Best Disc Golf Putters for 2024

Disc Golfer putting in the woods

It’s a new year and once again we’re going to take a look at the best putters for 2024 based on the sales at Infinite Discs. This will let you know what molds are hot, and which ones you should consider trying. We’re also looking for feedback from you, so make sure you comment for a chance to win a gift card! Later this month we’ll be looking at the best distance drivers, control drivers, and midrange discs. Be sure to check back.

The putter category can really be broken down into two types: Putting putters and throwing putters. The putter we use when we’re in circle one is most likely a different one than we would use off the tee pad. Although we will look at the two types of putters later, for now we are going to combine them and find out which molds sold the most for 2023.

Top 50 Disc Golf Putters Sold in 2023

Top 50 Best selling disc golf putters of 2024


1-MVP Glitch
2-Infinite Discs Alpaca
3-Discraft Zone
4-Axiom Envy
5-Infinite Discs Tomb
6-Kastaplast Berg
7-Gateway Wizard
8-Axiom Proxy
9-Dynamic Discs Judge
10-Discraft Luna

Taking the number one spot is the popular throwing putter, the Glitch. MVP released the mold in 2022 and the sales took off. Last year the Glitch represented over 7% of all putters sold. That number is 2% more than the second place Alpaca. The Alpaca was last year’s number one disc. The Zone is the third member of the podium. The Zone and Glitch are more commonly used as throwing putters, while the Alpaca is known for being a putting putter.

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Top Brands for Best Putters

Graph showing disc golf brands with their numbers of top selling putters

Taking a look at the brands in the top 50 we see that MVP has the most molds in the top 50, including the number one spot. Last year Innova had the most top 50 discs, but this year they dropped to a 2-way tie for second place. They tied with long-time rival Discraft. Eighteen different brands made up the top 50, with seven of those having only one mold.

Highest Rated Disc Golf Putters

One of the great benefits to using the Infinite Discs site to shop is that you can read the reviews and see the ratings for discs you are interested in trying. Over time, the ratings become a great way to see what your fellow disc golfers think about certain molds. If you aren’t familiar with the Infinite Rewards program, where you can earn rewards by giving reviews, check it out HERE and help our review data by giving feedback on your favorite discs.

We wanted to look at the discs in several different categories and see which molds are the top rated in those categories. We’ll start with the highest rated disc golf putters of all time.

All-Time Highest Rated Putters

The Discraft Zone edged out the Infinite Discs Tomb for the number one spot by a hundredth of a point! The Zone has an average rating of 4.89 out of five while the Tomb is rated 4.88. Both of these discs are throwing putters. The Alpaca is only a hundredth behind the Tomb to make a very close top three!

Discraft Zone Approach Disc - Not generally used as a putter but overall classified as a putt and approach disc.

#1 Discraft Zone  – The zone is popular and highly rated partly because of its overstability. It can handle any headwind and nearly every arm and still get good distance. Plus, its thick rim feels amazing to grip and gives you confidence in your drives and upshots.

#2 Infinite Discs Tomb

#3 Infinite Discs Alpaca

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Highest Rated Very Overstable Disc Golf Putters

You might not have heard of the Goliath Discs Pillar before but it is the highest rated very overstable disc. The Pillar has a perfect 5-star rating! It helps that there are only two reviews for the disc. That really skews the data, but I’m okay giving them a mention. Taking second (or first, depending on how you feel about the first one) is the Discraft Zone. In third place with a 4.68 star rating is the Prodigy A1.

Goliath overstable putter


#1 Goliath Discs Pillar – The Pillar is the overstable putter in the Goliath discs lineup. The Iowa company got their first mold approved two years ago and have been designing and releasing discs regularly since then. The Pillar is one of the beefiest discs in their lineup and it is available in the Oasis plastic, which is a premium plastic.

#2 Discraft Zone

#3 Prodigy A1

Check out the top 20 very overstable disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Overstable Disc Golf Putters

When James Conrad threw his Envy into the basket on the last hole at the 2021 World Championships in Utah (I was there!), he certainly gave a nice boost in sales for the putter. The Axiom Envy holds the top spot in the ‘overstable putter’ category with 4.87 out of 5 stars. Taking second place is the popular Berg from Kastaplast. In the final podium spot is the long-time Gateway hit, the Wizard, which averages 4.72 stars.
Although any putter could be used as a thrower or a putter, most of the discs in the Very Overstable and Overstable Putters categories are used as throwing putters.


Axiom Envy, top selling disc golf putt and approach disc.

#1 Axiom Discs Envy   – The overstable, throwing/putting putter has an overstable flight, but is still shapable and useful in a variety of situations on the course. The Envy’s profile is a little thinner than some putters, which is appealing to many. An older, more beat in Envy can be used in tight fairways and situations where control is crucial.

#2 Kastaplast Berg

#3 Gateway Wizard

Check out the top 20 overstable disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Stable Flying Disc Golf Putters

A couple of Infinite molds sit atop the list of highest rated stable putters. The Tomb at 4.88 stars and the Alpaca at 4.87 stars. The best-selling disc of 2023 takes third with 4.85 stars. The disc rating drop off slowly as people really like a lot of discs in this category. Discs with stable flights can be used by such a large number of people with differing skill levels and in a large variety of situations. That is why there are so many on this list that are top selling discs, too.
Although many of the discs in this category are mainly throwing putters, they can also be used as putting putters. Look at this category as a list of the top putting putters.

Infinite Discs Tomb best putt and approach disc

#1 Infinite Discs Tomb – The Tomb is a beaded putter with just enough stability to give the disc a wide range of uses. Comfortable and easy to throw for beginners, the Tomb can also be a valuable weapon for advanced players. It is available In many different plastic types and weights, so you are sure to find one that suits you.

#2 Infinite Discs Alpaca

#3 – MVP Glitch

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Highest Rated Understable Disc Golf Putters

Although the understable putter category has some well-known names in the top 10, such as the Fierce and the Dynamic Discs Deputy, it is also full of lesser known brands and molds. Most disc golfers will have heard of Prodigy and their PA5, which is the highest rated understable putter. They may not be as familiar with the Mobius and RPM’s Tui, a New Zealand brand and disc. Check out the top 20 to see how many of brands you are familiar with.

Prodigy PA 5 best understable putter


#1 Prodigy PA5  – Described as a “silky smooth understable putt and approach disc that has the ability to hit and hold turnover lines and can perform straight hyzerflips”. The speed 3 putter has a little glide and a good amount of turn. Can be used on the putting green for straight putts, or as a driving putter when you need to flex around objects. The PA5 is available in many different Prodigy plastics.

#2 RPM Discs Tui

#3 EV-7 Mobius

Check out the top 20 understable disc golf putters HERE where you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Let Us Know About YOUR Favorite Putters!

Those are our lists of the top putters with sales and ratings data. Now we want to hear from YOU!

1 – What is your favorite/go-to throwing putter?
2 – What is your favorite/go-to putting putter?

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Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • Favorite putting putter: Dynamic discs warden
    Throwing putter: Berg

  • Putting: Warden
    Throwing: Berg

  • Putting: Latitude 64° Pure
    Throwing: Discraft Jawbreaker

  • I’m still a basic B putting with the DX Aviar I got when I first started playing 15 years ago. None of the others I’ve tried seem to feel as good to me. There are a few on this list I’d still like to try out.

  • For putting
    For throwing

  • For putting, nothing beats the Banger GT. It’s got a bead for your index finger and a place to put your thumb, to ensure you get the right grip every time.

    For throwing putters, I quite enjoy the Axiom Envy, though I find myself breaking out the Streamline Stabilizer quite a bit too — it’s like a baby Zone.

  • I just got a Lone Star Copperhead and I really like throwing it. I got it in the glow plastic so that adds to the overstability and has a nice hand feel.

    I putt with a Judge. Got a 5 pack of those so I can practice on my home basket and I think that really helped my game.

  • Thank you so much for giving complete guidance about the highest-rated stable putters. It helps me out in finding the best stable putter for disc golf.

  • Steve Ballenger

    I’m amazed at how well I putt with Discmania’s LINK. Just getting back into DG and already expecting to make from 30 ft or even longer, with the Link. Also like Axium Pixel

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