Best Disc Golf Brands: Evaluating Post Pandemic Market Share

Disc Golf Brands

Over the past six years, the disc golf landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation. The growth of professional disc golf coverage, the disc golf pro tour, major pro players shifting sponsors, and the Covid boom have caused some drastic shifts in disc golf brand market share.  Analyzing the data from from 2018 to 2023, it is clear that the industry has witnessed both the rise of new brands and the reshaping of established ones.

Percentage of Sales by Brand

The following chart represents sales by brand on the retail site. This data does not necessarily reflect all disc golf sales, but only the sales from a single online retail outlet.

Brand 2023  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Innova 18.41% 20.59% 26.69% 31.57% 30.43% 37.17%
Discraft 13.53% 13.70% 18.10% 21.09% 17.90% 7.68%
Infinite Discs 12.66% 15.79% 12.95% 6.35% 4.56% 3.60%
MVP 8.20% 5.53% 3.58% 5.23% 5.53% 5.76%
Axiom 6.34% 4.17% 3.54% 2.61% 3.42% 3.25%
Lone Star Disc 4.32% 2.31% 0.46% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Discmania 4.02% 3.26% 2.95% 4.95% 7.40% 9.06%
Thought Space Athletics 3.87% 4.66% 2.31% 0.46% 0.19% 0.00%
Latitude 64 3.69% 2.93% 2.87% 4.43% 5.44% 6.33%
Dynamic Discs 3.19% 3.58% 4.91% 5.71% 8.00% 8.96%
Kastaplast 2.52% 2.35% 1.13% 1.83% 1.97% 0.76%
Prodigy 2.49% 3.31% 3.51% 3.92% 3.19% 2.50%
Westside 1.80% 1.76% 1.06% 2.83% 3.68% 4.92%
Clash Discs 1.71% 0.66% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Gateway 1.44% 1.78% 2.76% 1.92% 1.75% 1.76%
Doomsday Discs 1.03% 0.53% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Yikun 0.98% 1.05% 1.15% 0.44% 0.31% 0.24%
Streamline 0.98% 0.97% 1.24% 1.53% 1.79% 0.94%
Dino Discs 0.97% 0.93% 1.59% 0.19% 0.00% 0.00%
Mint Discs 0.70% 0.72% 0.54% 0.37% 0.42% 0.22%

Comparing the Disc Golf Market of 2018 with 2023

In 2018, the disc golf market was largely dominated by a few key players. Innova stood as the undisputed leader with a commanding 37.17% market share. Discmania was our #2 selling brand with 9.06% and Dynamic Discs slightly behind at 8.96% of brand market share. While Discraft held a significant 7.68%, they were no where close to Innova in terms of disc golf brand sales.

However, fast forward to 2023, and the landscape has evolved significantly. Innova’s market share has almost halved to 18.41%, yet they maintain their position as the top disc golf brand. This decline suggests that while Innova remains a dominant force, their hold on market dominance has loosened, allowing for the rise of competitors and other new brands.

The biggest growth of the market share pie is the “Others” category. In 2018, disc golf brands outside of the top twelve represented only 6.5% of disc golf sales. This year, the others account for nearly 17% of our online sales.

Pandemic Disc Golf Brands

The Covid 19 pandemic lead to unprecedented growth in disc golf and the number of disc golf businesses. We currently sell 23 different disc golf brands that didn’t even exist in 2018.

Lone Star Disc’s ascension from no Infinite Discs sales in 2020 to 4.32% brand share in 2023 demonstrates the power of local and regional branding. By tapping into the Texan spirit, they have captured the hearts of players in their area and beyond. While Lone Star was new to disc golf during the pandemic, they were not new to mold creation or injection molding. Their ability to produce dozens of molds almost instantly and their acquisition of a large professional and amateur disc golf team have had a big impact on their rapid growth.

Additionally, the meteoric rise of Clash Discs from no US Sales in 2021 to 1.71% of the market share in 2023 illustrates the potential of novel marketing approaches and product differentiation.

Interestingly, Infinite Discs, while not a new entrant during the pandemic, has also seen impressive growth from 3.60% in 2018 to 12.66% of brand market share in 2023 thus far. Because we are, the results are undoubtedly skewed from our direct sales, as Infinite Discs fans are more likely to shop from our retail site than anywhere else.

Likewise, Thought Space Athletics is another brand that has rapidly grown and seen sizeable market share added. Over the last six years they have gone from an obscure niche brand to a mainstream competitor. The focus on disc aesthetics and the signing several notable professional players certainly has helped

Impact of Professional Players Switching Sponsors

Discraft and Paul McBeth

Paul McBeth Signs DiscraftDiscraft experienced a significant rise in its brand market share between 2018 and 2020, largely attributed to a strategic move that had a profound impact on the disc golf world. At the heart of this transformative shift was the signing of Paul McBeth, the then-undisputed number one disc golfer in the world. McBeth’s association with Innova, his long-standing sponsor, made his unexpected transition to Discraft a remarkable development. This transition was fueled by the allure of the first multi-million-dollar disc golf contract, shaking the foundations of the sport. McBeth’s immense popularity and prowess on the course created a seismic effect that reverberated across the sport, drawing newfound attention to Discraft. However, Discrafts rapid growth can’t be solely attributed to McBeth’s signing.

At the same time, Discraft also implemented strategic moves by producing more visually appealing discs and adding flight numbers to their stock discs. The timing of Discraft’s acquisition of former professional Ultimate Frisbee player Brodie Smith coincided with the pandemic shutdown of most Ultimate Frisbee events due to pandemic restrictions. This confluence of factors acted as a catalyst for Discraft’s rapid expansion, turning the brand into the second major contender in the disc golf industry.

MVP and Simon Lizotte

Pro Disc Golfer for MVP, Simon LizotteThe year 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge in the market presence of both MVP and Axiom, a momentum that carried over and intensified into 2023. A pivotal catalyst for this growth was the strategic sponsorship of Simon Lizotte, widely regarded as one of the most popular disc golfers globally. Renowned not only for his exceptional skills on the course but also for his charismatic personality and substantial YouTube and social media followings, Lizotte’s affiliation with MVP and Axiom injected newfound energy and visibility into the brands.

With an engaging and dynamic presence, Lizotte captivated audiences and fans worldwide, drawing attention to MVP and Axiom discs in the process. His influence extended beyond just his performances on the course, transcending into a vibrant online community. This symbiotic relationship between Simon Lizotte’s appeal and the brands’ products culminated in a notable uptick in their market share. The combination of innovative disc designs, Lizotte’s influencer status, and his ability to connect with disc golf enthusiasts contributed to the meteoric rise of MVP and Axiom, solidifying their positions as influential players in the ever-evolving disc golf landscape.

MVP’s market share has surged from 5.76% in 2018 to an impressive 8.20%, indicating a strong resonance with disc golf enthusiasts. Axiom, another subsidiary of MVP, has also grown from 3.25% in 2018 to 6.34% in 2023, showcasing their ability to carve out their niche in the market.

Discmania, Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64

Discmania Sponsored TournamentDiscmania’s trajectory is also noteworthy. Although their market share has decreased slightly from 9.06% in 2018 to 4.02% in 2023, their ability to maintain a considerable share amidst a rapidly expanding market signifies a dedicated following. This trend is echoed by brands like Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs, which have also maintained consistent shares, demonstrating their ability to foster brand loyalty.

Growth of New Disc Golf Brands

The data also underscores the growth of niche brands. Thought Space Athletics, a brand focusing on unique disc designs, has grown from 0% in 2018 to 3.87% in 2023. Similarly, Kastaplast, with its distinctive Swedish heritage and unique plastic blends, has grown from 0.76% in 2018 to 2.52% in 2023. These examples highlight the impact of brand identity and differentiation in a crowded market.

Furthermore, the diversification of the market is evident in the proliferation of smaller brands. While individually they may not command substantial market shares, collectively they contribute to the richness of options available to players. Brands like RPM Discs, DGA, Viking Discs, and Finish Line Discs may not dominate the market, but they cater to specific tastes and preferences.

Disc Brands Market Share comparison 2018 vs 2023

The evolution of disc golf brands is indicative of the broader trend of the sport’s growing popularity. As more players enter the scene and as the sport gains recognition, the market becomes a battleground for innovation, quality, and brand loyalty. The increasing number of brands also speaks to the democratization of the sport, as more players are drawn in and more entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to create and promote their products.

The past six years have seen a transformative shift in the disc golf market. While Innova’s leadership has slightly waned, it still maintains its position as the leading brand. However, the rise of MVP, Axiom, Lone Star Disc, and others indicates that the industry is open to disruption and innovation. The disc golf landscape is no longer characterized by a few giants, but rather by a diverse array of brands catering to different tastes, regions, and playing styles. This evolution bodes well for the continued growth and dynamism of the sport.

Best Discs from the Best Brands

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Alan Barker is the founder and owner of Infinite Discs and has tried more different disc golf molds than just about anyone on the planet.


  • MVP/Axiom/Streamline/TSA – Whether it be the Envy, Proxy, Atom, Pilot, I have found no other putters that feel or fly the way they do.

  • RPM, love NZ and that they use all native birds for their discs.

  • Surprised to see Trilogy as low as they are. Each has its own unique line and appeal and together they are JUST above MVP by its own without Axiom. Also expected to see Clash so low even though their lineup is limited and their prices are premium. Interesting to see Infinite with such strong sales, I will have to start looking at them…

  • MVP / Axiom

    After throwing my first GYRO, I’ve had trouble looking back. I still bag quite a few brands for variety.

  • Kastaplast was the first brand that made me realize there are legit brands to choose from other than Innova. The quality of K1 Soft plastic is what drew me in initially, the disc flights are what keep me coming back. Rekos are money, Bergs are wholly unique in what they can do, and the trio of 9 speeds are great at their respective slots in the bag.

  • Looks like companies that offer discs in lower weights seem to be the ones on top. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned. I think MVP/Axiom/Streamline are great, and combining their sales puts them in 2nd place. Their neutron plastic is so amazing and between the three lines they offer any disc that you could need. I do wish that Streamline offered lower weights though.

  • Westside has taken a couple spots in my bag but recently I’ve been liking kastaplast. Their plastic is just unique, the feel is just right.

  • I think Innova is the best because of there reliable plastics and their cool stamps. I especially like the GStar and Star plastics for they feel solid and very good grip. Some of my favorite disks are the destroyer, aviar, and the pig.

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