Introducing Birdie Disc Golf Supply

Infinite Discs started a blog series focusing on some of the smaller brands that we carry. That series continues this week with a look at a Delaware brand, Birdie Disc Golf Supply.

New Castle, Delaware, is located on the banks of the Delaware River, across from New Jersey. It was settled hundreds of years ago. It is home to the first dike made in the United State, the New Castle Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1707, and New Castle is home to Birdie Disc Golf Supply.

Retail to Brand

Birdie was started in 2018 by Derek Fell. It started as a retail disc golf store. After a few years, Birdie became a brand with the release of their first mold, the Marvel. The Marvel was PDGA approved in December, 2021. It is a beadless putter with a fairly straight flight. Since its introduction to the disc golf world, over 100,000 Marvels have been sold.

Following the Marvel, Birdie released their first fairway driver, the Strike. It is a speed seven driver with a good amount of glide and a solid fade. Birdie likes to pick names that are strong and exciting to the disc golf community.

As for plastic types, Birdie fans have quite a few choices. Their Putter Blends include Base, Stiff, AG, Soft, and Glow. Their Premium Blends are Premium, Premium Swirly, Color Glow, and Glow. The most popular of these is the Base Blend.

Sponsored Pros

Despite being a new brand, there are quite a few top pros that have been sponsored by Birdie. Ricky Wysocki and Casey White have been sponsored by them. Currently, Scott Stokely, Alex Geisinger, and Dylan Cease.



The Future…

What does the future hold for Birdie Disc Golf Supply? Keep an eye out for several new molds and plastics coming out this year. Their new overstable midrange, the Ultra, will be out in Color Glow plastic in a few months. The Strike will also be released in that plastic.

This summer, the Weapon will be released. It is an overstable control driver. Later in the year a new driver will be available.

Derek is optimistic about the future of Birdie. They are a family owned business which focusses on customer relations and service, and all of their molds are made in the USA. They have plans to keep growing their brand to include a complete lineup of discs.

As for the sport of disc golf, Derek says it will get, “bigger and better every day!”

Check out Birdie Disc Golf Supply HERE

Check out Infinite’s available Birdie Discs HERE

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Comment below about Birdie Disc Golf Supply and you might win one! Let us know which ones you’ve tried, and what you thought about them! Let us know which ones you would like to throw! We’ll pick three random commenters and send them a new Birdie disc.

Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • I haven’t tried a Birdie yet, but I’ve had my eye on them for a few weeks now.
    i love the Birdie B logo and the designs are clean, simple and class. Looking forward to seeing how far Birdie flies. Have a nice day

  • I’ve been using Marvels since they dropped and haven’t looked back! I live in Delaware and can vouch for all the wonderful things Birdie has done for disc golf in our area. They’re easy to root for and it’s exciting to see what the future holds for Birdie Disc Golf!

  • Birdie/Derek have been a blessing to the free disc golf programs and camps I have run. He has helped with massive discounts on marvels for us to give out to the kids. I recently tried the marvel out myself and found myself loving the release and have been contemplating switching over to them fully. A friend of mine new to the sport recently got his first birdie at a local course with the Strike off the tee and an easy 10ft putt. Great brand and great owner ❤️

  • I like the flight numbers on the Marvel, I think I would really like it as a putter

  • Marvel soft blend is my go to putting putter. Love the grip and glide. Goldilocks. Not too much.
    The Strike is super dependable. I use it when I need to know that the disc will hold the line.

  • I like my First Run Birdie Marvel. I haven’t been able to try their Strike yet.

  • Go Birdie!

  • Just started putting with a Marvel and have had more consistent putts than I have since I started playing in September of last year. Just played in my first tournament yesterday at Killens Pond, hosted by Tim Reyes from Birdie. Had an awesome time, it was run really well and everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks, Birdie!

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