New Disc Golf Discs for 2016

New Disc Golf Releases in 2016

***This post discusses the discs released last year in 2016. If you’re looking for discs released this year, you’ll want to check out this post***


The Disc Golf Manufacturers have wasted no time this year releasing new discs and products. Here is our list of discs that have been released by the major disc manufacturers in 2016.


  • Thrill – The Axiom Thrill is an overstable workhorse driver in Axioms 21.5mm distance class.


  • Sail – Understable easy to throw driver. For newer players
  • Pipeline – The Pipeline is a control driver that is slightly more overstable than the Sail. Flight wise, this disc has been compared with the Innova Teebird.

Both of DGA’s 2016 additions have been well received. These are both excellent drivers that are recommend for disc golfers of all skill levels.


  • PDX – The Discmania PDX is a new power driver that is currently released as a fundraising disc for the Disc Golf World Tour. This is an overstable driver that is described as a cross between the PD and DDX. Discmania gives this disc the flight ratings 11/4/0/3.
  • DDX – The Discmania DDX has been one of our hottest selling discs of 2016. This driver, described as a less overstable Destroyer goes the distance.


  • Undertaker – The undertaker is a stable control driver that has proved to be one of Discrafts most popular new releases ever. This disc is used by professional disc golfer Nate Doss and was the first release in our VIP Club.
  • Thrasher – The Discraft Thrasher is a slightly understable high speed driver that gives average players maximum distance. This disc is currently available in Elite Z plastic and has been another hot seller of late summer.
  • BUZZZ GT – The Groove Top Buzzz is a unique disc that was produced exclusively to Infinite Discs to sell as fundraiser for the 2016 Ledgestone Insurance Open.

Dynamic Discs

Surprisingly, Dynamic Discs has yet to release a new mold this year. We do know that they have several new discs that will be out at some time in 2016. DD also has some new backpacks; the Ranger H2O and Sniper have already been released while the Commander is coming soon.

Coming Soon:

  • Defender – Overstable High Speed Distance Driver that arrived as part of GBO players packs
  • EMAC Truth – This is a retooled more overstable version of the popular Dynamic Discs Truth.
  • Gavel – Easy to Throw Putter available in base Prime plastic. This will likely be the disc used in future DD starter sets. It has the same basic feel of the Judge but will be more understable and found in lighter weights.
  • Marshal – The DD Marshal is the putter that was used in this years Trilogy Challenge. For the Challenge it was available in Prime plastic but now it is also available in Classic Blend.
  • Proof  – This will be an Easy to Throw understable midrange and likely part of future DD starter sets.


Innova hasn’t wasted much time with the release of new discs in 2016. They have already released several discs and will soon be releasing a few more that have already been PDGA approved.

  • Colossus – This is the first Speed 14 driver in the Innova Line. It is a stable/overstable driver for most players and is currently available in GSTar plastic.
  • Stud – The Stud is slightly more overstable brother of the popular low profile Innova Colt putter. The Colt was one of our most popular Innova discs last year. The Stud is currently available in Innova DX plastic.
  • CommanderThe Commander is a unique very overstable midrange with a flight described as a midrange version of the firebird.
  • MirageThe Innova Mirage is a very understable approach disc that is great for beginners. This is also a good disc for turnover shots.
  • MystereThe Mystere is a distance driver that has not yet been released for retail sale, but was available as players pack items in several Innova sponsored tournaments. Members of our tester team were able to try it out.
  • SavantLike the Mystere, the Savant also has only been available in players packs. You can check out the video review of it here.
  • Shryke – Innova kept the distance driver Shryke a secret for a while, and we didn’t even know about it until it was announced available for us to purchase. This new distance driver has flight ratings of 13/6/-2/2 and is supposed to be somewhere between the Dominatar and the Groove in terms of flight.

Latitude 64

Latitude 64 has already released two drivers and a midrange this year. This surely won’t be all as they have several other discs in the works.

  • Compass – Stable midrange disc.
  • Cutlass – Overstable high speed driver.
  • Culvern – Overstable control driver.

Coming Soon:

  • Falchion – The Latitude 64 Falchion will be released as the Trilogy Challenge driver. This is described as a straight flying fairway driver with a light end of flight fade.
  • Knight The Latitude 64 Knight is a super consistent overstable driver.


  • Enemy – The Enemy is another disc that was announced last year, that has been highly anticipated by Legacy fanatics. The Enemy is a very overstable driver with high speed and overstability. It’s supposed to be Legacy’s version of the Firebird and a weapon for headwinds and will be available in multiple plastics.


  • Aquarius – The Aquarius is a new speed 10 floating driver. This disc is available in an extra stiff grippy plastic (similar to the plastic used in the Innova Wahoo) and will give you all kinds of confidence when you have to throw over standing bodies of water.


MVP continues to release a good number of new disc models each year. In 2016 they have given us:

  • Energy – The Energy  is the most overstable disc in MVP’s 23mm class.
  • Catalyst – The Catalyst is a distance bomber that even players without big arms can utilize for big distance.
  • Spin – Understable putter that will be released as part of the MVP Circuit players pack in Electron plastic.
  • Signal – This is a VERY understable fairway driver that was used as part of the Circuit players pack. This is a fantastic disc for new players.


  • A3 – The Prodigy A3 is said to fill the gap between a midrange and putter. This is still an overstable disc, but just not quite as overstable as the A1. It is consistent and reliable in all wind conditions and perfect for trick shots and approach shots.
  • A4 – The A4 is another unique approach disc with a perfectly flat top and unique thick rim.
  • D6 – The Prodigy D6 is a thick rim understable distance driver that is supposed to be a good roller disc.


  • Onyx –  The Onyx is the last disc that appears on the Vibram flight chart. This is supposed a very beginner friendly understable driver, and unlike the Valley, Vamp, Notch and Arch, wasn’t released last year. The Onyx has been a big seller for us for new players, especially for in store sales.
  • It’s also rumored that Vibram will release some new midrange discs this year.


  • Catapult – High Speed Overstable Driver
  • Destiny – The destiny is a High Speed, High Glide, slightly understable distance driver. Many disc golfers have selected the Destiny as their new choice for maximum distance on the wide open field.
  • Longbowman – Stable/Overstable Control Driver
  • The Sling The Westside Sling is a stable flying midrange that was released in Tournament plastic as part of the Trilogy Challenge. It is now available in VIP plastic.

In addition to new discs, Westside is also planning on releasing discs with GPS technology and an additional midrange disc ”

Do you know of other releases that have, or will soon be coming out in 2016? Comment below and let us know what other new disc molds will be available this year.

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