Halloween Discs for 2023


The time has COME… Manufacturers of all varieties have brought an assortment of molds with spooky, mysterious, Halloween-themed stamps for you to get your hands on. From pumpkins to mummies, and everywhere in between, you are bound to find a stamp that suits your fancy!

Browse the following post to find the disc for you, and from all of us at Infinite Discs, we with you a very Happy Halloween.

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Innova –

This year Innova has released two different Halloween discs, the flaming pumpkin and the Werewolf on the IT. It’s probably just me, but I think they may have missed out on an opportunity with what to do with a Halloween version of the IT.

Glow Nexus Aviar

Star IT

Westside –

Westside discs Halloween release features a grim reaper style Boatman on quality VIP Ice Chameleon plastic.

VIP Ice Chameleon Boatman

Discraft –

Discraft loves to release special Halloween edtion of the popular Buzzz. This years edition is on glow plastic and features the Zombie Chainsaw Bee.

Z Glo Buzzz

Lone Star Discs – (Live on Friday the 13th)

Mad cat as a Halloween disc! Great Idea LSD. And yes, it does glow in the dark. If the Mad cat isn’t spooky enough for you then you’ll have to go with Halloween edition Penny putter. We’ll just say that honest Abe has seen better days.

Glow Mad Cat

Glow Penny Putter

Infinite Discs –

For our Infinite Discs Halloween release we decided to provide an inexpensive way for you to get some Halloween Discs. We pulled out a number of our past edition Halloween stamp plates and stamped away on an assortment of popular molds we had extra  X-outs of. If you’re not sure what X-Outs are, this article will explain. The Infinite X-Outs provide a great way for you to get a Halloween disc without spending a fortune.


MVP KILLED it with their total Eclipse Simon Lizotte Hex. Not only is the Hex a popular mold, Simon Lizotte the most popular professional disc golfer, but MVP glow plastic is about the best glowing in the business. The “total” eclipse occurs because both the rim and flight path are in glow plastic. A fun fact is that this Saturday there will be a full Lunar Eclipse that crosses the Western US, including Utah. MVP also released a Recycled James Conrad Wolfman Nomad that is also pretty elite.

Simon Lizotte Total Eclipse Hex

Eclipse R2 Neutron James Conrad NOMAD


Discmania – (Coming Soon)

Discmania is not going to be left out of the Halloween fun. Their releases include these spider, gargoyle and batt stamps on some of their popular Discmania Molds. Unfortunately, we don’t have these discs yet, but they will be coming soon!

Paradigm, MD3, FD, and MORE

Focus Friday – Maya on Sale

FOCUS FRIDAY– Infinite Discs Maya

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend, we take a look at one of Infinite Discs most reliable and beginner-friendly discs… the Maya

Beginning as early as 1500 BCE, The Mayan culture began creating a glorious civilization that can still be admired in areas such as southern Mexico, Guatemala, and northern Belize. Anthropological studies and findings have found that these people were very agriculturally savvy, and had great architecture skills. They are also believed to have developed sophisticated writings, astronomical systems, and more which influenced many other cultures to seek more and more knowledge.

The Maya, in disc golf terms, is an understable distance bomber! Beginner to Intermediate players will find the Maya to be an awesome straight flying distance driver, while advanced to open players will utilize the Maya for massive understable distance shots.

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, you can get 25% off any Maya in stock by using this code: ‘FOCUSMAYA’

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All Mayan information pulled from this website

Focus Friday – The Omen on Sale


Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend, we are putting up a HUGE discount on a Thought Space Athletics mold… The Omen.

The Omen is an overstable 9-speed driver from Thought Space Athletics. If you need a solid, hard fade when throwing side-arm, backhand, or overhead, you can always count on the Omen. It is an excellent overstable utility driver and a pre-level, high-performance disc for power throwers.

You can find the Omen in the following plastics: Aura, Ethereal, Ethos, Nebula Ethereal, & Glow in the Dark.

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, you can get an incredible deal an all Omens this week… 50% off! Just use this code at checkout: ‘FOCUSOMEN

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Focus Friday – Disctroyer on Discount

FOCUS FRIDAY – Disctroyer

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. Today, we are taking a closer look at the Estonian manufacturer… Disctroyer 

Disctroyer was created by two disc golfers who were searching for a way to make quality discs that would be color-coded for easy selection and top performance on the course. They worked to perfect their desired plastic blends to feel exactly how they wanted, then worked on their color and design coding to become the first company with color-coded discs.

These are the colors for the different discs, as determined by the largest, outside color on the flight plate: WHITE = Distance Driver YELLOW = Fairway Driver RED = Mid-Range BLUE = Putt & Approach

The stability of the disc is indicated by the use of the following symbols on the center of the flight plate: CIRCLE = Straight Flight STAR = Overstable Flight PLUS SYMBOL = Understable Flight

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, you can get any of the Disctroyer molds for 20% off when you use this discount code – FOCUSDISCTROYER

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Focus Friday – The I-One on Discount


Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend we are focusing on a strange, less popular disc that may become something you come to love… The Cheengz I One

The I-One was the first disc golf entry for the Cheengz brand. It is an all-purpose mid-range disc. It has a straight, predictable flight, great for narrow fairways, and is easy to handle for players at all levels. With a slightly larger diameter, it feels natural to players transitioning from Ultimate and other disc sports to disc golf.

The I-One also has a subtle ripple texture on the top and bottom of the flight plate for enhanced grip. It is also a great disc to throw for touch shorts or put through tiny gaps in a straight line to finish next to the pin on any obstructed approaches.


DISCOUNT -> This weekend, you can get a I-One for 30% off when you use this discount code – FOCUSIONE

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Focus Friday – The Athena on Discount


Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This week, we are focusing on one of the most anticipated molds of 2022… The Discraft Athena

The Athena was created in commemoration of professional disc golfer Paul McBeth’s 6th world title. Paul beat fellow team player Aaron Gossage in a one-hole playoff during the 2022 PDGA World Championships held in Emporia Kansas. You can watch the coverage of the last round here

The Athena is an all purpose fairway driver with a light end-fade. The Athena can be used when distance is not as important as landing in exactly the right position with excellent control.

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, you can get an Athena for 15% off when you use this discount code – FOCUSATHENA

This deal will end Monday night, so get yourself this mold while you can!
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Discraft Ledgestone Edition Discs – Wave 2

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Discs – Wave 2

The next set of Discraft special Ledgestone edition discs are now available! See the full selection HERE, and see each individual mold available below.


Avenger SS – This is a great disc for intermediate players that want to add more distance to their game. It is understable/straight for most players, but will still give you max distance.


 Archer This mold is an understable midrange that has a straight flight path. It glides well and is great for sll players.



 Drone This mold is a very overstable midrange. This disc is best utilized for advanced players that need to throw strategic hyzer throws, and need it to fly strong in a headwind.


Thrasher – The Thrasher is a fast, understable disc that is not as flippy as you may think. It is great for both slower arms and big arms.

Zone – This slim putter has a thick rim that gives you an extra grip when you need it. It is overstable, making it good for headwinds, fades, and forehands.


Undertaker – This moderately overstable disc offers some turn in flight but will finish with a manageable fade. This disc will take on headwinds easily, and is good for forehands and backhands.


Force – This is an overstable driver that is build for power throwers looking for more distance. It is described as a fast flying driver.


Buzzz OS – This is a very popular mid-range, which is the more overstable version of the Buzzz. This is a great choice for windy days and forehand shots.


Ringer GT – this mold features a subtle grove track for added grip. If you need a soft landing as you approach the basket, this is a great choice.


Buzzz – This is one of the most popular midranges in the world. It is realiable, stable, consistent, and performs just like you want it to.


Nuke SS – This max distance driver has a wide rim and flies very fast. This can be thrown by a variety of skill levels, and will give all players more distance.


Crush – This disc is made for powerful throwers. It will help you gain some serious distance off the tee.


Nuke – This is a popular distance driver that flies very fast. It has a thick rim, and can maintain max speed for a long time so you can get the most distance out of your throw.


Machete – This disc will slice through the air to help you get the birdies! It is low profile with an overstable flight that works well in a headwind.

Challenger OS – This is more overstable and flat topped version of the popular Challenger. This putter works best for throwing off the tee or into headwinds.

Infinite Discs Plastic Types


Infinite Discs currently has 20 different plastic variations! Choosing a certain plastic is an important decision when purchasing a new disc. This post is to help you navigate which plastic will be the right choice for you when purchasing from our lineup.

Innova Champion Discs is our mold manufacturer, therefore our plastic types are based on their plastic types. We will indicate the similarities below, but you can read about their plastic types HERE


S-Blend: A somewhat firm, opaque plastic that flies true to the flight numbers. Compare to Innova’s ‘Star’ plastic.

  • Swirly S-Blend (various swirls within the plastic)
  • Splatter S-Blend (bits of recycled plastic added to the plastic)
  • Halo S-Blend (two-toned flight plate)

C-Blend: A firm, transparent plastic that has increased durability and tends to make molds more overstable. Compare to Innova’s ‘Champion’ plastic.

  • Metal Flake C-Blend (added metal flakes within the plastic)
  • Metal Flake Glow C-Blend (added metal flakes & glows in the dark)
  • Glow C-Blend (glows in the dark)
  • Gummy C-Blend (less-stiff than regular C-Blend)
  • Luster C-Blend (has an added shimmer)
  • Concrete (Luster and Metal Flake plastic combined)

G-Blend: A gummier feeling plastic that has added glimmer and grip. Compare to Innova’s ‘GStar’ plastic.

I-Blend: A softer plastic that is made from the recycled parts of S-Blend plastic. The ‘I’ stands for ‘Infinite Blend’ since this plastic is unique to our brand.


D-Blend: A base plastic that is firm and grippy, yet lacks durability. Compare to Innova’s ‘DX’ plastic.

  • Glow D-Blend (glows in the dark)

P-Blend: A durable and stiff base plastic. Compare to Innova’s ‘KC Pro’ plastic,

  • Glow P-Blend (glows in the dark)

X-Blend: A midgrade plastic that has a great balance of durability with a tacky, grippy feel. Compare Innova’s ‘XT’ plastic.

N-Blend: A stiff and grippy plastic, with an emphasized stiffness in the flight plate. Compare to Innova’s ‘Nexus’ plastic.

R-Blend: A soft plastic with good grip and some flexibility. Compare to Innova’s ‘R-Pro’ plastic.


*Signature Plastics: When you see plastics on our site labeled as ‘Signature _-Blend’ this means that the plastic price has been slightly increased to support the professional disc golfer who’s stamp is on that specific run of discs. There is nothing different about the plastic, only the price.


What plastic type should you choose?

Here is a breakdown of what each plastic is best suited for: 

S-Blend: Any of the S-Blend plastics are versitile and best used for throwing. Ripping an S-Blend plastic off the tee or on an approach will result in an excellent flight.

C-Blend: Most* all of the C-Blend plastics are more durable yet less grippy than the other premium plastics. You will find that C-blend tends to be more overstable than all the other premium plastics., but is also a great choice for throwing.

*Gummy and MF Glow tend to be softer and grippier than the other C-Blend plastics

G-Blend: This plastic is the opposite of C-Blend. It is less durable, has increased grip, and tends to fly straighter. However, this plastic is just as good for throwing as all the other premium plastics.

I-Blend: This is the most basic of the premium plastics, but is still a good plastic for throwing. A fresh I-Blend mold will typically have the same stability as an S, G, or C-Blend mold, but it will be the first of the three to ‘beat in’ and become understable overtime.

D-Blend: This plastic is best suited for putters and approach discs. It is firm and gives you good grip, meaning it will have a better chance of hitting the chains and staying in the basket. This is generally the same for the P, X, N, & R Blends we have available, but with assorted types of grippiness and durability as explained above.

* Note that each run of a certain mold in a certain plastic will fly slightly differently than that same mold in that same plastic type from another run. This is due to the slight inconsistency of manufacturing for each run month to month; Innova can’t make all discs the same every single time. All of our stock stamps have run numbers on them to help indicate the differences. 



These terms are used interchangibly, but typically indicate the following:

X-out: Discs that are marked with an x-out indicator on our website mean they are ‘factory seconds.’ These molds did not get formed perfectly in the molding process and have some fundemental flaw in their design/plastic. However, most x-outs tend to fly much like their perfect counterparts. You may also see a small penned ‘X’ on the disc’s front flight plate.

Misprint: This indicates that the artwork on the disc was not stamped perfectly, and is therefore a flawed product. Most misprinted discs come with multiple stamps on them as an attempt to fix the stamping error before finishing the remaining run of discs.

Check out this post for a more detailed explanation of X-Outs, Misprints and Factory seconds.



We hope this post has been informative, and that you are able to more accurately choose the discs and plastics that are best suited for your disc golf needs. And as always…


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