Focus Friday

Happy Friday. . . the 13th. Luckily for us all, we are still doing a Focus Friday. Sticking to the science side of things rather than the superstitious side. This weekend, you can get 10% off all MVP Photons by using the provided discount code.

The Photon is an overstable distance driver. You will want this disc if you’re in search of an 11 speed, overstable driver. In a headwind, you can through it with confidence, as it will fly as you intended it to fly. If you’ve got a slower arm, you can trust this disc to be a good manageable utility driver. If you’ve got a fast arm, you’ll be able to throw this disc and watch it as it flies on that beloved s-curve line. The Photon can be used for some solid flex shots as well. This weekend is an excellent time to pick up a Photon to try or to stock up, simply use the code FOCUSPHOTON to get 10% off all Photons.

Leave a comment below whether you like to backhand this or forehand it?

You can select your disc by clicking here. Simply add as many Photons to your shopping cart as you want, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code, FOCUSPHOTON, into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.


We hope that you love throwing the Photon. If you’ve thrown the disc, feel free to share what you think of this new midrange. Thanks!

STAY TUNED for our next Focus Friday for another chance to try a featured disc at a nice discounted price!

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