Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers for 2024

Emperor Distance Driver - Best Selling Driver of 2023

When you want to get the most distance from your drives, you’re usually reaching for your high-speed drivers. Also called distance driver, this type of disc has the widest rim of all types, and the usually require the most skill to maximize the achievable distance. They are the super-athlete of the disc golf world, since they hold distance records, and are used by pros and amateurs alike. Much like our Best Putters of 2024 blog (HERE), we will look at the sales data to find the best disc golf distance drivers for 2024, and give you some ideas of discs you might want to try.

Top 50 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers for 2024

Graph showing the top 50 distance drivers based on sales in 2023

The very top distance drivers for sales were similar to last year’s list. A couple molds changed position though. Taking the top spot for sales is the Innova Wraith. The Wraith is a speed 11 disc from Innova that has a flight similar to the other top discs on the list. Taking second is the Infinite Discs Emperor, followed by the most popular driver of all time, the Innova Destroyer.

Checking out the top plastic sales for the number one Wraith we find that the most popular Wraith plastic sold is Star plastic. Star plastic outsold second place Gummy Champion by three times! It was responsible for over a third of all Wraith sales last year. The third place most popular plastic is GStar.

Here are links to the top 10 discs on the top 50 list.

  1. Innova Wraith
  2. Infinite Discs Emperor
  3. Innova Destroyer
  4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  5. Infinite Discs Maya
  6. Innova Mamba
  7. Infinite Discs Aztec
  8. Thought Space Athletics Construct
  9. Innova Tern
  10. Innova Beast

Check out the top selling drivers HERE

Most Brands In The Top 50

There are twelve different brands who have a disc in the top 50 best discs. Let’s take a look at which brands are represented, and how many molds they have.

Disc Golf brands with best selling drivers. Innova tops the list with 11 other disc golf companies having at least one disc that made the top 50.

Two brands make up 40% of the entire list of top 50 distance drivers. Innova and Discraft are two of the biggest brand on earth, and are staples in the disc golf world. It’s never surprising to see those two on the top of any list.

Taking the last podium spot is Infinite Discs, but MVP and Thought Space Athletics were nipping at their heels. Several other smaller brands also made the top 50 list: Lone Star Discs, Clash Discs, and Finish Line Discs also had at least one mold each in the top 50. Lone Star is the most senior of those three brands, but has still only been selling discs for a little over three years.

Top Rated Drivers

We’ve looked at the sales data for the top distance drivers, and now we’ll look at the top RATED discs. The infinite discs website allows customers to leave feedback and ratings on discs and accessories, and is a good resource for finding highly rated disc products. Let’s look at some of the distance drivers with the highest ratings.

Highest Rated Distance Drivers

Infinite Discs Emperor - Highest Rated Distance Driver for 2024

Taking the number one spot with the highest consumer rating for distance drivers is Infinite Discs’ popular high-speed driver, the Emperor. The speed 12 driver has a popular flight that features a little turn with a reliable solid fade. It is available in numerous plastic types. It is also the signature disc of some of the top pros. The Emperor has a 4.83 rating out of 5.

Two discs tied for the second place spot, both with an average rating of 4.78 out of five, are the Streamline Trace and the Infinite Discs Aztec. Both the Trace and the Aztec have similar flight ratings, the Trace being a speed 11 and the Aztec a speed 10.

Highest Rated Overstable Distance Drivers

Discmania Power Driver - Higest Rated Overstable Driver of 2023

Since the Emperor is considered an overstable driver and is the highest rated driver, it is obviously going to be the highest rated overstable driver. Since we talked about the Emperor above, let’s explore the next-best rated disc. In second place with 4.71 stars out of five is Discmania’s PD. The popular PD is a great disc for headwinds, or when you need a strong fade at the end of its flight. It is also the signature disc of several pros. The third highest rated overstable distance driver is the Innova Wraith, rated at 4.68 out of five.

Check out the top 20 overstable disc golf distance drivers HERE and you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Understable Disc Golf Driver

Infinite Discs Maya - Best Understable Driver of 2024

Looking at the other end of the stability spectrum we have the highest rated understable drivers. Topping the list are discs from Infinite, Innova, and Discraft. The currently highest-rated disc is the Infinite Discs Maya. Currently with a 4.68 rating, the Maya is a great high-speed disc golf maximum distance. With its understability the Maya is capable of giant turnover shots for some crushing drives. Or it can pick up some long distances on the ground as a roller.

The Innova Tern is the second-highest rated mold in this category with a rating of 4.63. The Tern has been a popular disc since it was released a decade ago. Like the Maya, it gives disc golfers a flight that can carve a lot of distance out of a long hole. It is available in most Innova plastics. Taking third place in the category is the Discraft Thrasher, with 4.57 out of five stars.

Check out the top 20 understable disc golf distance drivers HERE and you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Stable & Straight Flying Drivers

Best Stable flying drivers of 2024 Infinite Dsics Aztec and Streamline Trace

Checking out distance drivers with a more neutral flight, meaning little turn and a less aggressive fade, we find the stable Aztec and Trace in a tie for the title of Best Stable Distance Driver. As mentioned above, the Aztec and the Trace have different speed ratings, but the same general flight. They both have a slight turn in flight, followed by a consistent, but not hard fade.

Having a nearly identical overall Infinite rating as the Aztec and Trace is the Discmania Enigma. Also nearly identical in flight numbers to the Aztec and Trace, the Enigma is slightly faster than Trace. The three discs that are the highest rated represent a similar flight at three different speed ratings. They would be excellent for a variety of skill levels.

Check out the top 20 stable disc golf distance drivers HERE and you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Let Us Know About YOUR Favorite Drivers!

Those are our lists of the top distance drivers with sales and ratings data. Let’s add to the data by hearing from YOU! Answer one or more of the following questions:

1 – What is your favorite distance driver?
2 – What is your favorite over/understable distance driver?
3 – What do you think will be the best distance driver for next year?

We chose five random commenters to win an Infinite Discs gift card. Here are the winners, and their disc choices.

Caleb D – Caleb’s favorite distance driver is a Wraith. When he wants more stability, he reaches for his Destroyer or Slab. He predicts the Wraith will remain on top.

Marc H – A GStar Innova Corvette is at the top of Marc’s list of favorite drivers. For understable drivers, he throws a Viking Berserker. For overstability her prefers a Pharaoh. He thinks the Time Lapse will be the best driver next year.

Landon B – His favorite driver is a Ballista.

Ismael L – Ismael’s favorite driver is an I-Blend Emperor. For stability he’ll grab a Emperor. He plans on keeping the Emperor in his bag, along with a Trespass.

Jake Z – Favorite Driver: Valkyrie. For overstability he likes a Roman. When he needs a little turn, he throws a Hades. Jake thinks the Zeus will be number one next year.

Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • MVP Wave right now. Going to try Streamline Trace next.

  • 1- What is your favorite distance driver? MVP Wave
    2 – What is your favorite over/understable distance driver? Forehand a D1 and used to throw a Mamba
    3 – What do you think will be the best distance driver for next year? Going to try Streamline Trace next.

  • 1. Pharaoh or Wraith
    2. Overstable- Metal Flake C Blend Slab
    Understandable- I blend Maya
    3. Wraith

  • 1 – What is your favorite distance driver?
    Discmania DD1
    2 – What is your favorite over/understable distance driver?
    Discmania PD/Discmania DD
    3 – What do you think will be the best distance driver for next year?
    Discmania TD

  • Favorite overall would be a Wraith. Favorite understable: Pro Wraith, overstable: PD2.
    Looking forward to I-blend Conquerors if you run them.

  • 1-Discmania DD3 but it’s way too fast for me.
    2- don’t have a favourite right now cause I’m not good enough to throw them well.
    3- whatever Eagle decides on will be big.

  • Favorite distance driver is the star wraith!

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