Best Disc Golf Putter?

Best Frisbee Golf Putter. Gateway WizardWithout question, the best way to improve your score in a round of disc golf is to make putts. With more than 100 different putt and approach discs on the market, choosing the right putter can be overwhelming.

We understand that there is no putter which will be the best for everyone, and that this debate can never be fully settled. After all, we all have different styles and preferences. In an effort to help you determine which putt and approach discs are superior, we ask for your opinion, “What is the best putter for disc golf?” Please leave your comments to share what you love about your favorite putter.

For your consideration, here are the 10 top-selling putters in 2016 at Infinite Discs:

  1. Dynamic Discs JUDGE
  2. Gateway WIZARD
  3. Innova AVIAR
  4. Westside HARP (popular approach/ driving putter)
  5. Discmania P2 “Psycho”
  6. Latitude 64 PURE
  7.  Dynamic Discs WARDEN
  8. Innova NOVA (popular approach/driving putter)
  9. Latitude 64 DAGGER
  10. Discraft ZONE (popular approach/driving putter)

Two putters that made a splash and gained momentum from smaller brands were the Reptilian Discs Scale (overstable putter) and the Plastic Addicts Habit (an over-sized putter).


  • I prefer the McPro Aviar. I had never liked Aviars until this mold came out. It won me over, and I converted from a Gateway Voodoo to the McPro. I love how stiff it is, that it’s beadless, and that it has good glide.

    • I like this putter for all ranges of putts, but I absolutely do not prefer it off the tee or for approaches.

  • Russ B Throwing Disc'

    I have not thrown every disc on the market and just started play about 2 years ago at a serious pace. At this point my favorite putter is the medium compound Vibram Ridge. It is excellent as a driver putter and has a great stable flight path. I also have a Gateway Wizard (Med-Comp),a Innova Aviar and even an Aerobie Arrow. If get my hands on something better I’ll let you know. I have a friend that really likes his MVP Ion and said Prodigy is good stuff too. Just haven’t got my hands on any to try out. So far I’m in love with the Ridge though.

  • I voted Magic because of its versatility. Thrown high or low, close or far it will hold course. All my longest puts have been with the Magic. It’s easy to grip and I can’t remember having it fall out of the basket when it got a decent amount of chain.

  • tony Portacio

    the judge is great for all aspects of the game, but the new PA1 is a game changer.

  • Matt Friedman

    I go to the wizard for putting anywhere inside the circle, it just feels the best and is the most consistent for me. I also like the soft anode for anny putts.

  • Jorey McComas

    I love the Gateway Wizard SSS. I feels good in the hand in the rain and hot weather. It holds a straight line with a predictable fade at the end of flight.

  • keith armstrong

    I prefer the Gateway Wizard soft plastic 170 grams. The disc has a nice rounded lip that fits snug in the palm of my hand. I like my putter a little heavier to cut through the wind. The Wizard holds a nice line and I can depend on it in the windiest days. Being from upstate New York it is snowy half the year and I can putt the wizard with a lightweight glove on. The Wizard is dependable and my go-to putter

  • I like my MVP soft anode for its all around stability. I live in a windy area that gets really gusty and open areas not much trees but sage brush. It can handle the head wind and not turn on me. Love the amount of glide for drives and approaches it flies solid and far if I need it too. Only complaint is its a straight shooter even on hyzer it doesn’t make it around coarners very well but in or out of the circle puts it is perfect for me. Looking at the prodigy p1 I would try that as it would make the corners the anoad can’t and still handle the headwinds

  • Daniel George

    I’m enjoying the sss warlock right now. I have putted with magnets, aviars, soft and stiff judges. The sss warlock has them all beat right now. It flies straight out of my hand and just sticks to the chains.

  • Putting for me, it’s the SSS Wizard by Gateway.
    A putter out of the tee box it’s the Sinus by Latitude 64.
    40 to 100 feet to the basket with little to no head wind it’s a stiff SSS Wizard, with head wind its the Sinus.

  • I think I’ve tried nearly every putter available to me since I started playing in 2008-2009. My first putter ever was a DX aviar that I received from my father’s old neighborhood friend’s sons. To list what I have not putted with would be any of DGA putters other than the Gumbputt, the Jokeri, none of Legacy’s putters, Prodigy, Rattler, or the Putt’r. I’m sure I have missed some, but I am currently using the Sole AND the Summit for putting, both in Soft X-Link and they are awesome. The Sole is better for longer putts. HOWEVER, I believe my favorite putter so far has to be Latitiude 64 Pure.

  • MVP soft Anode is the one for me. After trying a lot of putters I like how straight it flys and has plenty of glide. I would like to try a zone or a pa1 for drives.

  • My 750 PA-1 roars out of my hand on drives. I prefer a retro Pure for circle putting– the nicely-defined lip releases from my index finger cleanly and consistently. My 400 plastic PA-4s are fantastic for annie upshots.

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  • I’ve never liked the Innova putters for whatever reason. Perhaps it was the deep dome.. `\(o_0)/’ I dunno. I have recently seen the Yeti sig putter for the first time and I may have to get one. I have frequently used the DD Warden in classic soft, classic blend, and Lucid plastics. I like them for push putting at roughly <45 feet.
    For further putts I've been relying on the Latitude 64 Pure in zero soft (favorite), zero medium, optimo retro/zero hard(great but not against rocks) plastics. I like how with an adjustment to my wrist release that the helix feels consistent. So I thought to myself that I just wanted to use one putter so I shelfved the Wardens.
    Today I picked up a Mercy in zero soft and I'm so far finding​ it to be like a slower Pure in all the sense of its flight patterns. I love it so far, defenetly going to putt around with this disc more. I feel that the Pure can often feel like it's maybe too fast for close putts. Wonder if the Mercy can be my do it all putter.
    Bagged the Caltrop as well for situational putts. You know it doesn't say PDGA approved on my Caltrop!? I find that zero soft withstands the rugged TX environment and basket hits better for when putting than other plastics. I did try the McPro, and while I dig the plastic texture, I wasn't feeling it as being confident in my hand as my other putters. That being said, the trilogy'd lat 64 premium plastic, gold line, is extremely grippy in my hand more so than any other plastic mold that I've tried. Optimo and Lucid plastic are amazing toobi should say. All the trilogies top plastics are very top notch really… That Sun is cooking and while I have some Innova discs that I'll never probably take out of my bag, the champion plastic doesn't grip well sometimes. Especially if it is a bit wet. From my sweat. Star plastic is still not as grippy as the trilogies blend, but that doesn't mean I think Innova doesn't make great discs or that their plastics aren't any good. G Star teebird and tl is another few I bag. Great plastic feel grip and can take the abuse.

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