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Infinite Discs carries a large selection of brands and we wanted to introduce you to some of the brands and molds that you might not be as familiar with. Each week we will spotlight a different company and tell you a little more about them. Because of Covid shutdowns, our supply of discs was severely affected. Therefore, we may not have all of the molds from all of the brands we will talk about. But, it might put a few more molds on your radar for the future. This week we travel across the pond to check out Disc Golf UK and their spin-off company, Launch Disc Golf.

Disc Golf UK/Launch Disc Golf


Disc Golf UK (DGUK) is a disc golf manufacturing company that started a few years ago in England. It was formed in 2014 and registered as a business in 2015. The founder, Richard Hatton, was already involved in the disc golf scene in England. He was a member of the British Disc Golf Association, an advocacy group that exists to organize and promote the sport in the Country. He felt like those goals could be better met by having a private business approach landowners and others about disc golf, instead of a volunteer organization.

Disk Golf UK is located in Warwick, England. It is near the Quarry Park disc golf course. (Check out the link below to a tournament at that course, featuring DGUK sponsored pro, 16-year-old Noah Smithson.) Its warehouse, shop and factory are south of Chesterfield, England.

Humble Beginning


The company was created to make inexpensive discs that could be rented out at the courses being created in the area. The exchange rate was not favorable for them, making discs expensive to import. The first mold they made was the Duke, an overstable midrange. However, once people started throwing the disc, people started raving about it! It wasn’t even PDGA approved at the time. The positive comments told them they were onto something more than a cheap rental.


A Quick Start


Shortly after the Duke was PDGA approved, the Baron and the Count were quickly designed and approved. That added a putter and a control driver to their portfolio. The Baron is a beadless overstable putt/approach disc similar in flight numbers to a Harp. The Count is a fairway driver with a little turn and a solid fade. It is similar to the Innova Eagle in flight numbers.


The Duchess, an experiment that turned out to be a success, was the fourth mold from DGUK. The Duchess is an understable midrange/approach disc. Its flight numbers make it great for people just starting out, and a shapeable disc for more experienced players. It is available in Noble plastic, which is their base plastic.


A New Brand Gets Launched


In 2020 DGUK launched a new line of discs under the Launch Disc Golf brand. Launch was started by Dan Whiteman, who is now the area manager for Southeast UK. Four molds have been released under the Launch brand: The Lander, the Code,  the Code X, which is the most recent release, and the Cipher. They are a putter, two mids, and control driver, respectively. The Cipher is the first disc released in the new premium plastic, Alpha. The new plastic is similar to Gold Line or Star plastic. The other molds are available in the Omega Plastic, Launch’s base plastic.

The Cipher is a fairway driver, and the first driver from Launch Disc Golf. The Cipher offers a slight turn, with a good fade at the end. Its flight is similar to a seasoned Thunderbird. The Code and Code X are midrange discs, with the Code X being the more overstable of the two. The Code X has a great wind-fighting flight and a solid, dependable finish. The Lander is the first putter from Launch, and performs nicely as both a driving and putting disc. The mold can give a little turn, or a slight hyzer-to-flat flight and sail until the fade at the end.


Hatton, the founder of DGUK, said that the Baron, the Duchess, and the Count are the top selling discs for Disc Golf UK. These three molds make up their starter sets and are found at courses all over the country. Outside of starter sets, the Lander and the Baron are the favorite molds of DGUK/Launch Disc Golf fans.


The Pros Throwing DGUK


Many of the company’s mold are thrown by the top disc golfers in the UK. Multiple-time British Champion James Luton throws the Duke, and calls it the best forehand disc he has ever thrown. Another British Open winner, Noah Smithson, uses his Lander as a driving putter. The 2020 National Matchplay Champion, Jon Tweed, used a Baron for every putt at the tournament. He has been throwing a prototype Cipher, too. FPO British Tour Champion Sian Lee loves the Duchess, and uses it as her go-to mid. All of the above mentioned pros are on Team Disc Golf UK.

In addition to the pros playing on Team DGUK, the company recently launched an ambassador team. These player were selected because of their contributions to disc golf, and their love of DGUK discs!


Popular Plastic


As for plastic types from DGUK, until the recent release of their Alpha plastic, only variations of base plastics were available. The Noble plastic is for DGUK molds, and Omega is for Launch molds. There are also glitter, glow options available in base plastic.


The Future for DGUK


DGUK has lots of plans for the future. Most importantly, they want to continue to add to their line of molds. They recently received technical drawings for three of their upcoming molds.  In addition to the molds, they have found a glow plastic formula that they like, and that has received positive feedback from testers due to the brightness of the glow. DGUK also want to expand their line of baskets and bags.  They will also be working hard to install more courses around the country. Their long-term goal is to have a course within a half hour of everyone in the country.  Plus, they will be working to grow the sport by introducing disc golf to school-age youth.


Infinite’s Sales of Disc Golf UK and Launch Disc Golf Molds


Here is a breakdown of the most popular molds based on Infinite Discs’ sales for 2020. For Disc Golf UK, the Duchess led the pack, a few ticks ahead of the Count for the most sales last year. Coming in third was the Baron.

For Launch Disc Golf, the results were a little closer. Their putter, the Lander, barely beat the Cipher for the most sales last year.


Win Some DGUK/Launch Merch!


Infinite Discs would like to give some swag to some random people who answer the question below. Head to Infinite (links below) and check out our listing of DGUK/Launch molds. Then let us know:

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We’ll select a few random responses and ship out some swag. Check back in a week when we post the next disc golf manufacturer, and we’ll list the winners.

Last week we featured AGL Discs and selected three random commenters to win some AGL prizes. The winners are:

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Noah Smithson at 25th Quarry Park Open




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