Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers for 2024

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Disc golf drivers can be broken down into two categories: Distance drivers and fairway drivers (also called ‘control drivers’). For longer shots most disc golfers reach for their distance drivers. For more controlled or technical shots, control drivers are the go-to type of driver. They have slightly slower speeds, more narrow rims, and are easier to throw at a speed that will allow shaping your shot.

Top Selling Fairway Drivers

Much like our Best Putters of 2024 and Best Distance Drivers of 2024, this week we will look at the Best Fairway Drivers of 2024. We’ll look at the top selling molds, the most popular brands, and the highest rated discs. Let’s start by checking out the top 50 according to Infinite Discs sales:

Graph Showing the Top Selling Disc Golf Fairway Drivers During 2023

Infinite Discs took the top three spots on the list, rounded out with the third-place Centurion. One place in front of the Centurion is the popular understable fairway driver, the Sphinx. Taking the top spot by a sizable margin is the Infinite Discs Dynasty. The Dynasty represents over 6% of all fairway drivers sold, and is coming up on its two-year birthday (Approved Jan. 2022). It is a signature disc for a couple touring pros. Both Eric Oakley and Maria Oliva throw the speed 9 Dynasty.

Infinite Discs Dynasty in a Basket - The #1 Fairway Driver of 2023

Top Dynasty Plastics

Checking out the Dynasty sales we see that nearly one in four discs sold was in Signature Halo S-Blend. That is Eric Oakley’s signature disc. The second-most popular plastic is the more overstable C-Blend Glow. Third and fourth were close, with Signature Swirly S-Blend and C-Blend taking about 9 percent of the sales each.

Graph showing the sales of Dynasty Fairway Driver

Top Fairway Driver Brands

Although Infinite’s mold took all three spots of the podium, there were two other brands that had more discs in the top 50. Once again, Innova and Discraft are number’s one and two for the most molds, and combined they have 20 percent of the molds in the top 50. Innova is in first with a whopping 13 molds, nearly doubling Discraft’s seven molds. Infinite has 6 molds. Smaller brands such as Dino Discs and Finish Line joined Doomsday, Dynamic Discs, and Kastaplast, all having one mold in the top 50.

Graph showing most popular disc golf brands for fairway drivers

Highest Rated Fairway Drivers

Shifting from the best disc golf fairway drivers based on sales, we look at the highest rated fairway molds. Infinite Discs allows customers to rate individual discs and products to help other disc golfers see how other people feel about discs and accessories. If you would like to contribute YOUR reviews you can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

A quick check of the highest rated fairway drivers and we see that the Infinite Discs Sphinx is the highest rated with 4.89 out of five stars. The second place Centurion is just a tick behind the Sphinx with 4.88. Taking third place for the highest rated fairway driver is the first mold from Thought Space Athletics, the Mantra. It has an average rating of 4.86. It’s easy to see why these three sell so many discs. Based on the reviews, people really love them!

Highest Rated Overstable Fairway Drive

Innova TeeBird3 Highest Rated Overstable Fairway Driver

Our website has two different classifications of Overstable. The “Overstable” classification is used for slightly overstable discs, while the “Very Overstable” classification is used for the real meat hooks of disc golf, those discs that are overstable for players of all abilities.

The highest-rated overstable fairway driver is a mold that has been part of the disc golf scene for a couple of decades. That mold is the Innova TeeBird. It tops the list with a rating of 4.76 out of five stars. Just behind the TeeBird is the second-place Discraft Raptor, with an average rating of 4.75. Discraft also holds third place with its slightly overstable Undertaker. The speed 9 Undertaker is rated 4.73

Highest Rated Stable Fairway Driver

Infinite Discs Centurion, best straight flying neutral driver

Fairway drivers that have minimal high-speed turn and fade are considered ‘stable’.  These discs can be shaped to suit the needs of a particular situation. The mold with the highest rating in this category is the Infinite Discs Centurion. The speed 7 Centurion has a little bit of turn at high speed, and a relatively mild fade at the end of its flight. It has an Infinite rating of 4.88, making it one of the higher rated discs of any category. In second place for fairway drivers is the Discmania Essence, rated at 4.79. A couple tenths behind the Essence is the Innova TL3. The TL3 is a faster version of the TL, which is a less overstable version of the TeeBird. It has an rating of 4.59

Highest Rated Understable Fairway Driver

Flight ratings of understable Sphinx

Sometimes you need a bit more turn on your throws in order to either shape the shot you want, or keep turning over until you get a roller. In other words, you need something understable. Here is a list of some of the highest-rated molds that have a bit more understability in their flight.

Sitting at the top of the list as the highest rated and top selling understable fairway driver is Infinite Discs’ Sphinx. It is a flippy speed 9 disc that can definitely give you some turn in your flight. The Sphinx is rated at a whopping 4.89 out of five stars. Second place is another speed 9 mold, TSA’s Mantra. It is rated at 4.86. In third place with a pretty high rating is the Axiom Insanity. The Insanity is rated 4.71.

What are Your Favorite Fairway Drivers?

Let us know your favorites!

Those are our lists of the top fairway drivers with sales and ratings data. Let’s add to the data by hearing from YOU! Please answer one or more of the following questions:

1 – What is your favorite fairway driver?
2 – What is your favorite over/understable fairway driver?
3 – What do you think will be the best fairway driver for next year?

Let us know if the comments below.

We selected five random commenters and gave them an Infinite Gift Card. Congrats to the winners:

Drew H – Is favorite fairway driver is a TSA Votum. He likes its reliability.

Kevin M – Tops on his fairway list is the Latitude 64 Explorer

James V – He likes both the Birdie Strike and the Discmania FD

Morgan L – A disc golfer after my own heart, chooses the Infinite Discs Sphinx

Matt Y – He is bagging the Discmania FD

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Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • 1 – What is your favorite fairway driver?
    My absolute Favorite is Champion TL
    2 – What is your favorite over/understable fairway driver?
    Champion TL/ Star Teebird
    3 – What do you think will be the best fairway driver for next year?
    I don’t know yet.

  • Gonna be tough to knock my glow Falk out of the top spot in the bag.

  • My favorite fairway driver right now is the axiom rhythm for sure!

  • Centurion is my favorite by far. I love the i-blend plastic!

  • Glow magician has been great lately

  • Love the classic TeeBird. Perfect blend of control and distance.

    I actually don’t bag any other fairway drivers. It is a hole in my bag right now. Really need to find an understable fairway driver. I’ve been eyeing the Lat 64 River and I think I might pull the trigger soon on that. I’m also intrigued by the Lone Star Discs Mockingbird.

    I just remembered I did find a 150g DX leopard the other day, so I guess I have another fairway driver, but that might as well be a Rollo it is so flippy!

  • Heat, gives me a lot of distance.

  • 1 – What is your favorite fairway driver? Heat
    2 – What is your favorite over/understable fairway driver? Athena and Heat
    3 – What do you think will be the best fairway driver for next year? Cicada

  • 1. I blend Centurion
    2. Overstable- crystal sparkle Raptor
    Understandable- old d line FD
    3. Hopefully new discmania made D line FDs

  • My fav def Mint discs Alpha apex plastic. Also fav OS fairway. Understable I like doomsday discs blackout. Next year who freaking knows with all these new manufacturers and plastics.

  • 1 – What is your favorite fairway driver?
    Birdie Strike or Discmania FD
    2 – What is your favorite over/understable fairway driver?
    Birdie Strike/Discmania FD
    3 – What do you think will be the best fairway driver for next year?
    Trash Panda Ozone

  • 1 – What is your favorite fairway driver?
    Streamline Drift
    2 – What is your favorite over/understable fairway driver?
    3 – What do you think will be the best fairway driver for next year?
    Hoping for a glow champ TL3

  • My favorite fairway driver is definitely the Athena! It feels so amazing in the hand and is such a versatile disc! Just the right amount of flip out of the box and still has that reliable fade!
    My favorite understable fairway driver is easily the dynasty! I love the flight of the disc and the s curve it naturally has! The hyper flip lines you can throw are incredible!
    I think the dynasty will hold its reign as the best fairway driver of 2024! I know I will be supporting it!

  • Tyler Christensen

    1 – favorite Fairway is definitely my Clash Soda!
    2 – probably my esp Athena
    3 – If they release a tone Soda, I’m sure that’ll sell

  • Teebird3

  • 1-Latitude 64 Jade
    2-OS-Daredevil Discs – Wolverine, US-Latitude 64 Jade
    3-Hoping for my game that I can find something more understandable in this category, maybe something like the roadrunner but new????

  • The Star Teebird is my favorite fairway driver!

  • Favorite overall: Star Teebird – Love the feel, the the flight. I throw a lot of discs and the teebird has never moved from #1!

    Overstable: Firebird – Love that I can throw into a strong headwind with no worries.

    Understable: Insanity – It’s my 2nd favorite overall

    I think Teebird and Teebird 3 will remain towards the top next year.

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