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Disc Golf Forehand Throw

Recently we asked you about your farthest flying discs, including best forehand disc and best backhand disc. That blog post can be found HERE

In this blog we want to focus more on your favorite forehand discs. However, we want to know your favorite for when you just want raw distance, and what your favorite disc is when you are hunting for accuracy more than distance.

Best Forehand Discs for Distance

The quest for distance in disc golf often involves finding discs that can harness the power generated by a forehand throw. The ideal disc for distance should be able to handle the increased velocity of forehand shots. Some players swear by overstable discs that can resist turning over too quickly, while others prefer discs with a combination of speed and glide.

Best Forehand Discs for Accuracy

Finesse is the name of the game when it comes to accuracy in disc golf. Whether you’re navigating tight fairways or threading the disc through a tricky approach, having a reliable forehand disc for accuracy is essential. Stability, control, and a comfortable grip all play crucial roles in ensuring that your disc lands exactly where you intend.

Best Forehand Discs for Approach Shots

Some disc golfers favor sidearm throws for approach shots in wide open scenarios, while others opt for a forehand approach when the line is more conducive to such a shot. Regardless of the situation, the key is using a suitable forehand approach disc. It should be consistent, reliable, and capable of positioning you for an easy putt.

Tell Us About Your Best Forehand Discs!


1 – What is your favorite forehand disc for distance?

2 – What is your longest distance with a forehand disc?

3 – What is your favorite forehand disc for accuracy?

4 – What is your favorite disc for forehand approach shots?

If you throw exclusively backhand, let us know. Check out this article if you’re looking for tips to improve your forehand throws.


We randomly selected some of the commenters and sent them a gift card for their comment. Here are the winners and their answers to the above questions:

Vincent B :
1-Favorite for distance: Star Corvette (164g)
2-Longest distance: Only around 200 ft — my elbow doesn’t handle forehand throws very well
3-Favorite for accuracy: Still the Corvette, as that’s what I use most and am most comfortable with
4-Favorite for approaches: R-Pro Pig

Michael J:
1. For distance, Discraft nuke
2. For accuracy, MVP reactor
3. For approaches, Discraft zone


Mathew E:
1- Valkyrie
2 – Probably only about 200ft
3 – SVEA!
4- Berg


Yoon C:

Favorite forehand disc for distance is a halo sidewinder

Longest distance with a forehand disc is 375ft with a grace

Favorite forehand disc for accuracy is a z meteor

Favorite disc for forehand approach shot is a savior


Ryan F:

XXX all day!



The number one choice for distance forehands is the Destroyer.

The longest throw averaged around 390

The number one choice for accuracy is the Firebird, but not by much! There were dozens of different molds chosen.

The Zone took the number one spot for forehand accuracy shots. The Berg was a close second.


Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • Favorite forehand disc for distance? Discmania DD1 Stratosphere.
    Farthest forhand drive? 400 feet Star Destroyer.
    Favorite forehand disc for accuracy? Star Destroyer
    Favorite forehand disc for approaches? Ricky Wysocki glow Harp.

  • Favorite forehand disc for distance: Innova Star TeeRex
    Farthest forhand drive: 292 feet Star TeeRex
    Favorite forehand disc for accuracy: Star TeeRex
    Favorite forehand disc for approaches: K1 Kaxe

  • Favorite forehand for distance is for sure an Axiom Insanity,
    Favorite for Acuraccy is the FD
    Favorite for approaches is a Ledgestone Rubber Blend Zone

  • Favourite FH for distance: 150 – 155g G-Star Katana
    Farthest FH drive: probably close to 300 feet with the above
    Favourite FH for accuracy: Axiom Crave
    Favourite FH for approach: BT Medium Harp

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