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As all disc golfers know, left-handed players have it tough. I mean, sure, lefties have an unfair advantage because most courses are designed to be difficult for righties, making it easier for lefties. But, they more than pay for that advantage with all the grief they have to endure from the rest of us. “Cheating lefty” is a common nick-name for our left-handed brothers and sisters. Furthermore, all of the equipment associated with disc golf is made for right-handed players. From discs to carts to retrievers, lefties have to adapt to a righties world. That is, until now.

Equality For All

Infinite Discs is stepping up to introduce the world to disc golf gear designed specifically for left-handed players. We’re calling it the Southpaw collection and it is designed to help left-handed players play on equal footing, as it were, as the rest of the disc golf world! Well, except for the advantage they have of playing right-handed-designed courses. But, I digress. Here are the items being released:

The Southpaw Disc

This unique disc was not only designed by and for left-handed disc golfers, it was also manufactured in a way that is beneficial to lefties. Our top, left-handed scientists at Infinite Discs discovered that the Coriolis Effect was responsible for the favorable flight of discs for right-handed players. That effect made discs manufactured in the northern hemisphere naturally rotate in a clockwise direction, favorable to right-handed players. Our solution was to have the Southpaw manufactured in the southern hemisphere, ensuring the discs had an innate tendency to rotate counterclockwise, being favorable for southpaws.

picture of an orange disc golf disc

The SouthPaw Disc

In addition to production location, our team has developed a top-secret mold that injects the plastic in a counterclockwise direction. This technology and manufacturing location, along with Infinite’s policy of only selling the disc to documented left-handed players, will create a disc so effective that left-handed players will dominate the sport at every level. Move over Isaac, James, and Paul because Chris Clemons, Nathan Queen, and Zach Melton are your future World Champs! Infinite anticipates that the PDGA will eventually make these discs illegal, so get them while you can.

Port-Side Basket

Every disc golfer knows that when you’re putting at a basket, hitting the chains on the right side is better and more efficient that hitting the chains on the left side. That is why the right chains are called the ‘strong’ side or the ‘pro’ side. And the left chains are called the ‘weak’ side or ‘am’ side. Unfortunately, left-handed players naturally come in on the left side of the basket, drastically increasing the odds that the disc will kick out of the basket. The engineers at Infinite solved that problem, and the Port-Side Basket was born.

Image of a disc golf basket

The Portside Basket

Using engineering, physics, and a bit of sorcery, our researchers were able to reverse the strong and weak sides of the chains. This proprietary technology makes the left side strong and gives lefties a better chance of hitting their putts. Now Southpaws don’t need to settle for missed putts and chain outs because of the design of the basket. Left-handed players will watch their putts drop and their confidence soar with the Port-Side Basket by Infinite Discs!

Left-Hook Retriever

There are few things sadder than a left-handed player attempting to retrieve a disc while using a right-handed retriever. The frustration, depression, and humiliation has left (pardon the pun) many lefties looking for another sport. The grip is awkward, the tip is angled in the opposite direction, and many times discs have to be abandoned because the retriever is ineffective in the wrong hand.  Compounding the problem, retriever manufacturers have no desire to make products for lefties, saying that ‘the market is too small’. At Infinite, we disagree! Introducing the Left-hook Retriever.

A left hand holding a disc golf retriever

The Left Hook Retriever

Our crack team of product developers, after month of failed experiments, concocted a way to physically reverse the handle orientation and hook angle to accommodate the needs of the left-handed player. No more frustration of not being able to retrieve a disc! No more physical awkwardness and pain trying to force a right-handed handle into a left hand, much like a round peg in a square hole. Pick up a Left-Hook Retriever for the lefty in your life!

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Be sure to check out all of the left-hand products at Infinite Discs and remember our motto, “Throw what works for your dominant hand!”

Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


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