New Golf Discs for 2015

As the disc golf world continues to grow, so do the number of new disc models. Last year there were more than 70 new disc models introduced by more than a dozen different disc manufacturers. If historic disc manufacturing trends continue, this number will only increase this year.

Here’s what we know about new discs that will be released in 2015:


From PDGA approval and promotional releases, we know that Innova will release a putter the Whale, the Colt, and the new midrange (VRoc). There is also rumor of a really beefy putter the Innova Hawg, which may be like or replace the Pig.

Innova has also mentioned that there will actually be three different VRoc versions released throughout the year.

On January 16th Innova will release there new Wombat Midrange. This disc is said to be very similar to the Foxbat, but with “VTech” technology that makes it less likely to turn over.


We haven’t heard any news about new releases coming out from Discraft, other than lots of new plastic varieties as limited edition fundraiser discs for the Ledgestone Open.

There will of course be a new release for the Discraft Ace Race this fall. Many disc golfers are hoping that this year the Ace Race disc will be either a putter or a midrange.


Trilogy Logo

Latitude 64:

Latitude 64 has already released a new ultra high speed driver, the Ballista, in the new Snow Line plastic. The catch with this new release that it is only available as a limited fundraiser for the Scandanavian Open. Word is that the Ballista won’t be available at retail prices in the United States until 2016.

As part of the Trilogy Challenge, a Latitude 64 putter called the Macana will be released.  This new disc will initially be available in Latitude’s new baseline retro plastic.

Dynamic Discs:

From the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast we learned that Dynamic Discs plans to release four new discs in 2015, plus the “Evidence” which will be used as the Trilogy Challenge midrange. This includes the Breakout (understable fairway driver), Justice (overstable midrange), and Convict (Overstable fairway driver).


Another new release that will be available in May for those who play in the Trilogy challenge is the Sampo driver. This disc will be released in the new ultra flexible Elasto plastic.

Westside will also be releasing three discs on March 1st:

  • Seer – Understable Control Driver
  • Bard – Overstable Midrange
  • Swan 1 Reborn – Understable Putt and Approach Disc


Vibram has been working on a new fairway driver the “Valley“. It seems as if development of a new fairway driver has been slower than desired, because they were not able to release it prior to the annual Birdie Bash. The Valley will be released at the end of June.

Later in the summer Vibram plans to release two additional new discs the Arch and Notch. Vibram also has announced a new rubber blend called “granite.”


In 2015 MVP has already released a very highly rated new putter (Atom) in a new baseline plastic. They have also introduced the new Plasma plastic for their Ion putter.

As seen in the video, MVP is planning to release four new drivers that will have thicker rims and be even faster than the new drivers they released in 2014. The names of the new MVP drivers are listed below.

  • Phase: Overstable Distance Driver
  • Photon: Stable/Overstable Distance Driver
  • Wave: Neutral/Overstable Distance Driver
  • Orbital: Understable Distance Driver



The Axiom family manufactured by MVP continue to spit out new plastic at an impressive rate. Not only will there be new MVP distance drivers, but MVP has announced that there will be four new 2.0 cm Axiom drivers this year: The Fireball, Wrath, Insanity, and Virus. It will be interesting to see how different these discs will be from the Motion, Tesla, Inertia, and Impulse.


Legacy has shared on its Facebook page that it has plans for four new discs in 2015: The Enemy, Hunter, Prowler, and Nemesis. The first released in this batch will likely be a new putter, probably the Prowler, as Sarah Hokum hinted during a podcast on Smashboxx TV.  The Prowler will be a beaded putter with a round edge. The Hunter is a very straight flying putt and approach disc.

While we’re not sure exactly sure what the drivers will be like, the Nemesis is a slightly understable high speed driver and the Enemy will should be a very overstable control driver.


Gateway has two new putt and approach discs, the Warspear and the Devil Hawk. These are unique overstable putters with a thumb track on top.

The Warspear and the Devil Hawk have not yet been PDGA approved.



DGA has announced the release of its new putter the “Steady” because they have so much respect for Steady Ed Headrick, this beaded putter is supposed to be a really good one.

DGA will also release the Hellfire, an overstable driver.


Reptilian is a new disc golf company that had its first disc the “Scale” PDGA approved at the end of last year.

What other new discs are expected for 2015 that we have missed?


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