Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers–Winner

Best Fairway Drivers

Note this post was written several years ago. For an updated list of best fairway drivers, check out our more recent article here:

This post comes a week late due to the holiday and all the sales we had going on last week. But we hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your families and that you took advantage of all the deals at Infinite Discs over the weekend! Two weeks ago we announced our nominees for the Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Fairway Drivers. Now it’s the time to announce our winner! But first, let’s review the nominees:

All of these fairway drivers are very popular and can enhance the game of disc golfers of all skill levels. But today we have made our decision for the BEST fairway driver on the market. And the winner is…



It is hard to make a case against the Innova TeeBird. The TeeBird has been the standard of the fairway driver category for years, and it offers a flight that can compliment the game of all skill levels of disc golfers. The TeeBird is available in a large variety of plastic blends and weights, so if you haven’t, check out the TeeBird today.

We will be announcing the nominees for our next category this afternoon, so check back later today!