Best Disc Golf Putter?

Best Frisbee Golf Putter. Gateway WizardWithout question, the best way to improve your score in a round of disc golf is to make putts. With more than 100 different putt and approach discs on the market, choosing the right putter can be overwhelming.

We understand that there is no putter which will be the best for everyone, and that this debate can never be fully settled. After all, we all have different styles and preferences. In an effort to help you determine which putt and approach discs are superior, we ask for your opinion, “What is the best putter for disc golf?” Please leave your comments to share what you love about your favorite putter.

For your consideration, here are the 10 top-selling putters in 2016 at Infinite Discs:

  1. Dynamic Discs JUDGE
  2. Gateway WIZARD
  3. Innova AVIAR
  4. Westside HARP (popular approach/ driving putter)
  5. Discmania P2 “Psycho”
  6. Latitude 64 PURE
  7.  Dynamic Discs WARDEN
  8. Innova NOVA (popular approach/driving putter)
  9. Latitude 64 DAGGER
  10. Discraft ZONE (popular approach/driving putter)

Two putters that made a splash and gained momentum from smaller brands were the Reptilian Discs Scale (overstable putter) and the Plastic Addicts Habit (an over-sized putter).


  • RFF (REALLY FREAKIN’ FLEXIBLE) Wizard by Gateway is hands down the best putter I’ve ever freakin’ used.

    My 175g RFF Wizard grabs the freakin’ chains and doesn’t let go.

    It beats in nicely and is straight as a freakin’ arrow.

    I have two in my bag and two in the freakin’ trunk of my car ready to go.

  • Gateway Wizard SSS or Eraser.

    The Wizard has the perfect path for my awkward anhyzer backhand. Whether I am 10 ft out or 100 ft out. Just put the line on and watch the pretty S come out of that Wizard.

  • TM2 Pure from Latitude 64. CHAIN SEEKER. Perfect stability for controlling shots whether wind is dead or blowing like no tomorrow, can turn it left, right or fly dead straight. Glide for days, smooth/sleek rim that fits, for lack of a better word, “pure” in the hand! I LOVE THIS PUTTER IN THIS MATERIAL. Super tacky and not slick at all to boot!

  • I started playing disc golf last year w/friends from work. We only got out about 15 or 20 times tops, but I had a lot of fun. I only had a Soft Magnet all last year, but before my first games this year, I picked up a Wizard Eraser and loved it. Saw a SSS Voodoo used and snagged it as well, then picked up an Aviar for my oldest daughter to have her own disc. After trying all these, I want to buy several more Wizards. Heck, it even thumbed pretty well 🙂

  • Wizard is my go to putter. Feels great coming out of my hand, flies super straight and just drops into the basket. Definitely changed my putting game!

  • Since I started playing a few years ago, I have experimented with various putters. Initially I purchased a birdie, thinking it must be the right putter because all of my friends were using them. However, I was sadly mistaken. Although it is an expensive option, it was clearly not the best. Shortly after, I lost this putter, to a lake, due to an errant throw by a friend. Good riddance! To replace this disc I purchase an aviar and a rhino. Although I love the consistency I have with the aviar and the predictable flight that is found in the rhino, neither have struck my fancy as the end all be all putter I need. So, bring in the wedge… The worst putter ever made. I literally cannot figure this disc out. One throw it looks perfect, the next it had a mind of its own. Do yourself a favor and avoid this disc at all costs. Finally I was introduced to the ss wizard. I quickly saw an improvement in my jump putting, straddle putting, and regular putting. The feel of the disc is as perfect as I have found and look forward to adding more wizards into my already diverse bag. Hope this helps!

  • Aviar, was my first disc, and will be my last.

  • I use a gateway E wizard for all my putting. It flies straight and finds chains well. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than anything else I’ve tried. This is what I can say about it: Gateway plastic is inconsistent. I purchased 2 more to practice with and they have a very different feel than my main wizard. That said, they all fly the same. I have tried to replace my wizard multiple times now because it has one major downside: It rolls… a lot. I have had more shots than I can count that hit the basket, fell out, and rolled 30 or 40 feet so I miss the next shot as well. Despite this, I cannot find another putter that flies as well on putts. I have started using a ridge on outside the circle putts because they are more likely to hit and roll, but it doesn’t stay in the basket as well as my wizard.

    Ultimately, I have tried a banger GT, a 150 DX aviar (I don’t like the light weight), a zone, and a ridge to replace my wizard to try to eliminate the rolls. My conclusion with all of them so far is I miss more putts that I would have made with my wizard than the strokes they save by eliminating roll aways. One day I hope to find one that works better, but so far, the wizard is my putter.

  • My current putter of choice is the Vibram Ridge. I have it in the Firm X-Link, and the compressed rubber compound feels great in the hand! Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get a little rain to say the least. This Vibram rubber feels no different soaking wet than completely dry! Complete confidence in wind, snow and rain. (Which we experience all in one day often)

    This putter is so flat it almost appears inverted from where I grip it. Shot-putt it, give it spin, hyzer, anny, jump-putt, it goes where you tell it everytime! My favorite is a nice spin and straight away it goes! Nothing like watching that perfectly flat profile as it slims out and slaps chains!

    I have a Meduim on its way from Vibram and can’t wait to throw the softer rubber. My Firm is already a chain-grabber, but it does like to slide on a blow-by so I know the Medium X-Link will eliminate that! Happy putting to all, bang those chains!

  • My favorite putter is the Innova Wedge! It took several strokes off my game, and is very consistent for me. I can throw it a long way on a straight line and bang my putts! I read that it’s best for people with small fingers, and being a female I guess that’s why it works so great for me! I recommend it for all the ladies!

  • At this point in my game my favorite putter is the MVP Ion. After using Innova Aviar for almost all of my putts leading up to the purchase of the Ion, I found it much easier to putt with the Ion. One of the things I noticed immediately was the ease of release. Every shot that I took with it came off my hand with no strain. As most putters are, it’s extremely true to it’s line. This disc is comfortable in your hand, extremely flexible, and water resistant. After reading other testimonials I definitely want to try some of these others, but so far the MVP Ion is my favorite.

  • I’ve used more putters than I can count, but the Rhyno has been the most reliable, both for long and short putts. Nice and flexxy, holds it’s line like a champ, with very little roll out if it doinks the side of the basket. Also works great for shorter drives.

  • every aviar ive used has been amazing! i have the xd and regular one and i love them both

  • i didnt realize the the review had to be good… i thought it just had to be a regular review but here i go…

    The aviar seems to have this magnet built into it. it just loves to get into the chains or just hit the basket. no matter how hard the shot. this thing curves just right into the basket. i have this in the xd which is supposed to fly further and such but.. im not that big of a fan of my xd. i ended up giving it away to my dad. he loves it but the thing between me and my aviar can never be changed. its as if this gift from god was placed in my hands, and i used it to excelence. my aviar has takken a bit of a bitting but the awesome thing about the aviar is that it’s just a confidence boost to have while putting. i have a friend who tee’s off with his aviar and he can just rip it and make it fly in a sraight path. he carrys around 5 at all times! its crazy the love he has for his aviar. anyways. this is the disc that everyone should own, pro to begginer! alas even if i win this thing, i still might use my aviar all the time

  • Unfortunate Name,Great Plastic

    OK, I voted for the Latitude 64 Sinus SP, but not the new plastic. The original plastic is where it’s at. I use to have 2 original Sinus SPs, but my father-in-law’s rottweiler got ahold of one. 🙁

    Why I like them:

    Plastic – It sticks in my hand and the added grip patches make it feel like soft split leather on the tips of my fingers. It is rubbery (I feel the need to say again this is the original SP plastic not the new stuff) just enough to give to the chains, but not so much that it will bounce back out and onto the ground.

    Shape – The edge is similar to a ROC only without the bead on the bottom rim and the inside of the rim is straight up and down, so it doesn’t feel like the disc is going to slide out of my hand prematurely. This causes the thrower to be more deliberate about their putt/up shot.

    Flight – Bottom line Stable, I feel comfortable throwing this disc from the tee on a short (200-250′) hole or doing a 75′ jump putt and know exactly what it is going to do. Give it some wrist snap and it will have a nice ‘S’ curve and fade right in with minimal hop, skip or jump. Power putt this disc and it will stay on the line solid and true.

    Granted I have had my share of frustrations with the disc and not all of them can be blamed on the disc itself. I have hit the rim of the basket several times and for some reason that Sinus just loves to roll down hills….and keep rolling. But that still does not detract from it enough not to make it my favorite Putter.

  • I use the INNOVA Birdie a.k.a the tupperware lid. It isn’t the best putter but what I really like about it that it is easy to hold and to throw like a regular frisbee. I can get a lot of spin on it and get it to float into the basket really easily. It isn’t one for fast putting shots but it can be lobbed into the basket pretty well.

  • I used to be a Wizard-only guy, and while I still use them, a medium Summit has become my go-to putter in almost every situation. There’s not a single disc I throw with more confidence.

  • The Anode. It flies very straight with little fade, and that soft rim grips the chains very well.

  • I like to use the discraft soft magnet and soft challenger , the magnet on less windy days and the challenger for when it gets really windy .

  • The Jokeri has such a nice feel too it, like it wanna grab them chains, it fights the wind very well, and my putting has been taken to a new level

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