Best Disc Golf Discs for Ultimate Frisbee Players

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With the global pandemic shutting down much of organized Ultimate in 2020, many Ultimate Frisbee players have picked up disc golf as a new hobby.

While these are both flying disc sports, the flight of Ultimate discs is substantially different than that of most disc golf discs. Ultimate Frisbee players are able to adapt to and excel at disc golf faster than many without frisbee backgrounds, but learning to throw disc golf discs can be a frustrating experience.

In this article we are going to discuss the best golf discs for ultimate frisbee players. We’re going to go over some of the different golf discs that fly and feel more like Ultimate Frisbees, and provide tips for helping Ultimate players transition to disc golf.

We’ve asked hundreds of Ultimate players for their feedback and have assembled our own local panel of players to help us determine the absolute best frisbee golf discs for the Ultimate player.

Best Discs Overall

The overwhelming feedback from Ultimate to Disc Golf converts is to start out with putters and midrange discs. From our online voting, these are the top 15 golf discs recommended for the Ultimate Frisbee player. Note that not a single driver made the top 15.

Rank Disc Name Disc Type
1 Innova Mako3 Midrange
2 Innova Sonic Putter
3 Discraft Buzzz Midrange
4 Discraft Comet Midrange
5 Infinite Discs Anubis Midrange
8 Innova Zephyr Specialty Disc
6 Discraft Buzzz SS Midrange
7 Discraft Meteor Midrange
9 Innova Aviar Putter
10 Innova Condor Specialty Disc
11 Discraft Zone Approach Disc
12 Innova Nova Putter
13 Innova Polecat Putter
14 Innova Fuse Midrange
15 Dynamic Discs Truth Midrange

It’s also interesting to note that almost all of the most highly recommended discs are made by the top two brands Innova and Discraft. It’s no surprise that a high number of Ultimate players choose Discraft as this brand is by far the #1 choice for Ultimate Frisbees. When it comes to organized Ultimate teams and leagues a few teams use Aria, but basically everyone else in the US throws Discraft.

Best Putters for Ultimate Players

According to our online feedback, the following are the best putters for Ultimate Players. In general, the more understable flying putters — like the Innova Sonic, and the deep dish putters were recommended.

1 Sonic
2 Aviar
3 Zone
4 Dart
5 Nova
5 Polecat
5 Rattler
7 Luna
8 Fierce
9 Myth
9 Sol
10 Banger GT
11 Birdie
12 Challenger
13 Cohort
14 Deputy
15 Ruru
15 Tui

Best Midrange Discs For Ultimate Players

When it comes to Midranges, neutral flying wide diameter mids were the most highly recommended.

1 Innova Mako3
2 Discraft Buzzz
3 Discraft Comet
4 Infinite Discs Anubis
5 Discraft Buzzz SS
6 Discraft Meteor
7 Latitude 64 Fuse
8 Dynamic Discs Truth
9 Innova Roc
10 Innova Shark
11 Innova Cobra
12 Prodigy M4
13 Innova Tomahawk
14 DD Emac Truth
15 Discraft Archer

Best Drivers for Ultimate Frisbee Players

While drivers are the most difficult for Ultimate Players to get used to, once they do they absolutely love getting the incredible distance that only a bevel edge golf disc can provide. While many like to recommend the low speed drivers that are best for normal beginners, many Ultimate players can handle understable high speed drivers after just a few throws. Listed below are the most recommended drivers for the Ultimate convert.

1 Infinite Discs Maya
2 Discraft Avenger SS
3 Innova Leopard
4 Innova Roadrunner
5 Latitude 64 Diamond
6 Innova Shryke
7 Innova Teebird
8 Innova Sidewinder
9 Discmania FD
10 Discraft Hades
11 Axiom Insanity
12 TSA Mantra
13 Latitude 64 River
14 Infinite Discs Sphinx
15 DGA Sail

What are the best golf discs for Ultimate players?

Are you an Ultimate player who has picked up disc golf? Let us know what discs did it for you and helped in your transition. Our goal is to help make disc golf as enjoyable as possible for everyone, and having the right discs makes a big difference.



Alan Barker is the founder and owner of Infinite Discs and has tried more different disc golf molds than just about anyone on the planet.


  • Discraft Sol for backhand
    Discraft Zone for forehand

    Don’t bother with faster speed discs at first. You’ll only get frustrated that your drivers don’t go any farther than putters and mids.

  • The first disc that worked really well for me was the Piwakawaka by RPM. Slow enough speed to feel like an Ultrastar but super glidey and sneaky long

    For a little faster and further go with the M3 by Prodigy

  • I really enjoy throwing the discraft comet it has a similar rim to an ultra star. I also recently got the p2 from Discmania and the atom from mvp and love both of them. I think a lot of the Paul McBeth series discs also have a great feel for an ultimate player, see Malta and Anax. In general I really like the feel of the c line plastic from Discmania, in particular the Fd2 and Fd3. Throwing ultimate discs my whole life and recently starting disc golfing these are the ones I am feeling most comfortable with.

  • Puttr’
    Comet (I bag two)

  • Ultimate converts already understand how to put a lot of spin on the disc. I think the biggest transition is learning to set angles with your upper-body rather than your wrist.

    Fist timers should play with:
    Judge- it throws a lot like an ultimate disc, and ultimate converts can “huck this disc”
    Fuse- This understable glidey mid will be reminiscent of an ultrastar, and help ultimate converts with angle control

    They shouldn’t mess with a driver, but because they will want to Id recommend a neutral flying 6-7 speed. But they should really just be using a Buzz/Emac/Roc

    I think a River or Maverick would be a good option for ultimate players that want a driver.

  • Beated putters and midranges.

  • because ultimate discs are understable, the discs that are usually easiest to throw early on are as well, but I believe that the ability to throw a really stable disc is the best way to quickly teach the right form.

    a midrange like a *MAKO3* forces ultimate players to learn to throw flat. ultimate players throwing inside-out/hyzer with a nose up will quickly see problems, and the adjustments to throw flat will teach good form. really strong throwers can use a *ROC3* giving them a predictable finish.

    big lip putters, like the *WHALE* allows powerful throwers to still have the grip that they want.

  • Non-beaded discs.

    The Lat 64 pure and other stable to understable putters.

  • I’ve been playing ultimate for about 7-8 years now and just recently picked up disc golf in the last year. For me the things I look for in a disc is consistent and controlled flights. If I had to pick one disc to recommend to ultimate players it would be a Discraft meteor. The understability plays really well for the natural hyzer angle ultimate players put on the disc and allows for super straight flights. It’s also fast enough where you can really crush it and push it around 350 feet. Great disc for learning to control you angles and a disc that I’m still leaning on now.

  • Condor, Beetle, and the Polecat. I’d play your first 3 rounds with these discs. 1st round use the Condor, 2nd round use the Beetle, and 3rd round use the Polecat. After that, use putters and then work yourself into mids

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