Memorial Day – Weekend SALE!

Infinite Discs is proud to announce an awesome Memorial Day sale that will run from Thursday, May 26th – Monday, May 30th!



Top Sellers

On Sale discs include dozens top sellers such as the Destroyer, Saint, Teebird, Buzzz, Roc3 and the DD Judge.

Limited Edition Ledgestone Discs

Most of the limited Ledgestone Edition discs are on sale! Check out the Titanium Crank SS, Z Glo Fly Dye Buzzz OS and Z Glo Zone. Get them while they are on double-discount, and before they become rarities! Plus, the new X Soft GLO Roach putters are available at a sale price!

For this weekend only, save on the brand new Glo Z Undertakers  that just barely came out.  Also the St. Jude Z Sparkle Buzzz discs… a great deal on a limited edition, that goes to a great cause!

Some sale and clearance prices are only on certain plastic types, so click to browse the disc selection to see the individual sale prices.

Follow us for additional discounts and promotions.

In addition to great sale prices on popular disc models and special editions, we’ll also be announcing discount codes through our mailing list and social media the next couple of days! So, be sure to follow us for the remainder of this week to get those promotional codes that will give you a discount on your entire order (excluding baskets)!



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You will be able to use the promo codes during checkout to apply your additional discount! That extra discount will ALSO apply to all discs that are already on sale or on clearance!

(Note: Only one promo code will work per order. They may not be combined.)

And if you missed out on the new DDX discs from Dismania…might as well get them now, before they’re gone again.

And we probably don’t need to mention that there are new discs out by MVP and Axiom this weekend, upon which you can unleash your promo code.

ALSO… popular best-selling discs will be on sale. Get them at the sale price, PLUS the discount code for additional savings.

Again, remember to follow us on social media for the promo codes!

We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and thank you for supporting Infinite Discs! We love supplying players with a great selection of discs, and appreciate your support more than you know.


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