Tips for Applying LED Lights to Disc Golf Discs

Disc Golf Disc with Light

Throwing at night with LED disc golf lights attached to your discs is a fun and amazing experience. We sometimes joke that during these “night rounds” of disc golf, that the authorities will be called due to sightings of UFO’s in the area. There’s really nothing quite like it. So get your warm clothes out, and keep playing at night!

With an LED light attached to your disc in the dark, we find that it is easier to find your disc during the night than during the day. However, LED’s attached to your disc can have a few drawbacks. So we’ve put together some “best practices” to make your night round as enjoyable as possible.

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Disc Golf Light Best Practices:

1: Use plenty of quality tape

We actually use the same packaging tape which we send your orders out with to secure lights to the dis.. This is the Scotch packaging tape made by 3M, and it works perfectly. This is transparent tape. We have seen others use duct tape to secure the light to the disc; duct tape works very well, but will sometimes leave a sticky residue afterwards.

2: Apply tape to clean discs

If you have a dirt or oil on your disc, the tape will stick to that instead of the disc plastic. This will cause your light to fall of your disc when it comes in contact with another object. You can clean your disc off by rinsing and rubbing it, or you can actually clean it off with some dish soap like you’re doing the dishes. Do not use anything abrasive, unless you hate the stock stamp that came on your disc and you like scuffs. A gentle wash should clean your disc nicely.

3: Apply tape when it is warm

This is where advanced preparation is incredibly important. We suggest doing this a day in advance. If that is not realistic, at least a few hours in advanced. Take your discs inside and let them come to room temperature. Once warm, apply the tape (which should also be room temperature) to the disc golf lights and discs, and let the tape settle in and adhere for a couple hours.

4: Place Light Correctly, Use Transparent Discs

Some people will place the light on the top of the disc, or they’ll place it on the bottom with the light facing towards the ground. This is not the best way to place your light. The best way is to tape the light to the bottom of your disc, with the light shining through the plastic. This gives the light some additional protection, decreases drag above the disc, and gives you the most visibility.

5: Package the disc golf light in clear tape, prior to applying disc light to disc

This serves two purposes:

  1. It may waterproof the disc light.
  2. Prevents damage to the light when removing the light from the disc (you’ll thank us later!)

6: Two Lights is Better than One

Two lights flying look amazing, just like a UFO. We admit, we haven’t seen a UFO, but we’ve heard from others who have that this is what they look like. Also, two lights will decrease your chance of losing the disc, if one light comes lose.

If you do so, understand that these lights are 2.9 grams (roughly 3.1g if you have taped them over), and will affect flight. You will not have the truest flight to what you are use to with that disc. However, to keep flight consistent, place the lights on opposite ends.

7: Attach disc golf lights to targets or obstacles

It’s great that your disc is now visible, but unless you light up your target, you may be out of luck.

8: Buy from Infinite Discs

Our pricing is the best. The higher the quantity package you order, the better pricing that you will receive (on both shipping and cost per item). Our prices are so excellent that even larger stores purchase their lights from us at the 20 quantity pricing.

If you’re serious about disc golf after dark, you may also want to consider purchasing glow in the dark discs. Not all discs glow as well as others (most trilogy discs in terms of glow-ability, are almost worthless). These discs work best when you use a UV black light flashlight, and also worked great when a disc light is also attached to them for maximum visibility.

9: Not PDGA Approved (Somewhat True)

Every time we say something about playing in the night with disc lights, somebody will point out that lights are not PDGA approved. We use to think this was true, until Dan R. chimed in below:

Q: Are players allowed to tape LED lights on discs for night or winter play?

A glow stick or LED light may be attached/taped to any PDGA Approved disc for use in sanctioned events where play occurs after sunset in that time zone. In addition, these lights may be attached to PDGA Approved discs for use during sanctioned play in daylight, specifically when there is sufficient snow cover on the course where the lights might make discs easier to locate. Non-PDGA Approved discs such as those with built-in LED lights cannot be used at any time during sanctioned play.

So when the self-proclaimed PDGA police come out after sunset, you can grimly point them to PDGA FAQ.

10: If Playing at Night Public Parks, Inform Local Law Enforcement

Many public parks have a curfew, or will not allow citizens to be at them after dark. However, if you inform your local law enforcement in advance that you are organizing an event they will more-than-likely be happy to let you hold your event after dark.

11: Do not use flashlights or phones

Over time, your eyes will adjust to the dark. If you use a flashlight or whip out your phone to check Facebook, it will make finding your discs more difficult; especially if you have a buddy who is using glow discs. If you are going to use a bright light, give your fellow players a warning so they can shield their eyes. It’s much easier to see disc golf lights when your eyes are adjusted to the darkness.

Check out this article for more disc golf in the dark tips.

We want to know:

What is your favorite course to play in the dark (don’t forget to tell us which state!).
Are there any other “best practices which you would like to add?
How often do you disc golf at night through the cooler months?

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