “Team” aspect of disc golf.

While some of the employees at Infinite Discs were discussing “Disc Golf Teams,” we thought it would be fun to find out who really has the best disc golf team — from an on the course competitive standpoint.

Our intern Ethan has created a website that shows team results for the different disc golf pro tour and national tour events using a point system similar to cross country and swimming.

To put something on the line, and reward the winning “team” we are also giving a 10% off discount code for the winning team’s brand the week following each major tournament.

Results from the Las Vegas Challenge are in. If you want to find out who won, and take advantage of this weeks discount code, check out the new team competition website at DiscGolfTeams.com


  • Awesome, that is a fun chart! Two questions… Can we pre-order Firefly’s with the discount code (I don’t have disc golf money right now, just curious…)? Is an Innova win good for a discount on Infinite molds as well?

    • Only Innova this time. If Innova continues to dominate every week, way may mix it up and offer the discount code for some of the other brands manufactured by Innova that don’t really have disc golf teams.

  • So only Pro Tour and NT’s will be weighted? So many pros play other big tournaments, that it seems only fair, if you are looking at the year overall, that other big events are included, no? Discraft, for instance, sure dominated the Wintertime Open. I do realize you’ve got to draw the line somewhere, esp. when there are only 2-3 well known touring pros in a tournament.

    • It’s possible that we will record scores for other large vents that have lots of the top rated pros, as long as its not on a week that conflicts with a Pro Tour or NT event. This is mostly just a project we are doing for fun, but if it takes off and people like it, we could potentially choose a different event every week of the year.

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