2017 Pro Tour Limited Edition Discs

Are you looking forward to following the top professionals this year as they travel the country and compete in the Disc Golf Pro Tour tournaments? We are excited to see how 2017 pans out! Here at Infinite Discs, we’re particularly excited that the tour comes to Utah this year. It’s always fun when a major disc golf event comes to your home town or home state!

As part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour promotion, we now have a fun selection¬†of limited edition DGPT logo-stamped discs available to order! Here is a list of the disc molds we have available with the stamp. Click to go to the web page for the disc mold, and then click “Select Your Disc” to scroll through available discs and find the Disc Golf Pro Tour editions:

Dynamic Discs Trespass in Lucid

Dynamic Discs Truth in Lucid

Dynamic Discs Warden in Classic

Dynamic Discs Judge in Classic Super Soft

Dynamic Discs Defender in BioFuzion

Dynamic Discs Defender in Lucid

Dynamic Discs Emac Truth in Lucid

Latitude 64 Pure in Zero Megasoft

Latitude 64 River in Opto

Latitude 64 Compass in Opto

Prodigy D1 in 400G

Prodigy D2 in 400G

Prodigy D4 in 400G

Prodigy F2 in 750

Prodigy F3 in 750

Prodigy F7 in 750

Prodigy M3 in 350G

Prodigy PA-1 in 350G

Prodigy PA-3 in 350G


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