Disc Golf Sales Trends by Brand

Infinite Discs has officially completed four full years of business. A lot has changed in the disc golf world since we got started at the end of 2012. I thought it would be fun to put together some numbers that show the amount of inventory we’ve purchased from each manufacturer to see how disc preferences have changed.

Note that in 2013, we were a very small online retailer that did approximately one tenth of the business we did in 2016. The graphs and numbers in this chart are in no ways an indication of the overall success or popularity of individual disc brands. These figures simply demonstrate the popularity exclusively from InfiniteDiscs.com. The total volume of sales when demonstrated as a percentage makes it appear that some disc manufacturers are declining, when in reality, our total purchases from all the major manufacturers have increased every year.

Percentage of Sales by Year


Innova has always been the dominating brand for disc golf sales at Infinite Discs, as you can see by the steady blue line at or above 30% of sales. Discraft took up the second-most shelf space in our warehouse, but accounted for significantly less sales at 11.15%. As the hot new thing, Prodigy and Vibram actually accounted for more sales than did Discraft. With many of the top pros switching to Prodigy, everybody needed to try their discs. All the new Prodigy releases flew off our shelves. The Vibram Lace was our most consistent seller throughout the year. In 2013, we purchased “Trilogy” discs directly from Latitude 64 in Sweden. At that time, Dynamic Discs was primarily a retailer, and had just begun manufacturing their own line of discs. MVP was still a rather new company and only offered a handful of disc models.


In 2014 you can see the rapid rise of Trilogy and MVP plastic. At this point, Dynamic Discs became a major distributor and Trilogy discs became more mainstream. MVP introduced their first distance drivers as well as their secondary brand Axiom. Dynamic and MVP sales increased at such a rapid rate that Prodigy and Vibram sales accounted for a substantially smaller percentage of sales than the previous year.


2015 sales follow a similar path as 2014. Trilogy and MVP sales continued to take a bigger share of the pie while Prodigy and several smaller brands became less significant in terms of sales. Dynamic disc sales especially rose with the popularity of their increasing line of disc golf bags. 2015 Vibram sales flat-lined while Legacy Discs started to see a small bump in percentage points with the release of the popular selling Outlaw. Discraft purchases were fairly steady, in large part due to the massive number of Ledgestone Insurance Open Discs introduced.


Last year our biggest increase in percentage of sales came from Discmania. Because previous years Discmania purchases had always been made directly through Innova, these sales are still lumped in the same category. Discmania’s rise in popularity was at the expense of Trilogy, MVP and Discraft. Prodigy saw a slight bump last year, in large part because of the popularity of their inexpensive BP3 and Practice bags.

What will 2017 hold?

The one thing we know for sure is that disc golf will continue to grow and that it’s a great time to be in the industry. There will continue to be new discs and improvements that will help us enjoy the game even more. Innova and Trilogy may be the primary providers of the discs we throw, but you never know if someone, or something, might come along that will alter our disc preferences. We know by experience that one thing is true– most players never tire of exploring new discs!

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