Focus Friday – The C-Blend Tomb

We’re going to start taking the opportunity to focus on specific discs in specific plastic types on Fridays and call them “FOCUS FRIDAY” blogs. We may not get every week, but we’ll try to keep some fresh discs in the spotlight on a somewhat regular basis.

Our first Focus Friday feature will be on the C-Blend TOMB.

The TOMB has risen in the ranks of Infinite Disc brand best-sellers as it has garnered attention as a superb approach disc. We’ve found that more players, particularly among the Team Infinite roster, use the Tomb to drive or approach the basket in lieu of a traditional mid-range disc. That has appeared to be a trend in disc golf where smaller diameter, putter-sized discs are used instead of the larger diameter mid-range discs (think of the Discraft Zone, Westside Harp, Hyzerbomb Mortar, Innova Pig, etc.). The Tomb has joined those ranks for straight, precision approach shots. It flies surprisingly straight with minimal fade and with it’s low profile and flat top, it feels comfortable for longer throws.

The C-Blend (comparable to Innova Champion plastic) is a more durable plastic that fits perfectly into that role, able to take some abuse and keep its flight characteristics for the long-term. While we have seen it used for putting, the plastic’s texture lends itself even better to mid-range use.

Here is an old review video for the TOMB in general, so you can see it in action:

Give the C-Blend Tomb a try as a straight-flying mid-range option, especially when you need to thread the needle on tight fairways. We think you’ll love it!

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Have you thrown the Tomb? Which plastic do you like best? What discs would you like to see featured in a future Focus Friday? Feel free to comment below!


  • I have been putting with the Tomb for about 10 months. I have multiples of all three plastics. It is my go to disk for anything inside 100 ft. Yesterday I put in a 140 ft upshot, the disk flew true, nice straight throw with a slight fade at the end. I started using it during a putting league last fall. My scores improved considerably, I recommend it to all my friends.

  • I have thrown the Tomb … a lot. My favorite plastic depends on the shot shape. I tend to use S-Blend off the tee because it has the most glide. For perfectly straight or slight turnover upshots, I go with the D-Blend. For shorter or hyzer shots, I use C-Blend because it’s the most stable and has the least glide. The I-Blend does not fly like you would think it would. I-Blend Sphinxes and Pharaohs are the most understable out of all the plastics for those molds but this isn’t true of the I-Blend Tomb. It’s kind of a middle ground between the S and C blends, leaning more toward the S-Blend flight patter. If you didn’t want or didn’t have room to carry both, the I-Blend would be a good compromise between them.

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