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As a new year and new tournament season dawns, disc golfers will once again be considering which discs we will be throwing, and looking for new discs to try. Here at Infinite Discs, we thought we would check out our sales from 2022 to let you know what the most popular discs are and give you some discs to consider trying this year. We’ll break it down by disc type and find the top five for each category. Let’s check out the top discs!

Before looking at the individual disc types, let’s look at a graph of all discs sold by Infinite last year, sorted by category. The category that won by a small margin is Putt & Approach, which is just under a third of all sales. Second place was more of a battle. Distance Drivers barely beat Control Drivers by a fraction of a percent. Midranges brought up the rear.

Top Selling Disc Types

  1. Putt and Approach Discs
  2. Distance Drivers
  3. Control Drivers
  4. Midrange Discs

Discs sold by category graph

Best Distance Drivers

The top three drivers were all pretty close in sales, with each of the three representing about 6% of all Distance Driver sales. They are also very similar in flight, having a little turn and good fade. The Infinite Disc’s Emperor just edged out the Innova Wraith for the top spot, both selling within a hundred discs of each other. Innova’s hot selling disc, the Destroyer, was the third most popular disc for 2022. In fourth Infinite Discs Emperor - 2022 Best Driverplace was another popular Infinite mold, the Pharaoh. It accounted for about 5% of all Distance Driver molds. Wrapping up the top five is the Aztec, Infinite’s speed 10 driver.

It will probably not come as a surprise the most popular plastic for the first-place Emperor is the Halo S-Blend. That good-looking plastic is a hit for any mold. About 22% of all Emperors sold in 2022 was in the Halo S-Blend. The next closest was the Metal Flake Glow C-Blend, with 16% of all Emperors sold in that plastic.

2022 Top Selling Distance Drivers

Top 5 Distance Drivers by Sales Numbers

  1. Infinite Discs Emperor
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Innova Destroyer
  4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  5. Infinite Discs Aztec 

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Best Control Drivers

Stepping down in speed a little bit we find Control or Fairway Drivers. The best Control Drivers for 2022 were also quite close in sales. The Infinite Discs Dynasty was the best-seller for the year, just beating the Finish Line Era by half a percent of all Control Drivers sold. There was a neck-and-neck race for third place with two Infinite molds. The Centurion ended up beating the Sphinx by a fraction of a percent. Rounding out the top five is the ever-popular Innova Firebird, not too far behind the Sphinx.

The best-selling plastic for the top Control Driver, the Dynasty, is the Signature Swirly S-Blend. The Eric Oakley Dynasty is a beautiful stamp, and the Swirly S-blend adds even more to its appeal. A little over a third of all Dynasty’s cam in the Signature Swirly S-Blend. The second most popular plastic is the I-Blend. Infinite’s I-Blend has the perfect balance of amazing feel at an inexpensive price. It’s one of my favorites.

Top Selling Fairway Drivers

Top 5 Fairway Drivers

  1. Infinite Discs Dynasty
  2. Finish Line Era
  3. Infinite Discs Centurion
  4. Infinite Discs Sphinx
  5. Innova Firebird

Get the data and read our article on the best fairway drivers here.

Best Midrange Discs

For the Mid’s, there isn’t much of a surprise in discovering the mold that sold the most in 2022. It feels like it has been the category leader forever. Selling more than double the second place mold is the amazing Discraft Buzzz. The Buzz made up 12 percent of all Mid’s sold last year. Taking second at around 5% is the Innova Mako3. Just a smidge behind the Mako3 is my favorite, the Infinite Anubis. Another smidge back and you have the Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder. Bringing up the rear, a tick behind the Pathfinder is the Innova Pig. The interesting thing about the Pig, is that for many this disc is classified as a putter or at least an approach disc.

A little over one in four Buzz fans preferred the mold in ESP plastic. ESP was the most popular Buzzz plastic in 2022, beating Z-Line by about 4%.

Top Selling Midrange Discs

Top five midrange discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Mako3
  3. Infinite Discs Anubis
  4. Thought Space Pathfinder
  5. Innova Pig

Get the full article on the best midrange discs here.

Best Putt and Approach Discs

On to the final, and largest category, Putt/Approach. Technically, that is two categories. Most of us have our putting putters, and separate discs for throwing. Many molds do both quite well, like the number one seller for 2022, the Infinite Alpaca. Just a couple years old, the Alpaca has quickly become a favorite of many disc golfers. The Alpaca was the best seller in the Putt/Approach category AND the number one selling mold in all categories in 2022.

Next up, also with some respectable sales numbers, is the Infinite Tomb. It trailed the Alpaca by a couple percentage points. Nearly matching the Tomb in sales is the Discraft Zone. Coming in as the third hottest Putt/Approach disc, the Zone is a perennial favorite among disc golfers. The Axiom Envy moved up a little from last year, cinching the number four spot. Last on the top five best-selling Putt/ Approach discs is the Kastaplast Berg.

The top plastic preference for the top Putt/Approach disc is the Signature P-Blend Glow. Nearly one in four Alpaca buyers chose that plastic. A little over 15% of the Alpacas sold were in D-Blend.

Top Selling Disc Golf Putters and Approach Discs

Top five putters graph

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Discraft Zone
  4. Axiom Envy
  5. Kastaplast Berg

Read this article for more sales stats and recommendations on the best disc golf putters.

Best Discs Compared To All Disc Sales

Looking at just the top mold in each of the four categories we see that just those four molds make up over 7.5% of all disc sales for the year!

Disc sales percentage

There you have the top five disc sales in each of the four categories. We will provide follow up articles with more details about top sales for each of the four categories of golf discs.

The Best Disc Golf Brands for 2023

And finally, let’s check out the top five discs in each category, and sort by the number of molds each manufacture has in the top five. It turns out that Infinite dominates the field, even beating out Innova as having more molds in the top 5. It’s also interesting to see some of the smaller brands make the list. Here is the breakdown:

Graph of disc golf brands with top 5 discs

Top Selling Disc Golf Brands of 2022

When you include all disc sales of all brands (not just those that included top five discs) on these were the top selling disc golf brands of 2022.

  1. Innova Champion Discs
  2. Infinite Discs
  3. Discraft
  4. MVP
  5. Thought Space Athletics
  6. Axiom
  7. Dynamic Discs
  8. Discmania
  9. Prodigy
  10. Latitude 64
  11. Lone Star Discs
  12. Kastaplast
  13. Gateway
  14. Westside
  15. Finish Line Discs
  16. Yikun
  17. Streamline
  18. Dino Discs
  19. Divergent Discs
  20. Viking Discs

Check out this moving graph showing monthly disc sales by brand on since 2014.

Best Disc Golf Discs for 2023

We Want YOUR feedback!

What do you think the top selling discs of 2023 will be? Let us know what discs you think will make the list for the top distance driver, top control driver, top midrange and top putter. Which disc golf brands do you see moving up or down the list in 2023?

How many of the top molds do you throw? Do you throw the top plastics for the top molds? How many of discs on our list are in your bag?


Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • I love infinite discs, they have great molds and their stamps are super fun. I have almost every infinite disc that made this list and I hope they stay at the top next year!

  • You guys really stepped the game up and I love it!! The plastic feels amazing keep it coming!

  • Nice list! I have quite a few of these discs, surprised the exodus and the hex didn’t make the cut.

  • Thinking for 2023 top sellers; driver is Emperor, fairway is Sphinx, mid is Buzzz, and putter is Alpaca. More of the same really but sure new molds will spice things up!

  • Absolutely love being able to select the exact disc I’m buying when shopping with Infinite. Hoping to give the Emperor a go in the next few weeks.
    My current MVPs for each slot are: distance – wraith/grace, control/fairway – athena/Saint, mid – mind bender, putter – nexus firefly

  • I started disc golf again. The last time I picked up a disc was 2 years ago when I was invited to go with a work group. That was my first timer being introduced to disc golf. I recently started again last week and making it a goal and priority to learn, have fun and enjoy this sport! Thank you to everyone who plays a role in making disc golf an amazing experience. My go to brand is Innova as of now.

  • I throw the wraith and sphinx

  • Casual player, I don’t bag a distance driver, I do bag a Firebird, pig/zone and a berg from the 22 list, but here goes my take for 23.

    Distance Driver – Innfinite Pharaoh
    Fairway Driver – Discmania Zen
    Midrange – Discraft Buzz
    Putter – Birdie Marvel

    I personally aim to mix my bag up a little more in 23, or at least see if Lone Star, MVP, Clash and RPM can bump a few disc out.

  • Emperor and Pharaoh continue their hot streak. Lone Star discs will crack the list.

  • I think the alpaca is a great choice for anyone to throw!

  • Cameron Haubrick

    Buzzzzzzzzzzz all the way!

  • I have a Buzzz and multiple wraith. Actually just picked up a Wraith in a G-Star plastic and I love how it feels and flies. A friend of mine just got an ESP Buzzz and it feels amazing. I think the Supreme Escape is going to make the list for 23 as well as the Halo Wraith or Shryke. Just wish it wasn’t so cold to play right now. There needs to be an indoor course!

  • I think line star will move up the list this year. Love the slab as a utility disc!

    • I don’t see the Buzz or Zone changing sales much, but with all the sponsor contracts changing its hard to say which other discs will rize to the top. I think MVP/ Axiom TSA will continue to slowly climb. Among them the Crave, Hex and Glitch I think will continue to increase in sales when people see how good they are. (Everyone who has thrown my Glitch immediately wanted one).

  • I think in 2023 there will be at least one Prodigy disc somewhere within the top 5 of these categories (as I predict Gannon will have an even better season this year). I’d personally love to see the Orion LF make the list as I think it is the most underrated disc out there (and hope we get a glow version this year).

  • Not surprised Infinite discs are at the top of most categories-they are special discs and I have no doubt they will get more and more discovered and appreciated. After trying a dozen putters I discovered the Alpaca R blend and LOVE it. I love I-blend plastic as well. There’s no seller quite like Infinite Discs!! They are the best in my opinion.

  • Really impressed with infinite discs products I found the halo items this 2022 yr was top top quality stamps and colors. Oh my God how I hope to get them with new money . Something happened where I love this brand and all the parts to it. From account set up going to compete. Halo really made Excellent updates

  • I love the gummy C-Line Emperor. I love the MF C-Line Sphinx, just picked up an S-Line that bombs. The Envy is a staple in the bag, and the little time I’ve had with my I-blend Dynasty I am honestly surprised at how much I love the plastic, which I hadn’t tried before.

    I hope to see TSA and the other lines manufactured by Axiom/MVP/Streamline continue to move up- the Pathfinder has practically replaced every other mid in my bag.

  • I have had a great time throwing a Pharoah this year. I don’t go out without an Envy and a Crave in the bag though.

  • Honestly never heard of the Alpaca. I’ll have to check it out.

  • I really like the Aztec in I blend!

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