Best Disc Golf Sets of 2024

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Getting a starter set is the perfect way for beginners pick up of some awesome discs at a great price. Most of them have molds that are geared toward newer players, with flight numbers that favor less skilled players, so newer players can start playing with discs that they can actually throw.  Once players gain a little more experience, they will find sets that cater to people with intermediate and advanced skill levels. Let’s look at the best starter sets of 2024.

Best Starter Sets of 2024


1- Infinite Starter Set – This starter set from Infinite Discs is wildly popular, Infinite Discs I-Blend Set: Sphinx, Anubis, and Alpacaand for good reason. All three of the molds are amazing! The putter is the Alpaca. It has been a hot seller since its release. And it is one of the highest rated discs, as determined by all the customer ratings. The midrange is the Anubis, a disc with a neutral flight that is easy to shot-shape. The driver is a speed-9 fairway driver. The Sphinx has a lot of turn for a nice S-curve flight.


Dino Discs Glow set2- Dino Discs Glow Set – Dino Discs found a great niche designing and manufacturing discs designed for kids and beginners. Their molds are extra light weight, making them suitable for even younger players. Their dinosaur-themed discs and stamps are a perfect fit for kids of all ages. The starter set includes a Triceratops putter, Stegosaurus midrange, and Pterodactyl fairway driver. As a nice bonus, this set glows in the dark! Perfect for glow rounds.


3- Divergent Discs Starter Set – This three-disc starter set includes Divergent Discs Starter Set: Narwhal, Leviathan, and Krakenthree discs in a durable plastic that feels amazing. All three discs are understable, making them good for beginners. The Kraken is their fairway driver with flight numbers that could also be used by more advanced players. The midrange in this set, the Leviathan, is a very understable. Beginners should have no problem throwing the disc and learning how to get it to turn during their shot. The Narwhal is the beadless putter included in the set.



X-Com Starter Set in box4 – X-Com 3 Disc Starter Set – Another great brand that makes a variety of discs favorable to beginners is X-Com. The discs in their set are lighter than most starter sets, making them easy to throw for beginners and even kids. They come in nice colors and interesting stamps. The set includes the Helios, their low-speed, understable fairway driver, the Griffon midrange, and the Bennu putter.


5 – Innova DX Starter Set – This Innova set features classic discs that Innova DX Starter Setmany of us started throwing as beginners. Many people kept throwing the same molds in different plastics as their skills improved. These discs are proven winners! The Innova started set comes in DX plastic. That is their base plastic which costs less than premium plastics. And it has the added benefit of getting the discs ‘seasoned’ for optimal flight. The Aviar is a popular putter that is used by beginners and pros. The Shark has a little more overstability, but not too much for beginners. The last disc in the trio is the Leopard, a speed-6 fairway driver. Beginners may be surprised at the distance they get with the Leopard!


Get Your Set


For beginners, the selection of discs available can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, molds, plastic types, weights, and flight numbers that someone new might not know where to begin. Starter packs are a simple way to get the discs that are right for you and your skill level. Fortunately, Infinite Discs has a few starter sets to choose from. Use this blog to help you find the set that right for you!


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Other kinds of sets


Disc Dye set with blank discs


Disc Dye Sets


Disc Dye sets – A popular activity among many disc golfers is dyeing their discs. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and end up with unique discs. Disc dye sets are blank discs, so you don’t have to wipe the stamp. These are bottom stamped, leaving the top unblemished and ready for the dye of your choice. Plus, they are all white! That gives you a perfect blank canvas.


Check out all of our disc dye options HERE


Mystery Boxes


Mystery Boxes – A mystery box is a fun way to check out new discs that you might not even be familiar with. They come in a variety of sizes for every budget. Some are brand specific, so you can get a good deal on a brand you like. Check out a blog about our best mystery boxes.


Infinite Deals Box


Infinite Deals Box (7 Disc) – One of our most popular deals boxes, this Mystery Box includes molds from at least three different brands. You will get a putter, a midrange or two, at least one understable driver and at least one overstable driver. The brands might be well-known companies, or smaller ones. These discs are all premium plastics, and will include an assortment of x-out, misprint, and stock stamps. And there is the potential to get a limited run, special edition, or tournament stamped disc. All of that at a bargain price!


Infinite X-Out Mystery Box


Infinite Discs X-Out Mystery Box – If you want to enjoy the fun of getting some new Infinite Brand discs to try at an amazing price, The X-Out Mystery Box is for you. This Mystery Box includes at LEAST 2 Halo S-Blend discs, and ALL of the discs made with premium plastics. These discs come with a variety of stamps, including multiple stamps.


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Putter Packs


Infinite Discs Myth Putter Pack


Putter packs are a great way to get a bunch of putters that you can practice with. A stack of discs and a practice basket are just what you need to take your putting game to another level. Consistent putting practice using the same mold that you will use in a disc golf game will help you develop the consistent motion and feel necessary for accurate putting.


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Tell Us About Your Starter Pack, And WIN!


We want to hear about YOUR starter pack experience. Answer one of the questions below for your chance to win an Infinite Discs gift card.

1 – Did you use a starter set when you began playing disc golf? If so, which set did you start with?

2 – If you didn’t use a starter set, which one would you recommend to a beginner?

Let us know if the comments below. We’ll select five random commenters and send them an Infinite Discs Gift card (make sure you leave a valid email address!) You can keep track of all current Infinite giveaways HERE


Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • I used the Innova starter pack as a beginner. I would recommend the Discmania starter pack to a new player

  • I didn’t start with a starter pack, but I did start with a starter pack disc. I just bought a Shark from a dude that was selling discs at hole 1 at the course my friend took me to. This was in 2002. I don’t know if starter packs were a thing then.

    In terms of recommending a starter pack, I think it kinda depends on what type of beginner we’re dealing with. An adult with an athletic background can probably handle some heavier and more stable discs compared to a kid just starting out. In general though, I think they all probably work fine.

  • Prodigy Ace Line Set.
    Probably played 50 rounds. Nothing flashy just simple and fun.

    Now I would probably suggest someone just grab a mako3 and putter that feels good in their hand.

  • I didn’t start with a starter set. I “curated” my own based on online comments about Innova’s starter set at the time, which included the Destroyer.

    Nowadays I would recommend Innova’s starter set. The Aviar-Shark-Leopard combination they offer today is a real winner, in my eyes. That Destroyer can wait. . .

  • My wife got me a 5-disc Innova DX starter set. It worked pretty well for me; but although I got good distance with the drivers, I was pretty frustrated the first year with how far the Destroyer would veer off to the left, and how easily the DX plastic got beat up.

    I see a lot of good starter sets out there. From my own experience, I’d avoid the real base grade plastics, though. Divergent’s starter sets in Max Grip might be a good choice for their combination of variety, price, and plastic quality. If a person is fairly athletic, I might suggest one of the larger sets of discs so they can experiment from the outset with a wider variety to find what works best for them (and if the price point isn’t too much of a put-off).

  • Daniel Helpingstine

    I started out with a Discraft starter set that I really didn’t know how to throw! Now, after some practice and an injured shoulder, I rely on my Divergent Discs starter set. Those discs have completely changed my game for the better!

  • Westside Queen Box was fantastic! Not sure if that counts

  • Infinite has a great starter set! You’ll be throwing those discs even as you improve!

  • I wish I’d had access to a Divergent set when I first started as those discs taught me a lot and really helped after I discovered them. However, that being said. Everyone has to have a Leopard at some point. the Innova set is a classic and for the price and the introduction to the sport, the discs are perfect to go thrash around for a few afternoons to see if the bug will bite. After it does, move on up and out to better plastics but remember where ya came from!

  • I used the Innova DX Starter Set and used some of those disc for awhile. My son still uses his Leopard from that set from 4 years ago, it has some wear and tear.

  • I started with an Innova set that was sold via Amazon. It had five discs in campion plastic, Aviar, Ryno, Roc3, Shark3, and Teebird. I bought two sets and played mids only with a couple of buddies for the first year or two.

  • Innova starter set! My family bought one when I was growing up before we knew anything about disc golf and then I took them for my own when I started getting into it. I soon outgrew the aviar and leopard, but the shark remains a staple in my bag that I use for myself and anyone I’m introducing the sport to.

  • Innova still make the best starter set out there. It is readily available and priced right.

  • The innova starter pack is my go to to give beginner disc golfers!

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