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One cool thing that we can look forward to as every year as disc golfers is to see what new molds will be released. Even larger companies with tons of existing molds covering every flight pattern will release a few new ones so they can stay fresh in everyone’s mind. That means a lot of new disc golf discs for 2024.

With the rapid growth that disc golf seen in the past decade or so, in addition to the brands we’ve known for years releasing discs, now we get lots of completely new companies eager to release discs to the growing members of our sport. It is amazing to see so many companies jumping into disc golf.

In this blog we’ll take a look at some of the discs that are new for 2024. These are discs that have been released this year, or are going to be released soon. Then we’ll look at discs that have been PDGA approved in the past few months and highlight some new brands that might be making their mark on our sport.

New Disc Golf Discs For 2024

Axiom Pixel – The second release from the Simon Line, the Pixel is a strait-flying putt/approach disc from Axiom. Available in a few different plastic types.

Elevation Disc Golf Psychic – The brand that has given us a variety of extra-floppy discs recentlyElevation Disc Golf Psychic released their inaugural distance driver, the Psychic. You’ll get all the distance of a driver with the stopping ability of all their molds.

Goliath Ark – In keeping with their biblical theme, Goliath’s newest mold is the Ark. It is a stable fairway driver that is available in their Oasis plastic.

Latitude 64 Brave – This fairway driver has the glide, turn, and fade that combine for some long throws. It will suit players of all skill levels.

Lone Star Discs Spur

Lone Star Disc Spur – The Spur is an overstable fairway driver with enough fade that it can handle forehand or headwind shots.

Lone Disc Bearkat – The flippy mid from Lone Star is available now. Name after the Sam Houston University mascot, the Bearkat has a decent amount of turn and a mild fade.

EV-7 Lid – The Lid is a catching mold that resulted from a collaboration with EV-7 and Hyperflite. It is an expanded version of their popular canine disc.

Discraft Kratos – The new putter from Discraft will be released on March 8. A beaded Luna? It sure sports an overstable flight like the Luna. The Paul McBeth Kratos will have a limited edition release, so make sure you get your order in soon after the drop.

Discraft Kratos

Infinite Discs  Khonsu – This beadless midrange from Infinite looks to be a flippy mold. Perfect for those right-hand turning shots.

Axiom Pitch – This may be Axiom’s answer to the Glitch, and if that is the case, it will be a hit. Fans will have to wait for the upcoming solar eclipse until it is released.

Doomsday Discs Apocalypse – The Apocalypse was recently released, to the dismay of noodle arms all over the world. This extra-beefy high-speed driver is nothing but FADE. Good disc if you need to play in hurricane-force winds.

Doomsday Discs Crisis – Pick the type of Crisis you’re having Doomsday Discs Midlife Crisisin your life and get an appropriately-stamped

Doomsday Discs Rot – According to Doomsday, the Rot will be their first beaded putter. It will have a flat top and fly fairly straight.

Doomsday Discs Proximity Mine – This is a speed 1 disc with a touch of stability. Maybe some competition for the Berg? I don’t have a release date.

Chumba Discs Sombra – The first release from Chumba Discs is a straight, beadless putter. ‘Sombra’ means ‘shadow is Spanish. It is currently available.

Legacy Discs Sumo – If you’re looking for a very overstable putter, be sure to check out the Sumo. It has a low glide and can fight any headwind. Available in four different plastics.

Ice Age – Only recently approved, this mold will be rolling out soon.

PDGA Approved Molds

Now let’s shift to molds that have been PDGA approved in the past three months. It is interesting to see so many new brands on the list.

PDGA Recently Approved Discs

On this list you can see some of the long-time manufacturers in the sport: Innova, Discraft, and Gateway Discs. These brands have been around for decades, but are still coming up with new molds. But, you can also see brands getting their first mold(s) approved. Here are some first-timers:

Bernoulli – Undoubtedly named after Daniel Bornelli, a Swiss physisist who developed theories of fluid mechanics that explain the flight  of a disc golf disc. They got their first two molds approvede recently, the Einstien, and the self-titled Bernoulli.

Evolvent Discs – This Swedish brand  was started by two engineers who want to produce the best disc golf prosucts on the market. Their first mold, the Readiness, was approved in December.

Goeringer Discs – Their first disc, the Cherry Blossum, got approved at the end of last year.

Gorilla Performance Discs – The Texas company not only recently got three molds approved, they have two molds, the Silverback and Chango, in production and available to purchase on their website.

Grassland Discs – Grassland has chosen 3D printing as the method to producing their discs for now. Their first mold is the Chickadee. They are a Canadian brand, based in Saskatchewan.

Meridian Discs – They had two molds that were recently PDGA approved, the Tundra and the Strait.

Negative – Negative is the name of a brand that just got their first disc approved. It is the Ritual. I couldn’t find any information about the company.

Ocean Discs – Ocean Discs appears to be a manufacturer in England. They got their Sea Turtle mold approved in December.

PrintPractical – The Extruder is the first mold produced by PrintPractical. The disc is named after the part of a 3D printer that pushes out the heated filament. They will be 3D printing all of their molds.

RIPR – Another Canadian company, RIPR produces a miniature rubber disc that fits in your pocket and is easy to throw. They also go their first disc golf mold approved, the Flame Skimmer. Two additional molds are currently going through the PDGA approval process: the Leatherback and the Grey Wolf.

Stokely Discs – Scott Stokely is a professional disc golfer and coach. He also has a couple molds available. They recently got PDGA approved and are available on his website.

Visionary Disc Golf – Visionary began by making disc golf practice nets. As of January of this year, they now sell discs. The Amethyst is their first disc.

X-UFO – This brand, whose parent company is does injection-molding, is a Chinese brand that had a slew of molds approved this month. Their line-up includes the Star Bat, Star Demon, Star Bison, Star Bear, and Star Dorado

Keep in mind that this list is just the brands who were getting their first mold(s) approved in the past three months (December 2023-February 2024)! That just goes to show you how much the disc golf landscape has changed in the last few years. The molds from just these companies represent a third of all of the molds approved.

Hopefully we will get to see some of the new brands make it to our shelves. It’s always fun to try discs from new brands. When they do come to market, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.

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